What is profhilo?

Profhilo is a HA (HA) injection developed as a bio-remodelling tissue stimulator. This injectable treatment is specially formulated for people who need skin elasticity and volume. The slow release of HA into the skin stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. Thus, improving the hydration and tone of the skin, as well as minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Profhilo procedure is a non-surgical technique that is normally applied to the face, neck, breasts, hands and other parts of the body that requires volume and suppleness. The goal of this treatment is to remodel, revitalize and rejuvenate skin aging.

The discovery and first documentation of Profhilo were made in Italy. This cosmetic innovation quickly gained popularity in the United Kingdom in 2015. Since then Profhilo and gained recognition and reputation around the globe.

As people age, the elasticity and volume of their skin diminish. Profhilo skin injections are essentially used to replace and renew the HA that aging bodies tend to lose. Thus, this procedure is highly regarded as a beneficial skin laxity enhancing option. The result of this technique is improved skin tone and texture that lasts for up to six months.

The Profhilo Treatment

Aging is inevitable and as you age, your body produces lesser collagen and elastin. Thus, you may find your skin to be losing shape, firmness, and elasticity. This now results in fine lines, wrinkles, and apparent creases.

Profhilo treatments help reduce the aging process of the skin. It aims to stimulate the renewal, reproduction, and replenishment of new collagen and elastin in your skin. It slowly releases HA that is responsible for providing nutrition and hydration to the skin.

Comparatively, Profhilo encourages the skin to produce collagen and elastin, while other treatments tend to just “mask the imperfections” of the skin. This concept makes the Profhilo treatment the best way to slow down the process of skin aging.

What happens before, during, and after the Profhilo treatment?

The following are what you will expect with the entire Profhilo procedure:

Pre-Profhilo Treatment

Before your scheduled Profhilo skin treatment, there are some things that you need to refrain from having. You will be advised to avoid indulging in alcoholic drinks at least 24 hours before the treatment. You should also avoid taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medicines except when you are under medication because of a chronic medical condition. In which case, any medical issues that require extensive medication must be disclosed to your cosmetic doctor.

Minutes before the procedure, you will be provided a numbing cream to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. Thus, unnecessary taking painkillers before the procedure may result in an adverse reaction which may sometimes lead to an increased risk of temporary bruising. During the consultation, your cosmetic doctor will provide a list of pre-treatment do’s and don’ts to ensure a successful and safe Profhilo procedure.

The Profhilo Procedure

After the application of the numbing cream, the first session will begin shortly. Your doctor will mark five injection points where collagen and elastin stimulation is necessary. This is called bio aesthetic points or BAP using a computed tomography scanning technology. This method is specifically designed to determine the best treatment points that can help the Profhilo serum to spread through your facial tissues. The injection points are clearly mapped out to ensure that major veins, nerves, and arteries are safe.

The first 2ml Profhilo will be administered on the injection points on one side of the face. The second 2ml Profhilo will be administered on injection points on the other side of the face. The same steps apply when you opting for Profhilo treatment to the other parts of your body like your arms, chest, neck, or your hands. 

Profhilo is administered just below the skin layer. The injection points are skin areas where hydration is quickly dispersed and spread throughout the skin. 

Recovery Phase

Profhilo is a non-invasive treatment, hence, no downtime may be expected. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid applying cosmetics or serums that may lead to oily skin. Also, avoid oily food or foods that increase the excretion of oil, sweat, and allergies. You should also avoid activities that will excessively stimulate your sweat glands.

Minimal swelling and bruising can be expected as this is a natural bodily response to needles and injections. Allow your body a few days to experience this natural reaction. In this light, you will be required to avoid the harsh effects of direct sunlight to prevent the risks of inducing more bruising, swelling, and redness.

In as much as external factors may affect your recovery process, make sure to prevent yourself from frequently touching the affected area, especially the injection points. It is highly recommended to strictly adhere to these recovery pointers to ensure the effectiveness of the Profhilo treatment.

The administration of Profhilo on your face is safe and effective, hence, you may still opt for other facial cosmetic treatments alongside your Profhilo treatment. However, it is best to proceed with another cosmetic treatment at least two days after the completed Proghilo treatment. This is to ensure optimum effectiveness and functionality of both or all the treatments you will be receiving.

How long is one treatment session?

Profhilo treatment is characterized as a fast, safe, and effective procedure. It only takes around 30 minutes to complete one session. From the application of the numbing cream to the marking of the five injection points, and to the administration of the Profhilo concentrate, all these take just half an hour. Indeed, this cosmetic treatment is one of the quickest beauty procedures that yield prompt and reliable results.

How many treatments are necessary?

Typically, to acheive optimum results, it is recommended to have two sessions of Profhilo skin treatment. Each session is worth 4ml with at least a four-week interval between the two sessions. However, the number of treatment sessions depends on the skin type and the extent of skin aging of the patient. More matured skin may require more sessions to help reverse the stubborn signs and symptoms of skin aging and other skin problems.

In this case, cosmetic doctors may recommend doubling or increasing the dosage to 8ml of Profhilo serum to acheive the desired elasticity and volume of the skin. Your doctor will discuss this treatment plan in detail with you to help you understand the benefits of the procedure. The Profhilo procedure aims to reduce skin aging which can only be achieved with the right dosage and administration of the treatment.

Profhilo vs. Dermal Fillers

Profhilo treatment and dermal fillers are both injectables but they differ in some aspects. Profhilo is a diffusible HA gel that works coherently with the human body. The human metabolism helps ingest the HA that stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin in the skin.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are a popular treatment that uses a gel-like substance to boost specific facial features. It adds volume to facial parts such as the chin, cheek, and lips for an enhanced feature. In essence, dermal fillers provide facial alterations to acheive the look that you desire.

Both Profhilo and dermal fillers are remodelling agents but Profhilo is more subtle and soluble, whereas dermal fillers are thick. Profhilo disperses throughout your skin tissue after injection, while dermal fillers do not.

Profhilo treatment is innovation at its finest. It is perfect for anyone over 30 years old who aims to rejuvenate dull and tired skin. It is also a good treatment to help increase firmness and elasticity while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Lastly, Profhilo provides natural-looking, softer, healthier, and younger-looking skin.

Whether you opt for a Profhilo treatment or a dermal filler procedure, SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors ensures a Cosmetic Doctor Difference experience. All our cosmetic procedures are administered by experienced cosmetic doctors to ensure safe, precise, and effective results

We believe that each client has exceptional and distinct skincare needs that entail individually tailored consultations, unique treatment plans, and Personalised aftercare skin regimens to maintain and acheive the skin aging reversal that they deserve. We are here to help you choose the right skin-enhancing option to acheive that smooth, glowing, and young-looking skin.

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