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Laser Hair Removal
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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Melbourne

Skin Club in Melbourne provides innovative services in the realm of aesthetic care. Among the broad spectrum of treatments offered, Laser Hair Removal is a prominent service that has been increasingly popular among clients. Managed by a team of highly capable doctors, Skin Club maintains stringent quality standards. Explore the prospect of precise, hassle-free hair removal through our Laser Hair Removal services at Skin Club in Melbourne today.
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Devices Utilized for Laser Hair Removal

Different types of lasers can be used for hair removal procedures, each varying in wavelength and pulse duration. The most common types include Alexandrite, Diode, ND YAG and Ruby.
The principle behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis, where the laser light targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicle to effectively remove hair.
Several studies have revealed high efficacy levels in laser hair removal procedures. It’s considered one of the most effective methods for long-term hair reduction.
This procedure can be applied on numerous body areas including arms, legs, face, underarms and bikini line among others to efficiently reduce unwanted hairs.
Each treatment session may take a few minutes to several hours depending on the size of the area being treated. Multiple sessions are often required for optimal outcomes.

Before & After Photos of Laser Hair Removal Result

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. The procedures shown on this website are not suitable for everyone and each patient’s results will depend on their individual circumstances. This website does not provide medical advice. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for advice.
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Key Explains

The Five-Stage Approach to The Procedure

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Ask an Expert,
Dr. Vi Sharma

Medical Director | Gen.Reg- MED0001665706

Initial Consultation

In this phase, the patient’s overall health, medical history, skin type and hair growth patterns are evaluated. Details about the procedure, including its benefits and potential risks, are also discussed to ensure the patient has a full understanding of what Laser Hair Removal entails.
Before performing the procedure, the target area of the skin is properly cleaned to ensure it is free from dirt and oils. Depending on the patient’s skin sensitivity, a Focused on cream may also be administered to numb the area for added comfort during treatment.
Using state-of-the-art laser technology, light energy is precisely directed towards hair follicles in the target area. This energy damages or destroys follicles without harming surrounding skin tissues. The exact number of pulses/flash may vary depending on factors such as surface area and hair density.
After completion of each session, advice will be given on caring for treated areas of skin at home between sessions. This can involve avoiding direct sunlight exposure and using specific types of skincare products compatible with Laser Hair Removal.
Laser Hair Removal typically requires multiple sessions spaced over weeks or months to achieve optimal results as hair growth cycles vary among individuals. After each session, adjustments are made based on reactions observed from previous treatments to maximize effectiveness while reducing potential side effects for future appointments.
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Introduction To Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of the constant need for shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair, then the solution you may be considering is Laser Hair Removal. True to its name, this popular cosmetic procedure utilizes laser technology to get rid of excessive or unwanted hair. It’s a simple, yet highly effective process that delivers long-lasting results.

Purpose of Laser Hair Removal

The primary purpose of laser hair removal is to provide a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Whether it’s your face, legs, arms, underarms or bikini line; anyone looking for a hassle-free and long-term method for hair removal can make use of this treatment. Additionally, it also addresses issue like ingrown hairs and skin irritation which are often associated with traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving and waxing.

Historical Context and Advancements

Laser technology has come a long way since it was first introduced in the mid-20th century. The first patent related to laser hair removal was granted in 1983. Since then there have been significant advancements; today’s lasers are more efficient, provide more comfort during treatment, and are suitable for different skin types.

In recent years, at-home laser treatments have grown in popularity as well. These devices offer consumers an option for touch-ups between sessions or even complete procedures based on their comfort level and needs.


Ideal Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

The Laser Hair Removal treatment is a comprehensive solution for people who are looking to remove unwanted body hair. However, not everyone qualifies as an ideal candidate for this procedure.

Age and Health Conditions

Typically, candidates should be older than 18 years of age and generally healthy. Minors may be considered but parental consent is mandatory. People with active infections or compromised immune systems might need to delay the procedure until they recover fully.

Specific Conditions

Hair Colour and Skin Tone:
Those with dark hair and light skin achieve the optimal outcomes from laser hair removal, due to the high contrast in pigmentation. Patients with red, blonde, white or grey hair might face less successful outcomes since the laser targets pigment in the hair.

Sun Exposure:
Candidates should avoid tanning before their treatment sessions as tanned skin increases risks of side effects.

Limits and Exclusions

Sensitive Areas: Though laser hair removal can be performed on most parts of the body, exceptionally sensitive areas like eyelids or surrounding areas where delicate skin or eyes can be damaged are excluded from treatments.

Pregnancy: Expectant mothers are usually advised to postpone cosmetic procedures like laser treatments until after delivery.

Example Scenarios

  1. If you are an adult, healthy without active infections or immune disorders; you have dark hair and light skin; avoided sun-tanning recently – you could consider yourself a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal.
  2. If you’re a teenager below 18 years old (even with parental consent), pregnant lady, dealing with an infection or having your body hair colour in shades of red, blonde, grey or white – laser hair removal might pose challenges.

Understanding the Costs: An In-Depth Overview of Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Cosmetic Treatment Cost Comparison with Other Clinics In Melbourne

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal can vary widely, depending on several factors. Generally speaking, the costs associated with this procedure range from $200 to $900 per session, depending on the area of the body being treated.

Factors Influencing Cost

The following are some significant factors that can influence the cost of laser hair removal:

  • Geographic Location: Costs can heavily depend on where you live. Areas with higher living costs usually correspond with higher pricing for cosmetic procedures.
  • Doctor’s Expertise: The experience and reputation of the doctor can significantly impact the price. More experienced doctors generally charge more for their services.
  • Additional Services: The need for additional services like anesthesia or multiple sessions due to extensive treatment areas could also increase the final cost.

Average Cost Ranges and Price Estimates

Laser hair removal pricing can either be per treatment or packaged when multiple treatments are paid for upfront. An average-sized treatment area like the bikini line or underarms could cost anywhere between $350 to $500 per session. Larger areas such as the back or legs could be priced between $600 to $900 per session.

Please note that these are general estimates, and actual costs might vary based on individual needs and specific circumstances. It is important to thoroughly discuss any financial concerns with your provider before deciding if this procedure is right for you.


Laser Hair Removal Consultation Guide

Scheduling a consultation with a qualified healthcare provider or professional is a crucial step in the process of laser hair removal. This preliminary meeting provides an opportunity to assess your skin and hair type, discuss the procedure in detail, and establish realistic expectations about the results.

What to Expect During the Consultation

  1. Medical Assessment: The professional will conduct a thorough assessment of your overall health, skin and hair condition. Depending on this evaluation, they will advise whether you are an ideal candidate for laser hair removal.
  2. Detailed Discussion: The professional explains the entire procedure, providing information about the technology used, number of sessions required, results you can expect and any potential side effects or complications.
  3. Open Q&A Session: You will have ample time to pose any questions or express concerns. This is your opportunity to gather all relevant information about the procedure and make an informed decision.

The significance of Open Communication with Your Healthcare Provider

Candid communication with your healthcare provider is essential for satisfactory outcomes in aesthetic treatments like laser hair removal. Being articulate about your needs & expectations helps frame an effective treatment plan. Moreover, it enables your provider to guide you better regarding necessary preparations, risks involved and post-procedure care.

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Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask During Your Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Before undergoing laser hair removal, it is crucial to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Here are some specific questions you should ask during the consultation:

  • What are the potential risks of this treatment?
  • What benefits can I expect from this treatment procedure?
  • Are there any alternative treatments available if laser hair removal is not suitable for me?
  • What projected outcomes should I realistically expect from this procedure?

Taking Notes and Keeping Records

It can be beneficial to take notes during your consultation, especially when discussing complex treatment details. Follow this guide:

  1. Come prepared with a notebook or note-taking app on your device.
  2. Dedicate a page or section in the notebook for every question you have.
  3. Note down the answers provided by your healthcare provider.

Maintaining Records

  1. If possible, ask for any printed literature or leaflets related to the treatment.
  2. Keep all these materials along with your notes in a dedicated folder (physical or digital).
  3. Make sure to date every entry so that you can easily trace back information when needed.. </ol
Risks and Safety

Risks and Safety Measures in Cosmetic Procedures: A Focused Look at Laser Hair Removal

Potential Risks and Complications

Like any cosmetic procedure, laser hair removal involves certain potential risks and complications. These include:

  • Skin irritation: Temporary discomfort, redness, and swelling are possible after laser hair removal.
  • Pigment changes: Laser hair removal might darken or lighten the affected skin, usually temporarily.
  • Scarring, blisters, and other skin texture changes: In rare cases, laser hair removal can lead to other changes in the skin’s texture or minor burns.

Safety Measures in Place to minimise Risks

To ensure the safety of our patients and minimise any potential risks, we have stringent safety protocols in place which include:

  1. Pre-procedure screening: This helps determine if you’re a good candidate for laser hair removal.
  2. Use of protective equipment: Laser machines are equipped with cooling devices that protect the skin’s surface. Our clinic also ensures that every patient is provided with protective eyewear during the procedure.
  3. In-depth post-procedure care instructions: After your treatment, you will receive comprehensive instructions to help with proper post-treatment care and prevent potential risks.

The Role of Informed Consent in Acknowledging Potential Risks

Informed consent is a critical component of our service. It means understanding and accepting the potential risks associated with the procedure before undergoing treatment. Before proceeding with laser hair removal:

  • You will be fully informed about the possible risks and complications.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask any questions to ensure you have a complete understanding of the procedure.
  • You will sign an informed consent form, acknowledging that you are fully aware of potential risks and agree to proceed with the treatment.

Essential Laser Hair Removal Preparation Guide

Preparing adequately for your laser hair removal procedure can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and minimise potential side effects. This preparation should begin several weeks before your scheduled appointment.

Lifestyle Adjustments

There are a few important lifestyle changes to be aware of as you prepare:

  • Sun Exposure: It’s crucial to avoid excessive sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your procedure. Sunburn or a deep tan can increase the risk of skin burns during the treatment. We recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher when outdoors.
  • Smoking: Smoking may slow down the healing process and increase risks. Consider quitting or reducing your cigarette intake a few weeks before and after the procedure.
  • Hair Plucking or Waxing: Avoid waxing, plucking, or electrolysis for at least six weeks before treatment because these techniques can disrupt the hair follicle and interfere with laser hair removal.

Dietary Restrictions and Medications

You usually don’t need to follow any specific dietary restrictions for this procedure. However, some medications and supplements may affect your skin’s sensitivity to light, interfering with your treatment outcomes.

  • Avoid photosensitive drugs: If you’re on any medication that increases light sensitivity (e.g., certain antibiotics or herbal supplements), discuss it with your provider at least two weeks prior to the procedure.
  • Blood thinners: If you’re taking blood-thinning medications, let your provider know again well in advance because these medicines can increase bleeding risks during minor procedures.

Importance of Following Pre-Operative Instructions

Your healthcare provider will give you specific instructions to prepare for your laser hair removal procedure. It’s vital to adhere to these instructions – they’re designed, considering your personal medical history, to enable a evidence-based approach.


Failure to follow pre-operative guidelines can lead to unnecessary complications, reduced effectiveness of treatment, and extended recovery times.


Procedure Steps for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure that effectively and permanently removes unwanted body and facial hair. It uses concentrated laser light to damage the hair follicle and inhibit its ability to grow new hair. Here we provide a comprehensive overview of the entire process broken down into straightforward steps.

Before the Procedure

  1. Consultation: Firstly, schedule an appointment with your cosmetic doctor for a consultation.
  2. Evaluation: During this consultation, the doctor will evaluate your medical history, examine your skin type, and discuss any risks or concerns associated with the procedure.
  3. Preparation Stage: If you’re suitable for the treatment, your doctor will instruct you on how to prepare. This usually involves avoiding sun exposure and waxing for six weeks before treatment.

During the Procedure

The procedure can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the area being treated. Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Minimally painful Process: A topical numbing agent may be applied to reduce any discomfort. You’ll be given protective eyewear as well.
  2. Laser Application: The doctor will use a handheld device that emits laser light to target individual hair follicles.
  3. Cooling Gel Application: Sometimes a cooling gel is applied afterwards to soothe any irritation.

After the Procedure

  • Avoid Sun Exposure: The skin might be sensitive after treatment. It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure for some days and use sunscreen.
  • Post-Treatment Care: Use the right skincare products as suggested by your doctor to help the skin recover.
  • Follow-up Sessions: Multiple sessions may be required to achieve full hair removal. These are usually spaced four to six weeks apart.

Please note that every individual’s experience with laser hair removal can vary and it’s important to ask your cosmetic doctor any questions or voice any concerns you might have before starting the treatment.


Laser Hair Removal Recovery & Post-Treatment Care

The recovery process after Laser Hair Removal treatment is typically swift, with most individuals resuming their usual activities immediately after treatment. However, you may notice some redness and swelling in the treated area, which typically subsides within a few hours to a few days. The treated hairs fall out over the next month.

Post-Operative Care Instructions

Care for your skin post-treatment is crucial. Here are some instructions on how to care for your skin:

  • Avoid sun exposure and use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen.
  • Avoid hot baths, showers, or saunas for at least 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Avoid exercising and any other activities that may cause excessive sweating for at least 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Do not tweeze or wax the hair in the treated area.

Pain Management and Physical Restrictions

Your comfort is our top priority. You may experience minor discomfort during the procedure akin to a rubber band snap, but this usually subsides immediately after treatment. If you do experience slight discomfort post-treatment, you can apply ice packs to the area or use over-the-counter pain relievers. It’s also crucial not to engage in strenuous activities that could irritate the skin in the treated area.

Follow-up Appointments

Laser Hair Removal often requires multiple sessions; thus, you’ll have follow-up appointments scheduled every 4-6 weeks until hair growth is sufficiently reduced. Regular follow-ups also allow us to monitor your progress and make any required adjustments in your treatment plan.

Potential Side Effects and Complications

Laser Hair Removal is a Procedure prioritizing patient welfare, but like all treatments, it can cause potential side effects including:

  • Temporary redness and swelling
  • Skin lightening or darkening (usually temporary)
  • Rarely, there can be blistering, crusting, scarring or changes in skin texture

If you notice persistent redness or unusual sensations post-treatment, please seek immediate medical attention.


Understanding Results, Expectations, and Aftercare of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal is a popular method to eliminate unwanted hair, providing more long-lasting results compared to other traditional techniques like shaving and waxing. However, the outcome can vary from one individual to another based on various factors such as skin type, hair color and thickness, and the area being treated.

Short-term Outcomes

In the short-term, you can expect immediate hair loss in the targeted area after your laser hair removal session. This is because the procedure works by using laser light to heat and destroy the hair follicles. However, you might experience minor redness, swelling or irritation in the treated area which should subside within a couple of hours or days.

Long-term Outcomes

In terms of long term results, most patients experience significant reductions in their unwanted hair. However, it is important to be aware that laser hair removal reduces hair growth but does not guarantee permanent elimination. Occasional maintenance treatments may be required based on individual growth patterns.

Visible Results Timeline

Your visible results will typically start showing after your second or third treatment session. On average patients undergo between five to seven sessions spaced four to six weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

Maintenance and Aftercare

  • – Make sure to avoid sun exposure before and after treatment as it could increase risks of complications.
  • – Apply a soothing cream or cold pack if you notice any inflammation or discomfort post-treatment.
  • – Avoid activities that can heat up your body for at least twenty-four hours following your treatment.
  • – Regular use of sunscreen is essential when going outdoors.
  • – Depending on your hair growth cycle, you may need follow-up maintenance sessions every six to twelve months.

People Also Ask

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes concentrated light technology to permanently remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body.

Laser hair removal operates by directing a concentrated beam of light at the pigment in your hair follicles. This light destroys the follicle, which inhibits future hair growth.

Most patients describe the sensation as a slight pinch or a rubber band snapping against the skin. The discomfort level can vary depending on the treatment area, but it is generally well-tolerated.

Typically, anywhere from 6-8 sessions are needed to attain optimal results. However, this can vary greatly depending on individual factors such as hair color and texture, skin type, and the area being treated.

The most common side effects are discomfort during treatment, swelling or redness post-treatment, and temporary alterations in pigment (lightening or darkening of skin).

Laser hair removal is suitable for most individuals who want to permanently reduce or eliminate unwanted body hair

Tanning should be avoided before laser treatments as it makes your skin more sensitive to heat and could potentially interfere with the effectiveness of treatment.

The results of laser hair removal are typically long-lasting; however, they are not always permanent. Maintenance sessions may be required.

The laser hair removal works best on dark, coarse hair. It may not work as effectively on light, fine hair or hair with less pigment like blonde, white, or gray.

Post-treatment, avoid the sun and wear sunscreen religiously to protect the treated areas. Also, avoid strenuous activity or hot baths to prevent any unwanted irritation.

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