Even though she just turned 18, Kylie Jenner has already had some work done to her face. Since she was naturally beautiful before she underwent her cosmetic lip filler procedure, a lot of people have wanted to find out what was her motive for proceeding into doing such a thing.

On June 17 on Snapchat, Kylie Jenner decided to tell the whole world why she opted for this procedure. According to her, ever since she was 9 years of age, she has been bullied for her looks by the entire world.

According to a reliable source, growing up, she was teased by catty girls and boy for her looks. This scarred her within and thus gave her serious insecurities about her appearance, which led her to getting lip fillers and putting on meaningful amounts of makeup.

It’s definitely a shame to see this young lady opting to attain lip fillers in order to feel more confident. She definitely didn’t need this, as she was beautiful to begin with, but as long as she is happy, that’s what we should care about.

Hopefully, her emotional confession on Snapchat can aid other people who have to deal with bullies on a daily basis. According to what she stated, she feels like she has done a pretty good job at handling all of this, but that there are bullies everywhere.

It seems like they are never going to go away unless one opts to ignore them at all times. What Ms. Jenner said definitely couldn’t be anywhere farfrom the truth. Kylie went on to further say for you to know that the only opinion that matters about your persona is ‘you.’

What are your thoughts about this? Should Kylie Jenner stop getting plastic surgery, or do you think that she should go ahead and do whatever she wants?

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