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Violin Hips Filler
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Violin Hips Filler Treatment in Melbourne

At Skin Club in Melbourne, we offer an exceptional Violin Hips Filler service. Our professionals use high-grade materials and advanced techniques to perform the treatment. Guided by a team of experienced doctors who understand the intricacies of your body’s contouring needs, care and precision converge at Skin Club to bring forth a service that stands on the pillars of safety and quality. Navigate the path to improved aesthetics with us at Skin Club and experience our dedicated Violin Hips Filler services in Melbourne. Join in our journey to redefine contours with dexterity and precision now!
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Dr. Vi Sharma

Medical Director | Gen.Reg- MED0001665706

Understanding Violin Hips Filler Treatment

The treatment involves injecting dermal fillers into the indentations known as hip dips, located between the hip and upper thighs. The fillers are made up mostly of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in the body.
A typical Violin Hips Filler session lasts between 30-60 minutes and may require multiple sessions depending on the extent of the dips and desired results.
Common side effects post-treatment may include mild swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection site that dissipates within a few days.
Results vary among patients but usually, dermal fillers for hip dips can last between 6 to 18 months, offering a temporary yet noticeable enhancement in body shape.
There may be a requirements need for routine touch-up procedures to maintain optimal results considering factors such as individual body’s metabolism rate and lifestyle habits.

Before & After Photos of Violin Hips Filler Result

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. The procedures shown on this website are not suitable for everyone and each patient’s results will depend on their individual circumstances. This website does not provide medical advice. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for advice.
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Key Explains

The Five-Stage Approach to The Procedure

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Ask an Expert,
Dr. Vi Sharma

Medical Director | Gen.Reg- MED0001665706

Understanding Violin Hips Fillers

This is the initial step wherein a detailed discussion is conducted to shed light on the process of Violin Hips Fillers. We delve into the reason behind the existence of hip dips and how fillers work to add volume and modify the shape. We believe educating our patients about every facet of the procedure aids in setting fair expectations.
Careful evaluation and anatomical assessment take center stage during this phase. The assessment includes analyzing the hip region, noting down specific factors such as fat distribution, skin elasticity, and overall body structure. A holistic view aids us in devising a customized treatment plan which respects individual physical attributes.
Knowledge about what goes inside your body is crucial. Therefore, we make it a point to clarify the type, viscosity, and consistency of filler material we use in cosmetic augmentation procedures. This information helps you comprehend how these materials interact with your body on a physiological level.
On reaching this stage, we familiarize you with each step involved in injecting Violin Hips Fillers ranging from pre-procedure preparation to post-procedure care advice. It involves explaining techniques used for injection, safety protocols adhered to during administration, pain management strategies followed, and discussion about possible complications or side effects.
An integral part of any medical intervention is aftercare. And cosmetic procedures like Violin Hips Fillers are no different. Post-procedure care constitutes actions you need to undertake at home for an optimal recovery process including wound management if applicable, activity restrictions if any and signs of complications that warrant immediate attention or consultation.
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Introducing Violin Hips Filler Procedure

In the world of cosmetic enhancements, where achieving your dream body is no longer a figment of your imagination. One such procedure growing in popularity is the Violin Hips Filler treatment. In simple terms, this procedure involves injecting fillers into the ‘dips’ or indents on your hips to create a smoother and more balanced silhouette.

Purpose of Violin Hips Filler Procedure

The Violin Hips Filler treatment is designed to address a common but less discussed body part: the hips. Many people possess noticeable indentations along the side of their hips, also known as ‘hip dips’. While these are completely natural and occur due to the distribution of your muscle and fat, some may find them undesirable and feel that they disrupt the desired hourglass figure.

This procedure offers a non-surgical solution to fill in these indents, enhancing your natural curves and providing a more harmonious body line that you desire. It provides an immediate confidence boost and helps uncover an even more confident you.

Historical Context & Advancements in Violin Hips Fillers

In times past, individuals displeased with their hip dips would have to resort to wearing padded undergarments or getting invasive procedures like fat grafting (also known as the Brazilian butt lift) or hip implants. However, none of these options offered a less invasive solution that could provide instant results—until now.

  1. Fat Grafting: Traditionally used for enhancing one’s derriere, this method started being used for hip dips as well in recent years. However, it involved surgery and required one’s own fat for grafting.
  2. Hip Implants: Much like breast implants, these could provide significant volume but posed risks associated with surgery.
  3. Padded Undergarments: Non-invasive but temporary and potentially uncomfortable.

All these methods carried considerable drawbacks, which led to the development of the Violin Hips Filler procedure. In this treatment, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are injected into the hip area to improve volume and reduce the appearance of hip dips. As a result, individuals can essentially ‘fill in’ their hip dips non-surgically with minimal downtime, experiencing immediate results.

The advancement of this treatment has revolutionized cosmetic medicine by providing a more accessible and less invasive option for those seeking body contour enhancements. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come in our understanding of aesthetics and our commitment to offering effective solutions that pair well with modern lifestyles.


Ideal Candidates for Violin Hips Filler

The ideal candidates for a Violin Hips Filler procedure vary greatly, with several important factors determining suitability. These include age, overall health, and specific individual conditions.


In general, patients above the age of 18 are considered to be in the right age bracket for this procedure. It is essential to note that each person differs, and maturity levels are more significant than chronological age. The patient should have fully grown hips because fillers will be ineffective on hips that are still developing.
This procedure is also not recommended for elderly patients whose skin may have lost its elasticity.


Moreover, good overall health is crucial to lessen any potential risks associated with the treatment and promote effective healing. Patients should be free of allergies related to the constituents of dermal fillers as these could lead to adverse reaction following treatment.

Specific Conditions

Pregnant or nursing women should abstain from having Violin Hips Filler procedures. Furthermore, individuals with certain skin conditions near the hip area may not qualify for this treatment. An examination by a professional is needed to assess suitability in these cases.

Disqualifying Factors

Just like any other medical or cosmetic treatment, there exist factors capable of disqualifying an individual from undergoing a Violin Hips Filler procedure.

  • Candidates with bleeding disorders or on blood-thinning medication may encounter complications during the procedure. Hence they may not be suitable candidates.
  • If an individual has had negative reactions or allergies to any injectable substance in the past, it’s pivotal for them to discuss this with their cosmetic doctor before considering Violin Hips Filler treatments.
  • Prior surgery around the hip area could impede the success of the procedure and would require a detailed assessment to confirm one’s suitability.

Self-assessment Examples

Understanding whether you are a suitable candidate or not can be challenging. Here are some examples to give you insight:

  1. If you are 25, healthy, not pregnant or nursing, and feel self-conscious about your hip dips, you are potentially an ideal candidate for Violin Hips Fillers.
  2. If you are 40 with a good health record, but have had previous surgical procedures around your hip area from which you’ve healed completely, it might still be possible for you to undergo this treatment successfully. Ensure to consult extensively with your doctor beforehand.
  3. However, if you are on blood-thinning medication due to a specific medical condition, regardless of your age and the presence of hip dips dissatisfaction, this procedure might not be suitable for you because of potential health risks associated.

Understanding the Costs Associated with Violin Hips Filler Procedures

Cosmetic Treatment Cost Comparison with Other Clinics In Melbourne

Cost of Violin Hips Filler Procedure

The cost associated with the Violin Hips Filler procedure can significantly vary, influenced by a range of factors. It’s important to consider all aspects before embarking on this cosmetic journey.

Potential Expenses

Violin Hips Fillers involve multiple aspects that together constitute the total expense. These include not only the treatment itself but also preliminary consultations, doctor’s fees, the cost of anesthesia or sedatives if required, and follow-up care.

Factors Influencing Cost

  • Geographic Location: Depending on where you live or where you decide to have the procedure, costs can vary greatly due to differences in cost of living, demand for the service, etc.
  • Doctor’s Expertise: Doctors who are in high demand due to their expertise and skill might charge more for their services.
  • Additional Services: Costs may also be influenced by additional services such as anesthesia during the procedure.

Average Cost Ranges

The average cost for Violin Hips Fillers also depends on individual requirements and desired results. However, as an estimate, prices can start from $500 per treatment session and go up according to factors mentioned above. Please note that these are just estimates and actual costs can fluctuate depending on a variety of reasons.

A detailed consultation with your chosen cosmetic doctor will provide a more personalised estimate based on your unique situation.


Role and Importance of Consultation in Violin Hips Filler Cosmetic Procedures

Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure such as Violin Hips Filler, it is of paramount importance to schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare provider or professional. This medical professional will have the extensive knowledge and experience required to guide you towards making an informed decision.

Expectations During Consultation

A consultation is typically characterized by the following key procedures:

  1. Medical Assessments: This involves conducting a comprehensive check on your overall health condition. It guarantees that the procedure aligns with your body constitution and will not pose any significant risks.
  2. In-depth Discussions: The healthcare provider will extensively discuss the treatment plan, goals, potential risks, benefits, and alternatives. You’ll be informed about what the Violin Hips Filler procedure entails; from pre-operation preparation to post-operation care.
  3. Opportunity for Questions: A consultation affirms that you fully understand all aspects of the procedure. Hence, it provides ample opportunity for you to ask questions and seek clarifications on anything you’re uncertain about.

The Significance of Open Communication

In cosmetic medicine, open communication with your healthcare provider cannot be overstated. It is crucial that you candidly convey your wishes, fears, and expectations for the Violin Hips Filler treatment.

An open dialog enables them to tailor their approach to match your specific needs and preferences seamlessly. More importantly, it fosters trust — an essential element in any patient-doctor relationship.

Remember that a successful cosmetic journey begins with an informative consultation with a trusted healthcare provider or professional.

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Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask During Your Violin Hips Filler Consultation

Going for a Violin Hips Filler treatment can be a big decision, so it’s important to be well informed and clear about your expectations. During your consultation, plan to ask some specific questions related to the procedure. Here are some key questions that you may consider asking:

Potential Risks and Benefits

  • What are the potential risks associated with Violin Hips Filler?
  • Can you explain the benefits of this treatment?

Alternative Treatments

  • Are there any other treatment options that could give me similar results?
  • If so, how do they compare in terms of risks, recovery time, and results?

Expected Outcomes

  • What will my hips look like immediately after the procedure? And what can I expect once the healing process is complete?
  • Can you provide before and after photos of patients who have undergone this treatment?

Taking Notes & Keeping Records

Taking notes during your consultation is a great way to remember important information about your treatment. It can also help you make an informed decision based on what you learned from the consultation.

  1. Create a dedicated note or file on your phone or bring along a notepad.
  2. Jot down answers as your healthcare provider explains them. If something isn’t clear, ask for clarification.
  3. Ask if you can record the conversation or if the office provides a written summary of your consultation.
  4. Keep track of any follow-up appointments or steps you may need to take before or after your procedure.
Risks and Safety

Risks, Safety Precautions, and Importance of Informed Consent in Violin Hips Filler Procedures

Potential Risks and Complications

Like all non-invasive procedures, Violin Hips Fillers come with their own set of possible risks and complications. These include:

  • Asymmetry: There can be differences in the size, shape or level of the hips post-procedure.
  • Adverse Reaction to Filler Material: Skin may react adversely to filler material causing redness, swelling or inflammation.
  • Infection: If proper sterilization procedures are not followed, the risk of infection increases.
  • Hematoma or Seroma: Blood or serous fluid can accumulate beneath the skin surface causing a lump or bump.
  • Filler migration:The filler material may inadvertently migrate from its original placement resulting in undesired outcomes.

Safety Measures in Place to minimise Risks

We prioritize focus on minimizing patient risk and ensure measures are firmly in place to minimise any potential risks associated with this procedure. These precautions include:

  1. Fully qualified medical staff who perform the procedure under sterile conditions.
  2. Use of FDA approved filler material for the procedure minimizing chances of adverse reactions
  3. Detailed post-procedure guidelines are provided to patients including signs and symptoms that may indicate complications
  4. Routine follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor recovery and address concerns.

The Role of Informed Consent in Acknowledging Potential Risks

Informed consent is an integral aspect of procedures such as Violin Hips Fillers where the patient must understand not only the potential benefits, but also the potential risks and complications involved.
This ensures that the decisions they make regarding their treatment are well-informed and devoid of any misconceptions. Our team takes time to explain each aspect of the procedure, reinforcing the importance of informed consent in our practice.


Violin Hips Filler Procedure: A Comprehensive Preparation Guide

The success of a Violin Hips Filler procedure is not solely dependent on the expertise of your cosmetic doctor, it also significantly depends on how well you prepare for the treatment. To ensure outstanding and seamless results, your cooperation and adherence to the doctor’s pre-operative instructions are indispensable.

Steps to Prepare for the Procedure

  • Consult with Your Healthcare Provider: Before embarking on any preparation steps, it’s crucial to consult with your healthcare provider. They will provide a unique set of instructions suited to your current health status and personal needs.
  • Determine Your Expectations: It’s essential to have a clear idea of what you expect from the procedure. Discuss your aesthetic goals with your doctor so they can provide an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Mental Preparation: Understanding what the procedure involves and having realistic expectations helps in mental preparedness. Familiarize yourself with all aspects to reduce stress or anxiety which may affect recovery.

Lifestyle Adjustments Pre-Procedure

  • Avoid Medications & Supplements: Certain medications such as; Aspirin, blood thinners, Vitamin E supplements and others may increase bleeding during the procedure. It’s recommended you avoid these unless directed otherwise by your healthcare provider.
  • No Smoking or Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol consumption can hinder the healing process after a filler procedure. It would be best if you considered quitting both at least two weeks before the session.
  • Dietary Restrictions

    In consultation with your healthcare provider, few dietary modifications may be required such as keeping yourself hydrated and eating a balanced diet. Further specific restrictions if any will be discussed by your doctor during the consultation.

    Final Note: The preparation steps are crucial to achieve the preferable results. Your adherence to these guidelines will facilitate a smoother procedure, speedier recovery, and better outcomes.


Walkthrough of Violin Hips Filler Procedure: Pre-Procedure to Aftercare

The steps taken in preparation for the Violin Hips Filler treatment can be broken down as follows:

  1. Consultation: The initial consultation will involve a physical examination of your hips to identify the severity of your hip dips and to determine whether this is the right treatment for you. This will also provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns or expectations you have related to the procedure.
  2. Scheduling: Once it has been decided that Violin Hips Filler treatment is suitable, an appointment for the procedure will then be scheduled.
  3. Preparation: Prior to the treatment, be sure to stay hydrated and avoid any medications or supplements that might increase bleeding, such as aspirin or vitamin E.

During The Procedure

Here’s what you can expect during a typical Violin Hips Filler procedure:

  1. Numbing: The area around the hips is numbed using a topical anesthetic cream. This will help reduce discomfort during the injection process.
  2. Injections:The Violin Hips Filler, typically made up of hyaluronic acid, is then carefully injected into specific points around your hip dips. This helps add volume and creates a smoother silhouette.
  3. Molding:A gentle massage may be done to ensure that fillers are evenly distributed across your hips for natural-looking results.

After The Procedure

The steps followed after the treatment are:

  1. Observation: You would be kept under observation for some time post-procedure to ensure there are no immediate adverse reactions.
  2. Post-Treatment Care:You will be provided with aftercare instructions which typically include avoiding strenuous exercise for a few days, staying hydrated, and avoiding direct sunlight or excessive heat on the treated areas.
  3. Follow-Up Visit:A follow-up visit is usually scheduled within 2 weeks of the procedure to monitor your recovery and the results of the treatment.

Violin Hips Filler Recovery: Process, Care Instructions & Side Effects

The recovery process following Violin Hips Filler treatment is generally straightforward and manageable within a few days in most cases. However, individual experiences may vary.

Expected Duration and Post-operative Care Instructions

Typically, you can expect the area to recover fully within a week after treatment. Meanwhile, here are some post-operative care instructions to follow:

  • Avoid rigorous exercise or heavy lifting for up to 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Apply a cold compress to the treated area if swelling occurs.
  • Do not manipulate or massage the treated area unless advised by your doctor.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, saunas, and hot tubs for at least two weeks after treatment.

Pain Management, Physical Restrictions, and Follow-up Appointments

The procedure involves minimal discomfort. Any minor pain or discomfort experienced can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers as per your doctor’s advice.
There might be physical restrictions such as avoiding strenuous activities and not sleeping on the treated area for at least two days.
You should have follow-up appointments scheduled according to your doctor’s instructions. Usually, it is beneficial to have a follow-up visit two weeks post-procedure to check on the healing progress and assess results.

Potential Side Effects or Complications

Possible side effects of Violin Hips Filler could include but are not limited to:

  • Mild soreness or pain at the injection sites
  • Swelling or bruising
  • Tenderness around treated areas
  • Rarely, complications including infection or allergic reactions can occur.

If you notice persistent side effects beyond the usual recovery period or any unusual symptoms, get in touch with your doctor immediately.


Results and Aftercare for Violin Hips Filler Procedure

Here we will discuss the expected outcomes of the Violin Hips Filler procedure. The expected results can vary from person to person, but generally, the treatment can enhance your curves and smoothen any irregular profile surrounding your hips.

Short Term Results

In the short term, patients may notice some swelling and tenderness around the treated areas. These side effects usually resolve within a few days following the treatment. However, it’s important to remember that desirable effects can take a little longer to show as your body needs time to adjust in its new shape.

Long Term Results

In the long-term, patients who underwent this procedure should expect a more curved and symmetrical silhouette. The fillers help in masking ‘hip dips’ or ‘violin hips’ by creating a more rounded appearance at your hips.The longevity of results depends greatly on individuals’ metabolism speed, lifestyle as well as how their bodies respond to these dermal fillers.

Treatment Timeline

You can start seeing improvements after 2-4 weeks post-treatment when any immediate post-procedure swelling has attenuated. Full visible effects of Violin Hips Filler treatment are typically evident at approximately two months after the procedure.

Maintenance and Aftercare

  • Avoid vigorous exercise or heat inducing procedures for about 48 hours after treatment
  • The area should not be massaged or manipulated for 6 hours post-treatment
  • Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours post-procedure
  • Patients who are satisfied with their results usually return every 18-24 months for maintenance treatments

Again, individual results may vary and the above measures are recommended to help maintain desirable outcomes from your Violin Hips Filler treatment.


People Also Ask

What are Violin Hips Fillers?

Violin Hips Fillers are a cosmetic medical procedure that involves injecting a dermal filler into the hip area to create a more symmetrical and appealing curve.

These fillers work by adding volume to the area of the body where they are injected. They push out the skin, literally filling in any gaps or depressions, hence providing a more defined and fuller look.

Ideal candidates for Violin Hips Fillers are those who wish to have fuller and rounder hips but do not want to undergo surgery or those who have asymmetrical dips that they would like corrected.

Potential side effects may include swelling, bruising, tenderness, redness and discomfort at the injection site. These usually resolve within a few days post-treatment.

The results from Violin Hips Fillers can typically be seen immediately after treatment with continued improvement over 1-2 weeks as any swelling and bruising subside.

he longevity of results varies between individuals but generally, results can last up to 12 months. Your body naturally metabolizes the filler over time so repeat treatments may be required

Yes you can! There’s minimal downtime with this procedure and most patients can go about their normal day after treatment.

Many patients describe the sensation as mild discomfort rather than pain. To make you more comfortable, a topical anesthetic cream can be applied before the treatment.

No, Violin Hips Fillers is not a weight loss solution. It is designed to enhance and contour your natural shape, not to help you lose weight or replace a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Our hips may feel fuller and there could be some slight firmness where the filler has been injected but this usually resolves over time as your body assimilates the product, leaving your hips feeling natural to touch.

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