The popularity of Brazilian butt lifts has skyrocketed since its first introduction in 2014. Brazilian butt lift is also known as gluteal augmentation surgery. The gluteal area of the body is composed of the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus, or the muscles that make up your buttocks.

This procedure is a type of butt augmentation technique that utilizes the own fat stores of a person desiring to have a more pronounced butt shape and volume. The procedure involves two main stages, the extraction of fat and the reinjection of the fat extracts to the person’s buttocks. The extraction or liposuction stage is performed by removing fat stores from your abdomen, thighs, or hips. The reinjection or butt augmentation stage involves the process of transferring the fats into the intended butt area.

The Brazilian butt lift is an amazing approach to acheive a curvy, more sensual lower body profile. If you have been fantasizing about having youthful curvaceous buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift is the perfect procedure for you.

Just like any other surgical procedure, the Brazilian butt lift is associated with a recovery period. Similarly, the recovery phase differs for every patient. While there are patients who may have a speedy recovery, others may take some time to recover.

Recovery Phase of the Brazilian Butt Lift 

The Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery that entails excellent and vigilant care during its recovery phase. You may need the assistance of somebody to help you get through some chores around the house. You may also need some help to get you settled with the post-care regimens after the treatment.

What You Should Expect After a Brazilian Butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift procedure may last between two to six hours, or even more, depending on the amount of fat to be extracted and the extent of body areas to be treated. In some cases, cosmetic doctors or surgeons may require you to stay overnight for medical observation to ensure that to adverse effect follows the procedure.

A patient should be prepared to expect some changes in his or her everyday routine during the recovery period after a Brazilian butt lift.

Here are some issues you may expect right after the procedure:

Recovery Process Vary for Everyone

They say that each person is unique and distinct, and even identical twins are not the same in so many ways. The same is true when it comes to how patients recover. Not everyone has the same recovery response, period, and aftercare procedures. Thus, your trusted cosmetic doctors will provide a post-care regimen that is specific to your recovery needs.

Your aftercare regimen will include the use of compression garments, the post-operation clinic visits, the tips and instructions on how to sleep and sit, and how you should manage your diet and weight. Whether or not you can return to work right away depends on the complexity of the procedure and the kind of work you do.

If your work may adversely affect the outcome of your Brazilian butt lift surgery, you may be advised to have a longer leave of absence from work. Otherwise, you can be back to work in as little wait as possible. However, you may be advised to stand during work or you may use a special cushion to have the right butt support when you sit. In most cases, patients may resume work or return to their daily routines between four to six weeks after the surgery.

Post-operation Swelling

After coming home from the procedure, you will notice that your backside may look bigger than you expected. Some may even feel that their buttocks may look slightly asymmetrical. This is normal, so do not be alarmed.

When the fat is transferred to the grafting area, which is your buttocks for this case, the bloodstream in the area will undergo an absorption process. That is, about thirty to forty percent of the fat will be absorbed by the bloodstreams in your buttocks. This is the reason why the amount of fat to be reinjected or augmented to your buttocks should be about twice as much as the size you are aiming for. Not all fat aggregates stay as buttock fillers, some are reserved for absorption.

This process of absorption may take about two to six weeks depending on the amount of fat that is grafted to your buttocks. If you strictly follow the diet and other aftercare regimens that will be prescribed for you, the remaining sixty to seventy percent of fat will turn into butt tissues.

Bruising and Some Minor Discomfort

After the procedure, your buttocks and the areas where fat is taken will have bruises. This is because, during an incision, blood may leak from your small vessels in the underlying skin. Oftentimes bruisings are accompanied by swelling.

This can be managed by oral medications. Your aftercare regimen will include an oral prescription to reduce pain, discomfort, bruising, and swelling. All you need to do is to diligently stick to your post-operation schedule.

One of the best ways to cope with the recovery phase is to stay on top of it. Do not let discomforts overcome you. In just a few days, you will notice that any discomfort issues will subside quickly.

What You Should Do During the Recovery Phase

After your surgery, you should know how to care for yourself, especially your buttocks area. Having a Brazillian butt lift may require some modifications and special attention to your body, especially your buttocks during the recovery phase. Your buttocks may be swollen for several weeks following the procedure, hence, it is best to take extra precaution.

Here are some guidelines that can help you during your recovery from a Brazilian butt lift procedure:

  • After the surgery, your doctor will provide a list of DOs and DON’Ts for you to follow. These are special instructions to help you acheive the outcome that you desire. It is best to follow them meticulously and attentively.
  • To help manage your pain and discomfort, including the bruises and swelling of the affected areas, you will be prescribed both oral and topical medications. It may include antibiotics and pain medications. It is highly recommended that you take these medications diligently and as scheduled. These will not just help you manage issues of discomfort but will also help eliminate any risks of infection. When infections are eluded, it can help speed up your recovery while getting the best possible results from your Brazilian butt lift surgery.
  • Your doctor will recommend you wear compression garments during the recovery period. Compression garments are elastic pieces of clothing that are engineered to provide support to the affected part of the body while promoting optimum blood circulation. You will be advised to wear a compression garment to help your body heal faster and appropriately. The compression garment will also help your skin heal smoothly with a natural-looking outcome. Your doctor will tell you when to start and stop using them. Thus, wear them religiously just like taking your medications diligently.
  • Restrain yourself from sitting on your buttocks for the next three weeks following the procedure. You will be advised by your doctor not to sit directly on the freshly operated buttocks. One of the best things that you can do is to prepare modifications on your chair, sofa, and other furniture where you normally sit. Make adjustments to ensure that when you sit, there is an appropriate space that will keep off your weight on your buttocks.
  • In as much as you cannot sit directly on your buttocks, you should not also sleep on your back. You will be required to sleep either on your side or on your stomach. You may also be advised to use a special inflatable pillow to use during your recovery.
  • If you are a health buff, you may need to adopt a new routine as you will be instructed to avoid strenuous physical activities for about one month from the date of the procedure. Your doctor will advise when you can start doing exercises again but will let you start with light doses at first. Then, you will be allowed to gradually increase the intensity of your exercises depending on the swiftness of your recovery. It is best to consult and get your doctor’s permission before increasing your exercises.
  • Eating nutritious and healthy food always helps boost a speedy recovery. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet during your recovery to help ensure that you are getting the right nutrition to boost the formation of the reinjected cells in your buttocks. This can also help boost the survival of the transplanted cells in your body. Work with your doctor to come up with a healthy diet while considering some allergens that may affect your recovery.
  • Drink plenty of water after your Brazilian butt lift procedure. This is necessary to detoxify your body from harmful toxins while hydrating your body. When you drink plenty of water, your body will generate the needed blood supply to help the newly transferred fat cells form and develop into body tissues.
  • If you are a smoker, you may need to find ways on how to retreat from it during your recovery. You may consult your doctor about cigarette candies and patches to help you during the recovery period. Keep in mind that smoking declines blood circulation which the newly augmented fat cells need to transform into body tissues. Also, smoking slows down the recovery procedure.
  • Prevent yourself from drinking alcohol. Alcohol-based drinks dehydrate the body and when your body is dehydrated, it will hamper optimum blood circulation. This can affect your recovery and the success of the procedure.

No But(t)s About Your Recovery Procedure!

Generally, the amazing effects of Brazilian butt lift procedures last for several months and even years. Some patients may undergo more than one procedure to acheive their desired curve, volume, and shape. And in some instances, the desired result will be noticeable about six months from the procedure. This is because the transformation of the fats into tissues takes some time to develop.

Despite these factors that may revolve around the recovery phase, taking a Brazilian butt lift is worth it. However, to ensure successful results, it is highly recommended that you follow the above-listed guidelines to help you with your recovery.

While some of these guidelines may affect your normal daily routine, it is still best that you religiously follow them. The Brazilian butt lift aims to provide you the body shape and proportion that you have been dreaming of. With a little self-restraint, this can be acheived.

The perfect cure for recovery is your persistence to acheive it!


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