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Bra Fat Dissolving
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Bra Fat Dissolving Treatment in Melbourne

At Skin Club, we offer an innovative solution for tackling bra fat through our Bra Fat Dissolving service in Melbourne. Led by a team of highly skilled doctors, this procedure employs advanced techniques to address and reduce bra fat effectively. With a dedication to the highest standards of care, our doctors strive to accommodate individual needs within a professional environment. Explore the possibilities at Skin Club.
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Ask an Expert,
Dr. Vi Sharma

Medical Director | Gen.Reg- MED0001665706

Composition of Bra Fat Dissolving Injections

These non-invasive treatment injections typically encompass a mix of vitamins, enzymes, and natural extracts. Their main focus is to rupture fat cells under the skin and allow the body to naturally remove these tissues.
This form of nonsurgical treatment is specific for bra fat – unwanted bulges caused by tight-fitting bras or natural body makeup that are visible around the chest region below shoulder blades.
Each session takes around 20-30 minutes, with a suggested four to six sessions depending on the patient’s needs. It is commonly recommended to have two to three weeks gap between each session for optimal outcomes.
During Bra Fat Dissolving treatment, patients may experience mild discomfort. The procedure involves multiple injections in the target area after local anesthesia is applied to reduce any discomfort.
Combining regular exercise and a balanced diet with Body fat dissolving treatments will yield longer-lasting results. Ensuring you stay hydrated will also assist in flushing disrupted fat cells from your system.

Before & After Photos of Bra Fat Dissolving Result

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. The procedures shown on this website are not suitable for everyone and each patient’s results will depend on their individual circumstances. This website does not provide medical advice. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for advice.
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The Five-Stage Approach to The Procedure

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Ask an Expert,
Dr. Vi Sharma

Medical Director | Gen.Reg- MED0001665706

Comprehensive Consultation

In this initial stage, we begin with a detailed, face-to-face consultation to understand your needs and expectations clearly. We discuss the procedure, potential outcomes, and any potential risks or complications associated with the treatment procedure.
Utilizing industry-standard equipment, we carry out a thorough scan of the bra area. This process is non-invasive and helps us assess the fat distribution in the specific area accurately. The data obtained from this scan aids significantly in customizing your treatment plan most effectively.
Using data from your consultation and scanning process, we tailor a treatment plan designed specifically for you. This plan includes details about the number of treatments required, scheduling of appointments based on your convenience, and pre- and post-treatment care instructions.
Through variousminimal risktechniques including injection lipolysis, ultrasonic cavitation or radiofrequency therapy according to what works best for you, we apply controlled damage to fat cells in the target areas. These procedures are gentle on your body causing minimal discomfort.
Once your session is complete, our professional guides will provide aftercare advice including possible side effects (like mild swelling or redness) and how to manage them. It also includes guidance pertaining to diet and physical activity during recovery phase which would complement the efficacy of our treatment.
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Introduction To Bra Fat Dissolving

In the intriguing world of modern aesthetic procedures where the focus is on enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence. Amongst the array of treatments, let me introduce you to a Focused on procedure that focuses on an often-overlooked area – our underarm or ‘bra fat’. Yes, that stubborn area that often doesn’t respond to diet and exercise is no longer untreatable, thanks to advancements in cosmetic medicine.

What is Bra Fat Dissolving?

Bra fat dissolving is a ground-breaking non-surgical procedure designed for those who experience persistent deposits of extra fat in specific surrounding areas of the chest wall—primarily around the bra strap region. This excess adipose tissue can make us self-conscious about our body image and restrict us from wearing certain styles of clothing comfortably.

The Purpose Of The Procedure

The purpose of this innovative treatment is to help individuals effectively eliminate unwanted flab around the bra area. Besides improving your body contour, it instills confidence by allowing you to embrace whatever style best suits you – without having to worry about any irritating bulges.

A Blast From The Past: Brief History And Advancements

The concept of dissolving body fat dates back as early as 1910 when scientists first noted that certain substances could break down adipose tissue. However, it wasn’t until the advent of injectable lipolysis treatments in Europe during the early 2000s when targeted fat dissolving became a popular aesthetic treatment.
Over a century later, we now leverage refined procedures like bra fat dissolving therapy which serve as numerous implications for not only aesthetics but focus on minimizing patient risk and comfort too.

Modern Advancements

  • Non-Surgical: Unlike traditional liposuction which involves surgery and longer recovery periods, this procedure is performed using injections, making it a non-surgical and minimally invasive option.
  • Better Precision: Owing to advancements in technique and materials used, contemporary fat dissolving treatments offer enhanced precision, enabling targeted therapy for smaller problematic areas like bra fat.
  • Patient Comfort: The procedure itself is fairly comfortable with minimal down time allowing patients to resume their daily activities shortly afterwards.

Bra fat dissolving treatment caters to the modern age demand for non-invasive, aesthetically pleasing results while being functional in its approach to body contouring. It is indeed a significant stride forward in the world of cosmetic medicine.


Ideal Candidates for Bra Fat Dissolving

Our ideal candidates for a bra fat dissolving procedure can differ greatly as every individual’s anatomy and health profile is unique. However, there are some common criteria which increase the probability of a successful outcome.


Mature adults from the age of 18 years and over are typically viewed as suitable candidates for this procedure. It is essential that the individual’s body has finished developing, to ensure consistent and long-lasting results.

Health Conditions

A good general health is crucial so that your body will be able to tolerate and recovering from the procedure. Individuals with severe health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes may not be ideal candidates for fat dissolving procedures due to possible complications. Consultation with your doctor is necessary prior to undergoing any elective procedures.

Specific Conditions

Bra fat, which typically resides in between the armpit and chest, should be excess enough that it can be easily pinched or gripped. The technique works best on moderate amounts of soft, malleable body fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Prerequisites & Disqualifiers

  • Pregnancy or Nursing: Women who are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant soon or breastfeeding should not undergo this treatment due to potential risks to baby’s development.
  • Lipoedema: Lipoedema or other lymphatic diseases may disqualify someone from this treatment as it involves the use of injectables which could potentially exacerbate these conditions.
  • Allergies: Those allergic to one or more components used in the injection solution may also be disqualified from this procedure. Prior medical history and allergy tests may be needed to ensure safety.

Example Scenarios

If you’re someone who has moderate amounts of persistent fat in the bra line area, despite maintaining a stable weight and adhering to a regular exercise routine, then you may be an ideal candidate. However, individuals seeking for large amounts of weight loss or who have saggy skin due to dramatic weight loss or pregnancy may not be considered suitable as this procedure is not designed to address these issues.


Understanding the Costs Associated with Bra Fat Dissolving Treatments

Cosmetic Treatment Cost Comparison with Other Clinics In Melbourne

Cost Considerations for Bra Fat Dissolving

The cost of bra fat dissolving varies considerably depending on several important factors. Although it is hard to give an exact estimate without understanding the specific needs of a patient, some general considerations can give you a sense of potential expenses.

Range of Expenses

On average, patients may expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $1500 per treatment session for bra fat dissolving. Please note that the total cost will likely increase with the number of treatment sessions needed.

Influencing Factors

  • Geographic Location: The cost can significantly differ based on where you are getting the procedure done. Typically, regions with a higher cost of living have higher procedural costs too.
  • Doctor’s Expertise: A doctor’s experience and reputation can also impact the overall price. Established cosmetic doctors might charge more due to their proven track record and expertise.
  • Additional Services: Extra services like anesthesia, facility fees, or follow-up appointments might be charged separately and thus add up to the final bill.

Average Cost Ranges

Based on industry data and surveys, the average cost range for bra fat dissolving is typically between $2000 and $4000 in total. This includes multiple treatment sessions which are usually required for achieving optimum results. These numbers are estimates and individual prices may vary considerably depending on each patient’s personalised treatment plan.

Note that most insurers consider cosmetic procedures like bra fat dissolving as elective cosmetic treatments not necessary for medical purposes. Therefore, they are not typically covered by health insurance policies.

The actual cost of bra fat dissolving can significantly vary based on the factors mentioned above and the complexity of each patient’s individual case. Therefore, to get a precise understanding of expected costs, it is always recommended to consult with a cosmetic doctor.


Bra Fat Dissolving Treatment Consultation Guide

Before scheduling a bra fat dissolving treatment, it is critical to consult with a qualified healthcare provider or professional. Meeting a professional not only helps identify whether this treatment is suitable for you but also provides crucial details about your health condition.

What to Expect During Consultation

Consultation typically involves:

  • Assessments: Your healthcare provider will conduct physical examinations and health evaluations to determine your suitability for the treatment.
  • Discussion: You’ll discuss your treatment goals, potential risks, and benefits. Your healthcare provider will provide detailed information on the process and what it entails.
  • Asking Questions: This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions or express concerns about the procedure. Open communication can help alleviate any anxiety or fear associated with the procedure.

Emphasizing Open Communication

The role of open communication during consultation cannot be understated. It’s an avenue to ensure that you and your healthcare provider are on the same page regarding your expectations and potential outcomes from the bra fat dissolving procedure.
During this time, ensure to speak openly about any concerns, preferences, or apprehensions you may have. The more precise you are in communicating your needs, the easier it becomes for your healthcare provider to guide and assist you effectively.

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Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask During Your Bra Fat Dissolving Consultation

When considering bra fat dissolving treatments, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. Here is a list of specific questions you should ask during your consultation:

Potential Risks and Benefits

  • What are the potential risks associated with bra fat dissolving treatment?
  • What possible side effects can I expect post-treatment?
  • What benefits can I expect from this treatment?

Alternative Treatments and Expected Outcomes

  • Are there any alternative procedures that could achieve similar results?
  • What kind of results can I realistically expect from this treatment?
  • How long will it take to see the final result and how long is the recovery process?

Taking Notes and Keeping Records

Taking notes during your consultation can be an effective way to remember important details about your treatment. Consider utilizing these tips:

  • Come Prepared: Bring a notebook or use a note-taking app on your smartphone.
  • Note Down Details: Write down key points discussed during the consultation like potential risks, benefits, alternatives, recovery process etc.
  • Jot Down Follow-up Questions: If anything merits further explanation or discussion, note it down for your next appointment.

A well-structured record of these consultations would serve as a great reference throughout your treatment journey. This includes keeping track of all paperwork provided by your healthcare provider regarding pre and post procedures.

Risks and Safety

Risks and Ensuring Safety for Bra Fat Dissolving

Potential Risks and Complications

As a cosmetic doctor, it’s crucial to ensure you understand that every medical procedure comes with its potential risks and complications. This is also true for the bra fat dissolving treatment. So, it is essential to be aware of the following possible risks:

  • Adverse reactions: Some people may react negatively to the fat dissolving injections.This might include allergies or other types of adverse responses.
  • Infection: Whenever a puncture to your skin occurs (as in an injection), there always exists a risk of infection if proper hygiene standards aren’t maintained.
  • Bruising and swelling: After the treatment, patients might experience some degree of bruising or swelling at the injected site.
  • Numbness or skin changes: There might be temporary numbness or changes in skin color around the treated area.

Safety Measures in Place

The safety of our patients is our top priority. Here are some measures we take to minimise risks related to this procedure:

  1. Screening: We conduct rigorous health screenings ahead of the procedure to identify any potential health issues that might predispose you to more substantial risks.
  2. Clean environment: We ensure that all procedures are done in an extremely clean environment while using sterilized equipment.
  3. Creditable products: We only use fat-dissolving injections licensed from reputable sources.
  4. Follow-up care: We provide detailed aftercare instructions and follow-up appointments to address any side effects early on.

The Role of Informed Consent

As a patient, your consent is paramount to receiving any form of medical treatment. The informed consent process is designed to help you understand the nature of the bra fat dissolving treatment, its potential benefits, and risks involved. This way, you can make educated decisions about your health care.

Informed consent involves explaining the procedure to you, answering your questions, clarifying concerns, and providing any other necessary information to help you make an informed decision. This also involves acknowledging and signing a written document detailing all these aspects.


Preparing for Your Bra Fat Dissolving Procedure: Lifestyle Adjustments, Dietary Guidelines, and Medication Moderation

The success of a bra fat dissolving procedure largely depends on the preparatory steps taken by the patient. This guide will provide some key tips for those considering this procedure.

Prior Lifestyle Adjustments

Before undergoing the procedure, individuals should aim to lead a healthy lifestyle. Consistency in maintaining a healthy weight will enhance the results and keep post-procedure fat accumulation at bay.

  • Maintain a Balanced Diet: Consuming a diet low in fats and sugars and rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins is essential. This promotes overall health and facilitates quicker recovery.
  • Exercise Regularly: Engaging in physical activity is crucial to reduce body fat levels and firm up muscles.
  • Limit Alcohol Intake: Excessive alcohol consumption might contribute to weight gain, negating the impact of your treatment. Moderate drinking or abstinence is recommended.

Dietary Restrictions

No specific dietary restrictions are required in preparation for this treatment; however, maintaining a balanced diet is highly recommended.
Avoid overindulging in foods high in sugar or fat as it may lead to additional weight gain.

Moderation of Certain Medications

Certain medications might increase the risk of bruising during your treatment. Such medications include aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), vitamin E capsules, certain herbal supplements such as ginkgo biloba and St John’s Wort.
If you regularly take these types of medication, it is imperative to discuss this with your doctor to decide on necessary adjustments prior to your treatment.

Importance of Following Pre-Operative Instructions

It cannot be overstated the importance of adhering strictly to your healthcare provider’s pre-operative instructions. The instructions will detail what you need to do in the days leading up to your treatment, such as avoiding certain medications, changing diet habits, maintaining hydration levels, and scheduling downtime for recovery after the procedure. Please ensure you understand these instructions and don’t hesitate to ask your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.


Overview of Bra Fat Dissolving Procedure Steps

The Bra Fat Dissolving treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to reduce localized fat areas, typically located on the back and under the arms, also known as “Bra Fat”. It’s crucial to understand that this treatment does not substitute balanced eating habits and regular exercise, but helps in getting rid of stubborn fat pockets. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the procedure.

1. Before The Procedure

  • Consultation- Your doctor will assess your overall health, discuss your aesthetic goals, possible risks, benefits, and outline your treatment plan. Expectations are set realistically during this stage.
  • Preparation- Patients are advised against consuming alcohol or smoking several days before their treatment. They must also refrain from taking certain medications and supplements as these can increase bruising and bleeding risks during the procedure.

2. During The Procedure

  • Anesthesia- To make you more comfortable during the procedure, your doctor will administer local anesthesia in the specified area for numbing.
  • Injections- A series of tiny injections containing a fat-dissolving solution are introduced into the areas with excessive fat deposits focusing on decreasing their size.


This procedure lasts approximately between 20-30 minutes depending entirely on the size of the treated area.

3. After The Procedure

  • Cooling- A cooling gel pack is applied to soothe the area post-treatment. This reduces swelling and discomfort.
  • Recovery- There is minimal downtime with this procedure and you can typically return to your daily activities immediately. Some patients may experience slight redness or swelling but these usually subside within a few days.
  • Results- Optimal results can only be seen after a series of treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The stubborn fat cells gradually decompose and are naturally eliminated by the body over this period.


The outcome of the Bra Fat Dissolving treatment varies from person to person, depending on various factors such as the patient’s overall health condition, skin elasticity, lifestyle choices, etc.


Bra Fat Dissolving Treatment: Recovery & Aftercare

The recovery period after a Bra Fat Dissolving treatment varies from individual to individual, depending on their body’s natural healing process. However, most patients can expect to see noticeable results within 2-4 weeks after the session.

Post-Operative Care Instructions

  • Avoid vigorous physical activity: To allow your body ample time to recover, it’s crucial to refrain from any strenuous exercises for at least one week following the treatment.
  • Hydrate: Keeping yourself well-hydrated assists in the fat dissolving process and aids recovery.

Pain Management and Physical Restrictions

This procedure is minimally invasive, meaning you will experience little to minimally painful during recovery. However, mild discomfort or bruising might be experienced at the injection site. Over-the-counter pain relievers are typically sufficient for managing any discomfort you may have.

Follow-Up Appointments

You will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment about two weeks post-treatment. This allows your medical provider to assess your progress and ensure that everything is healing adequately.

Possible Side Effects or Complications

While this treatment iscommonly recognized for its minimal risk factors with few side effects, some potential risks could occur such as:

  • Redness or swelling at the injection site

  • Slight irregularities in skin contour due to uneven fat dissolution

  • A loner than average recovery period due to individual metabolic rates
  • .
    These are rare but possible outcomes of your treatment. If you notice any severe side effects or complications during your recovery period, it’s essential to contact your healthcare provider immediately.


Anticipated Results of Bra Fat Dissolving Procedure

Expected Outcomes of the Procedure

The primary aim of Bra Fat Dissolving is to reduce the appearance of excess fat around the bra area, resulting in a smoother and tighter skin look. In the short term, immediately after your procedure, you may notice a mild reduction in fat pockets and some improvement in skin elasticity.

As for long-term results, it is important to remember that each patient’s body responds differently to treatment. Generally speaking though, most patients see significant changes in their profile within two to three months post-treatment. The body continues to naturally process and remove the disrupted fat cells for up to six months after each session.

Timeline for Visible Results

The results from Bra Fat Dissolving treatments are not immediate but are instead gradual as your body metabolizes the treated fat cells. On average, patients usually notice visible improvement 8-10 weeks after their initial treatment session. For optimal results, multiple sessions might be needed depending on your individual goals and the amount of bra fat present.

Maintenance & Aftercare

The maintenance of your Bra Fat Dissolving results largely depends on maintaining a stable weight. While the treatment destroys fat cells permanently those remaining can still enlarge with weight gain. Using a combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet will generally maintain your slimmed-down profile.

You should also follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by your doctor. This often includes avoiding strenuous activity for a few days post-treatment and regularly massaging the treated area to further facilitate fat cell breakdown.


People Also Ask

What is bra fat dissolving treatment?

Bra fat dissolving treatment is a non-surgical procedure which helps in reducing the stubborn fat that bulges out between your bra and your arm, commonly known as ‘bra fat’. This treatment uses injection lipolysis or a fat melting substance to ultimately dissolve the unwanted fat.

The procedure involves injecting a substance that breaks down the fatty cells in the target area. Once these cells have been destroyed, they are metabolically processed by the body and eliminated naturally via the lymphatic system.

No, usually this process is minimized discomfort. There may be slight discomfort during the injection however numbing creams can be applied to minimise any potential pain.

Each session normally lasts between 30 to 45 minutes depending on individual circumstances including the targeted area size and fat volume.

This will depend on each individual’s requirements and results after each session. Typically, patients generally require 3-4 treatments spaced several weeks apart for optimal results.

There may be minimal swelling or bruises in the treated area immediately following treatment, but this will fade within a few days allowing you to resume your daily activities normally.

We strongly advise avoiding strenuous exercise for at least 48 hours post-treatment to help your body recover efficiently.
The affected area should also be massaged regularly following the procedure to aid proper lymphatic drainage.

Noticeable results can be seen within 3-4 weeks following your first treatment. This will gradually improve as you continue with subsequent sessions.

The fat cells that have been dissolved and eliminated naturally by your body cannot return. However, we strongly advise maintaining healthy diet and exercise habits to deter the possibility of other existing fat cells increasing in size.

Absolutely, bra fat dissolving treatments are commonly accepted as having minimal risk when conducted by certified and experienced doctors or practitioners.
We always recommend discussing any concerns or medical conditions that might affect your treatment in your initial consultation.

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