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What You Need To Know Before Coming To Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors Studio


Skin Club Studio

Skin Club’s clinical studio is located on chapel street, Melbourne. Our Doctors are able to perform minor surgical procedures in a cosy environment.

Skin Club’s – Cosmetic Doctors are Australian leaders in cosmetic surgery and medicine. The clinical studios are operated by cosmetic doctors who focus solely in providing high quality cosmetic surgery outcomes. We take pride in offering the very latest surgical techniques and dermal filler technology, enabling us to deliver the very best outcomes each and every time.

We understand that every person is different, that’s why we believe that for you to make an informed decision your first consultation should be educational and obligation free. We take the time to understand what is important to you and explain the different treatment options available both immediately and longer term. At the end of the consultation you will be provided with a customised treatment plan, specifically tailored to your needs.


What Makes Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors Different

Skin Club is operated by certified doctors who provide expert medical advice following a personalised diagnosis process. Our medical professionals, equipped with extensive knowledge, prioritize patient safety. Surgical treatments are conducted by professional doctors in accredited private hospitals adhering to Australian standards.


Expert Cosmetic Injectables at Skin Club

Skin Club is at the forefront of cosmetic medicine offering the latest innovations in cosmetic injectables with highly refined injecting techniques. Our doctors have given presentations at major international conferences in the field of cosmetic medicine as well as receiving training in advance injecting techniques.

We offer a professional yet personal experience in a professional yet relaxed family environment that makes you feel comfortable when undergoing a cosmetic treatment. At Skin Club we respect the importance of creating harmony to the body and soul when providing cosmetic treatment, hence we will keep you well informed.

We believe that knowledge is power and by keeping you well informed throughout all stages of your treatment you will find that our clinic will always be your first choice.

Expert Doctors. Proven Methods. Quality Results.

Your Care Journey
Our Clinic Prioritizes Patient Care. A Systematic Approach by Our Experienced Doctors Ensures a High Standard of Care and Desired Outcomes
Step - 1
Begin with a detailed consultation where the doctor assesses your medical history and discusses your enhancement goals to tailor a treatment plan.
Step - 2
Scheduling Treatment
On the day, our staff ensures your comfort. A numbing solution or anesthesia is applied before the procedure for a comfortable experience.
Step - 3
Post-Treatment Care
After the procedure, the doctor provides specific care instructions crucial for recovery and achieving the best results.
Step - 4
Treatment Plan

Discussions and plans are confidential and personalised. A written estimate is provided post-consultation.

Step - 5
We aim for professional service and a positive experience throughout your journey with us.
Step - 6
Review Appointment
Follow-up appointments at 7 days and 3 months are complimentary to monitor your progress, with emergency appointments available if needed.
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