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Thread Vein Removal
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Thread Vein Removal Treatment in Melbourne

At Skin Club, we strive to help you in maintaining optimum skin wellness. Being a trusted name in Melbourne, we offer comprehensive thread vein removal services. With our proficient team of doctors and state-of-the-art technology, we aim to ensure a comfortable experience for you while dealing with the visible thread veins. Our doctors stay vigilant about your safety and health during the procedures and beyond. Uplift your confidence with Skin Club’s effective vein removal services.
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Dr. Vi Sharma

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Technological Advancements in Thread Vein Removal

Constant breakthroughs in cosmetic medical technology allow thread vein removal procedures to be increasingly effective and efficient, involving the direct application of advanced equipment without the need for any invasive methods.
Thread veins, also referred to as spider veins, emerge in different forms and appearances. Understanding their type is pivotal for doctors to effectively plan and perform a tailored treatment procedure that will meet the specific needs of individual patients.
Even though thread vein removal is fundamentally a long-term solution, potential recurrence might happen due to various reasons such as genetics or health-related issues.
Discomfort levels during a thread vein removal procedure vary between individuals and are dependent on the patient’s pain threshold, as well as the nature of the method employed.
The duration and number of required sessions for a thread vein removal procedure mainly depend on factors like the size, number, and location of the targeted veins. Treatment regimes range widely from patient to patient based on these considerations.

Before & After Photos of Thread Vein Removal Result

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. The procedures shown on this website are not suitable for everyone and each patient’s results will depend on their individual circumstances. This website does not provide medical advice. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for advice.
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The Five-Stage Approach to The Procedure

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Ask an Expert,
Dr. Vi Sharma

Medical Director | Gen.Reg- MED0001665706

Initial Consultation

This initial step involves a detailed discussion with the patient regarding their medical history and the current condition of the thread veins. Skin typing and assessment of the intensity of venospasm are also performed during this phase. This session enables us to propose a Personalised plan for each individual, considering their specific needs.
In the preparation phase, we share necessary precautions and measures that need to be taken before undergoing thread vein removal. This could include avoiding certain medications or practising systematic skincare regimes for a few days prior to the procedure.
To ensure patient comfort throughout the procedure, local anesthesia is administered in minimal, controlled amounts on targeted areas where thread vein removal is required. The objective is to create a numb effect on those areas for Minimally painful treatment.
The actual process of removing or reducing vein visibility takes place in this stage using advanced medical equipment and procedures. The technology operates by producing heat which gets absorbed by the blood vessels causing them to collapse, shrink, and ultimately disappear over several weeks.
An integral part of any medical procedure is aftercare which includes advising on topical creams application, cold compress usage, avoidance from sun exposure etc., depending on every individual case. Guidance is provided both verbally and in written form to ensure that post-procedure care is meticulously followed for optimal results. Remember that every individual’s body responds differently towards treatment and so results may vary from person to person.
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Introduction To Thread Vein Removal

There are various reasons why both men and women consider the option of thread vein removal. This medical procedure effectively addresses cosmetic concerns related to visible vascular patterns often causing discomfort, self-consciousness, and even impacting day-to-day activities for some individuals.

The Purpose of Thread Vein Removal

Thread vein removal is a safe, clinically tested procedure designed to minimise or entirely erase the visibility of thread veins. These superficial veins often vividly noticeable on the skin’s surface, are prominent on the face and legs. While they may not cause pain or serious medical problems, they are an aesthetic concern for many individuals who wish for smoother, healthier-looking skin without distraction.

A Look Back at the Historical Context and Recent Advancement

The quest for effective thread vein removal has been an ongoing effort in the cosmetic industry for many decades. In the early days, more invasive techniques were used that deliver unsatisfactory results and recovery times were lengthy. Despite this, advancement in technology has spurred development in this field of cosmetic science.

In recent years, there have been significant developments in both laser and concentrated light therapies used for thread vein removal. With advancements such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment and various types of laser technologies, thread vein removal is becoming more efficient than ever before. The gains derived from these advancements not only include increased effectiveness but also less pain during treatment and a shorter recovery period post-procedure.

  • Laser Technologies: This includes Nd:YAG lasers that focus high-intensity light beams on vein affected areas inducing coagulation leading to eventual fade out of spider veins over time.
  • IPL Treatment: IPL treatment delivers pulses of light that cause blood within the vein to collapse and seal shut. The process causes minimal damage to surrounding tissues and is typically Minimally painful.

Ideal Candidates for Thread Vein Removal

Candidates best suited for Thread Vein Removal are often individuals who are generally healthy. This procedure can be suitable for those of various age groups but is most common among older adults due to natural aging processes that lead to visible veins. Here, we describe the key aspects that determine whether person is a good candidate or not.


While there’s no specific age limit for undergoing a Thread Vein Removal procedure, it’s most often performed on individuals over 30 years-of-age. In many cases, thread veins become more pronounced with age.


General Health: Similar to most cosmetic procedures, patients should be in good overall health. Any major health issues may affect the outcome and recovery from the surgery.

Pregnant Women: Pregnancy can affect the condition of your veins, so it’s advised to wait until after delivery before considering this treatment.

Specific Conditions

In some particular cases where the person has certain medical conditions, this procedure might not be appropriate. These include patients with blood clotting disorders or those currently undergoing anticoagulant therapy (blood thinners).

Prerequisites and Disqualifiers

The professional cosmetic doctor would perform a thorough assessment of potential candidates before proceeding with the treatment. Let’s take a look at some prerequisites and factors that could potentially disqualify someone for this treatment.


  • A thorough medical check-up is essential before any treatment to ensure no underlying health conditions will interfere with the procedure and recovery.
  • Candidates should have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with thread vein removal.


  • Individuals with blood clotting disorders, those on blood thinners or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding may be disqualified.
  • If the veins are too large, alternatives treatments could be more effective.

Examples and Scenarios

To help you assess your suitability for thread vein removal, consider the following scenarios:

1. Scenario: You’re in your early 50s and have noticed small, dilated veins appearing on your cheeks. Despite having tried different types of creams and skincare products, they’ve not only persisted but seemed to enlarge. In this case, you may be a good candidate for thread vein removal.

2. Scenario: You’re a young mother who noticed varicose veins during pregnancy. They’ve not disappeared after childbirth and make you feel self-conscious about your legs’ aesthetics. However, as you’re still breastfeeding your child, it would be best to postpone any vein treatment at this stage.


Understanding the Costs of Thread Vein Removal Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment Cost Comparison with Other Clinics In Melbourne

Cost of Thread Vein Removal

The cost of thread vein removal can vary significantly based on a number of factors. This is an important consideration when planning for the procedure and should be discussed in detail with your cosmetic doctor.

Factors Influencing Cost

  • Geographic Location: The cost of living and health care expenses in different regions can greatly influence the cost of thread vein removal.
  • Doctor’s Expertise: Experienced doctors or doctors who are highly Focused on in the field may charge more for their services.
  • Additional Services: Costs associated with anesthesia, hospital stay, medicine, and aftercare services are generally not included in the basic procedure’s cost. These could potentially increase the overall cost.

Average Cost And Price Estimates

The average cost of thread vein removal treatment varies from region to region and clinic to clinic. However, as a general range, you can expect to pay between $200 to $400 per session. This does not include any additional fees such as those for anesthesia or post-procedure care. Please note that these figures are estimates only, and your actual costs may be higher or lower depending on your individual circumstances.

To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific situation, it is recommended you consult with several cosmetic doctors or clinics that offer this procedure. Ask them for a comprehensive quote that includes all service fees to avoid any surprise charges later.


Thread Vein Removal Consultation - Importance, and Expectations

Thread vein removal is a delicate procedure that requires notable expertise. Scheduling a consultation with a qualified healthcare provider or professional is a crucial step for anyone considering this procedure. The consultation allows you to gain professional insights on the best approach to treat your thread veins and the potential outcome of the procedure. A tailored treatment plan can be formulated based on individual needs during the consultation.

Expectation During Consultation

A good understanding of what to expect during a consultation can help mitigate any anxiety or reservations about thread vein removal treatment.

  1. Assessment: Your healthcare provider will examine your veins using advanced diagnostic tools. Factors such as skin type, severity of the veins, and location will be considered to determine if you are an ideal candidate for thread vein removal.
  2. Discussion: The healthcare provider will discuss your medical history and any underlying conditions that may affect the treatment results or cause complications. They will also detail the benefits, potential risks, and what exactly happens during and after the procedure.
  3. Question Session: You should take this opportunity to ask all your queries related to thread vein removal – no question is too small. Whether it concerns aftercare, risks involved, cost or anything else about the procedure, it’s essential that by end of this session you fully understand everything about your proposed procedure.

The Significance of Communication

Open communication with your healthcare provider is extremely important before undergoing any cosmetic procedures like thread vein removal. Being completely transparent about your expectations, fears or concerns can vastly improve the process and final results of treatment.

You should feel comfortable discussing all aspects of thread vein removal with your healthcare provider, from preparation steps to potential complications. This will ensure that you are well-informed, and confident in the decisions about your treatment.

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Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask During Your Thread Vein Removal Consultation

Before undergoing a Thread Vein Removal, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the procedure. Below are some important questions you should consider asking your healthcare provider:

Potential Risks and Benefits

  1. What are the potential risks associated with this treatment and how common are they?
  2. What benefits can I expect from the Thread Vein Removal procedure?
  3. How often have you encountered complications during or after performing this procedure?

Alternative Treatments and Expected Outcomes

  1. Are there alternative treatments I could consider? What are their pros and cons compared to thread vein removal?
  2. What is the success rate of this treatment? What should I expect as an immediate outcome and long-term result from this procedure?
  3. In case of failure or unsuccessful results, what are the next steps or procedures available?

Taking Notes and Keeping Records

Determining your best course of treatment will involve gathering lots of information. Therefore, having a strategy for remembering everything is key.

  • To ensure you remember all discussed details, bring a notepad or digital device to jot down notes during your consultation.
  • Avoid relying on memory alone. Immediately after your appointment, review your notes, and summarize your discussion while it’s still fresh in your mind.
  • Maintain a single document or folder containing all records related to your treatment. It should include consultation notes, medical reports, prescriptions, follow-up appointments information etc.
Risks and Safety

Risks and Prioritizing Safety in Cosmetic Procedures

Potential Risks and Complications

Thread vein removal procedures are generally commonly accepted as having minimal risk. However, like any aesthetic treatment, they are not without potential risks and complications. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Slight bruising or swelling in the treated area, which usually resolves within a few days.
  • Changes in skin color, especially for individuals with darker skin tones.
  • Temporary discomfort, itchiness or redness at the treatment site.
  • Rarely, there may be more serious complications such as allergic reaction to the sclerosing agent used during the procedure, skin ulcers or scarring.

Safety Measures

We prioritize your safety by:

  1. Tailoring the procedure specifically to your needs, taking into account your medical history and other important health factors.
  2. Prioritizing sterilization and cleanliness of our instruments and treatment rooms.
  3. Educating our professionals regularly about updated vein therapy techniques and safety measures in accordance with industry standards.

Informed Consent

Informed consent is a paramount element of any cosmetic procedure. This process involves explaining in detail the potential risks, benefits, alternatives and answering all of your questions to ensure clear understanding.
This allows patients to make an informed decision whether to proceed with thread vein removal.
Your signature on the consent form indicates that you understand the potential risks associated with this treatment.


Key Preparations for Thread Vein Removal: Lifestyle Adjustments, Dietary Considerations, and Pre-Operative Instructions

The preparation process for thread vein removal varies upon the patient’s overall health and the specific type of procedure being performed. However, there are some general recommendations to follow for every type of this treatment:

Lifestyle Adjustments

Prior to undergoing thread vein removal, certain lifestyle adjustments may be required. It is recommended that you:

  • Limit sun exposure: Intense sunlight can make the treated area more sensitive, so avoid excessive sun exposure before your procedure.
  • Moderate exercise: Patients should keep up with moderate physical activity but avoid intense workouts a few days before the procedure.

Dietary Restrictions and Medications

Your healthcare provider will discuss with you if there are any specific dietary restrictions you need to follow or any medications to stop prior to the procedure. Common recommendations often include:

  • Avoiding anti-inflammatory drugs: It’s usually advised to stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs (like aspirin or ibuprofen) a week before surgery, as these can increase bleeding.
  • Not smoking: Patients should stop smoking at least a couple of weeks before surgery as it interferes with blood circulation and healing.
  • Importance of Pre-Operative Instructions

    It is critical that you adhere closely to all the pre-operative instructions provided by your healthcare provider. These guidelines are designed not only to ensure your safety during the procedure but also enhance your comfort and facilitate faster recovery post-procedure. Failing to follow these directions can result in an increased risk of complications during or after surgery. Coordinate with your healthcare team regularly for updates or changes in these instructions.


Procedure Steps for Thread Vein Removal

Thread vein removal is a non-invasive procedure for eliminating visible veins on the skin surface. This treatment is typically used for spider veins or varicose veins appearing on legs, face, and other parts of the body. The process involves a sequence of steps that aim to break down and dissolve these capillaries without any incision.

Before The Procedure

  1. Consultation: This involves discussing your medical history, current medications and overall health with the cosmetic doctor.
  2. Skin Examination: The doctor performs a careful analysis of your skin to identify the specific area that requires treatment.
  3. Treatment Plan: Based on the consultation and examination, a customised treatment plan is designed to meet your individual needs.

During The Procedure

  1. Laser Treatment: A special laser beam is directed on to your skin which then destroys the thread veins without affecting surrounding skin tissue.
  2. Cooling System: A cooling system may be applied if necessary to reduce any discomfort or skin damage.

After The Procedure

  1. Post-Treatment Care:To ease any swelling or discomfort, cold packs are generally applied immediately after the procedure.
  2. Sun Protection:You’re advised to avoid excessive sunlight exposure and always apply sunscreen when going outdoors for at least two weeks after treatment.
  3. Few Sessions Required:The number of required treatment sessions will depend on the severity of the thread veins. Your doctor will discuss this with you.

Duration of The Procedure

The session typically lasts between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the size and number of thread veins that need to be treated.

Risks and Side Effects

Thread vein removal iscommonly recognized for its minimal risk factors. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, potential risks include skin discoloration, bruising, or blistering. These side effects are typically temporary and resolve on their own in a few days to weeks.


Thread Vein Removal Post-Procedure Recovery

After undergoing Thread Vein Removal, the recovery process is typically swift and uncomplicated. You may expect to return to your regular activities immediately after the procedure. However, it’s essential to follow all post-op care instructions precisely to ensure optimal results and a smooth healing process.

Post-Operative Care Instructions

  1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and use at least SPF 30 sunblock if you have to be out in the sun.
  2. Avoid any high-intensity physical activity for a couple of days after the treatment. Walking is fine, but do not rush your recovery with strenuous workouts.
  3. Stay hydrated and maintain a nutritious diet to promote healing.

Pain Management and Physical Restrictions

Most patients experience minimal discomfort during recovery, but you may feel a slight stinging sensation or tightness in the treated area. Over-the-counter pain medication can help manage this. It’s crucial not to scratch or rub the area even if it might itch during healing.
Please consult your doctor before starting any new medication regimen.

Follow-up Appointments

You will need a follow-up appointment after any vein treatment. Typically, this is scheduled about two weeks following the procedure but can vary based on individual cases and response to treatment.

Potential Side Effects or Complications

While Thread Vein Removal iscommonly recognized for its minimal risk factors, like any procedure, it carries a risk of side effects or complications. These may include:

  • Bruising or swelling in the treated area
  • Change in skin color around the treated veins
  • Slight blistering or skin irritation that usually resolves on its own

Remember, if you experience any persistent pain, excessive swelling, or signs of infection such as fever and redness at the treatment site, please contact your doctor immediately.


Results, Timeline, and Post-Procedure Care for Thread Vein Removal

Thread vein removal is a highly effective procedure designed to enhance physical aesthetics of your skin by eliminating unsightly spider veins. In the short-term, you can expect a significant reduction in the visibility of thread veins on your skin. Most patients report an immediate sense of satisfaction and increased confidence following the procedure.

In the long-term, assuming all aftercare instructions are properly followed, these results should be permanent. The treated veins are gradually absorbed by the body, making it unlikely for them to reappear at their initial location.

Timeline for Visible Results

The timeline for visible results varies between individuals and depends on factors such as the size and number of thread veins being treated. Most patients notice significant improvements within two to six weeks following treatment. Complete results, which would include complete disappearance of treated thread veins, are usually observed after about three months.

Maintenance and Aftercare

In order to maintain your results, certain aftercare measures should be taken post-procedure. These typically include:

  • Avoiding intensive physical activity for a couple of days after treatment.
  • Taking care not to expose treated areas to extreme temperatures such as hot saunas or very cold environments.
  • Utilizing sun protection measures if exposed to direct sunlight during the healing period.

Note: While thread vein removal effectively eliminates existing veins, it does not prevent new ones from forming due to factors like age or lifestyle habits. Therefore, additional treatments may be necessary in some cases, based on individual need and doctor’s advice.


People Also Ask

What is Thread Vein Removal?

Thread vein removal is a treatment that involves the elimination of small veins that appear just beneath the skin surface, commonly on the face and legs. These veins, known as thread veins or spider veins, are not usually harmful but they can be cosmetically unsightly.

This treatment works by directing intense light or laser into the veins, causing them to progressively fade and vanish. The lasers selectively target unwanted thread veins while sparing neighboring tissue from damage.

No, it’s not typically painful. We use a local anesthetic to minimise any discomfort. Some patients may feel a slight tingling sensation during the procedure.

The number of required sessions varies depending on the extent and location of your thread veins, but typically, it’s around three to five sessions.

No, you can return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment; however, we do advise avoiding vigorous physical activity for 24 hours following your session.

All treatments have some level of risk involved; comparatively though thread vein removal is considered low risk with occasional incidents of temporary redness or swelling at the treated area.

This procedure can be performed on adults who are in good health and have realistic expectations about their results.

Certainly, maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, avoiding prolonged sitting or standing, and use of sun protection can prevent the occurrence of thread veins.

The treated veins do not reappear; however, the treatment does not prevent new thread veins from forming.

Thread vein removal treatments are highly effective with most patients seeing a significant reduction in the appearance of thread veins after a few sessions.

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