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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Time

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

A Brazilian butt lift consists of two major procedures. The first part partakes the harvesting of fats from the bounteous part of the body. The second part involves the injecting of the purified fats into the key areas of the buttocks. The aim is to provide the shape and size of the buttocks that you desire.

While the entire process may take only a few hours, the ideal recovery time may take about three to four weeks. Others recover in a span of six weeks from the day of the procedure. The first two weeks are crucial for the recovery phase because you are allowed to sit and sleep in certain positions only. You are not be allowed to put weight on your newly augmented buttocks.

Your trusted cosmetic doctors will discuss with you the Dos and DON’Ts during your recovery period. These guidelines should be adhered to religiously to help ensure optimum results. Included in these guidelines is the wait time on when you can return to your normal routine, work, and activities.

During this period, you must observe any potential signs of complications, including normal and adverse post-operation symptoms. When you feel and notice any discomfort, severe pain, or any changes in your buttocks, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Expectations Immediately After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

As the effects of the sedatives or anesthesia wear off, you will start to feel some pain and discomfort in your body, especially the affected areas. The pain and discomfort do not last very long but in case of extreme and long-lasting soreness, seek the advice and help of your doctor.

You will also experience some redness, bruises, and swelling after the surgery. Expect to have a longer period of swelling and bruising as they will gradually disappear as your buttocks gradually shape up. It is best to visit your doctor after four weeks to ensure that the bruises and swelling are still a normal part of your recovery phase.

When you are used to household chores, office work, and daily workouts, you may need to find alternative help for these activities. You may seek the assistance of a family member to help you around the house. You may need to file for a leave of absence from work if the intensity of your projects can affect your recovery. Instead of a heavy workout, you may try meditating or breathing exercises. This is very important, especially during the first two weeks of your recovery period.

Seek the advice of your doctor as to when you may return to doing strenuous and physical activities. You can gradually increase the intensity of your activities as you go through the recovery phase. For parents with babies and toddlers, arrange for a babysitter who can take charge of their care and need for the first two weeks.

Any patient who is recovering from surgery should avoid stress at all times. A stress-free environment can help speed up the recovery phase.

Your doctor will place “drains” on your incisions to help control the swelling and measure the fluids that are drained daily. Observe the flow of the fluid that is drained from your incisions every day. When the flow of fluid has become very low, the “drains” will be removed in the clinic for proper cleansing.

Lastly, you should expect some adjustments and modifications with how you sit and sleep and the pillows and cushions that you need to use. Make sure that you do not put weight on your buttocks as you sleep or sit to avoid putting pressure on the newly transplanted fat tissues in your buttocks.

Recovery Time After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift procedures are quite extensive which may require at least two to three weeks initial recovery period and about six months for the full recovery time. This is under the presumption that you are taking precautionary measures to ensure the minimal-riskty and optimum healing of your buttocks and other affected parts of your body. You should be eating the right kind of foods, you are not smoking nor are you drinking alcohol, and you restrained yourself from harsh physical activities.

After around six to eight weeks the transferred fats are expected to have fully grafted and stabilized in your buttocks. This means that the reinjected fats have formed and developed as part of your buttocks’ tissues. This is also the time when you can resume the normal activities you do including physical exercises and office work.

After the eighth week, you may notice that the swelling is not fully gone but you will also notice that your buttocks have shaped up to the appearance that you desire.

The Lasting Effects of a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lifts offer a lifetime effect since it uses your natural fats as the grafting material. This is one of the many advantages why you should choose this buttocks augmenting technique over other butt-lifting procedures.

Results of a Brazilian butt lift surgery are usually final as it reaches its sixth month of recovery from the date of the procedure. As the swelling goes away, you will notice that you have curvier and more improved lower body proportions.

A Brazilian butt lift is a very rewarding and worth-the-wait procedure. Even though the recovery stage takes some time, seeing how your body has evolved will be very satisfying. You will also feel a sense of gratification when the clothes you cannot wear before fits you perfectly with new buttocks.

With the right Brazilian butt lift in Melbourne procedure and provider, not only will you achieve the curve that you desire, but you will also boost the confidence that is bottled up inside.

Remember that bootilicious stories do not happen overnight!


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