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Neck Lift Treatment in Melbourne

Discover a refreshed, reinvigorated look with the revolutionary Neck Thread Lift at Skin Club in Melbourne. With our team of highly skilled doctors, we bring forward an innovative approach to non-surgical neck rejuvenation. Using high-quality threads, we aim to redefine, reposition and enhance your natural contour. Experience the difference with Skin Club, recognized for professional expertise in cosmetic medicine.
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Dr. Vi Sharma

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Non-Surgical Approach

The Neck Thread Lift is a procedure that applies a non-surgical technique to lift and tighten the skin around the neck area. This relatively new treatment uses dissolvable threads that are inserted under the skin to provide a lifting effect.
Neck Thread Lift therapy provides minimal downtime to patients as compared to traditional surgical procedures. It allows the individual to quickly return back to their everyday activities shortly after the procedure.
Typically, a Neck Thread Lift procedure can be completed within an hour, depending on the individual’s specific needs and requirements for their desired level of lift and tightening.
The results of a Neck Thread Lift can last anywhere from one to two years, depending heavily on factors like age, lifestyle habits and genetic factors that could potentially affect skin laxity.
Different methods are employed during a Neck Thread Lift treatment depending on the specific needs of the individual’s skin condition. Utilizing both uni- and bi-directional threads allows doctors to cater specifically to each patient’s personal desired results for optimal outcomes.

Before & After Photos of Neck Lift Result

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. The procedures shown on this website are not suitable for everyone and each patient’s results will depend on their individual circumstances. This website does not provide medical advice. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for advice.
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The Five-Stage Approach to The Procedure

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Ask an Expert,
Dr. Vi Sharma

Medical Director | Gen.Reg- MED0001665706

Initial Consultation

In this step, a thorough evaluation of the patient’s neckline is performed. This involves an assessment of the muscle strength, skin elasticity, and excess fat that might be present. It is essential to discuss patient expectations to provide them with a realistic purview of what can be achieved through the procedure.
Prior to the neck thread lift procedure, instructions may be given for avoiding certain medications that can increase bleeding or interfere with the lift-thread materials. Guidelines regarding hygiene and diet may also be provided. Patients might also undergo necessary pre-procedure tests or screenings.
The procedure involves using numbing cream or local anaesthesia to ensure patient comfort. Using a specially designed thin needle, medical-grade threads are inserted into the skin which aids in lifting and rejuvenating it from within without any surgical intervention.
Post-procedure care instructions include necessary care for your skin and neck region such as avoiding strenuous physical activities or sudden neck movements for a few days, maintaining proper skincare routine and following up on post-procedure check-ups.
Thread lifts generally start showing effects immediately after treatment with continuous improvement over time as collagen production is stimulated by the inserted threads even when they are absorbed by your body tissue over time. However, periodic maintenance treatments may be advised depending on individual aging factors and lifestyle habits like sun exposure, smoking etc.
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Introduction To Neck Thread Lift

In the transformative world of cosmetic surgery, today we will be discussing the innovative procedure known as the Neck Thread Lift. This treatment is a modern, non-invasive alternative to traditional methods, addressing sagging and wrinkling in the neck region with simplicity and elegance.

Purpose of the Neck Thread Lift Procedure

The Neck Thread Lift procedure is a popular choice for many individuals looking to enhance their appearance without resorting to invasive surgery. One of its main purposes is to combat signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines and sagging skin in the neck area. It works by inserting threads under the skin to lift and support sagging tissue. The treatment also stimulates collagen production – which aids in firming and smoothing the skin surface over time.

A Historical Overview and Advancements

The concept of thread lifting begun was introduced several years ago but has gained popularity due to recent advancements in technology and material enhancements. In its early stages, thread lifting used permanent threads that often led complications over time. However, scientific and technological advancements have introduced absorbable threads which dissolve naturally within the body hence eliminating any potential complications.
The new age neck thread lift is much safer and delivers more natural-looking results than its predecessors.


Ideal Candidates for Neck Thread Lift

The ideal candidate for a Neck Thread Lift procedure can typically be defined by the following conditions:

  • Age: Broadly, the candidates suitable for this procedure are usually between 30-60 years old. However, it is not uncommon for people outside of this age range to also undergo this procedure based on specific individual needs and professional advice.
  • Health: The candidate should ideally be in good health, free from any chronic illnesses. It is crucial that they have no active infections on their skin or neck area.
  • Specific conditions: Individuals with sagging skin and wrinkles around the neck area would be perfect candidates. Those who’d like to reshape their necks non-surgically, with minimal downtime, also consider underdoing this procedure.

Factors Disqualifying Someone from Undergoing a Neck Thread Lift

However, there are certain circumstances and health conditions that might disqualify someone from undergoing a Neck Thread Lift Procedure:

  • Individuals allergic to polydioxanone or biodegradable sutures.
  • Pregnant women or nursing mothers may not be eligible due to potential risks associated with their hormonal state and general health.
  • Candidates with severe cardiac disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes may also be ineligible depending on their condition’s severity and stability.

Examples or Scenarios Illustrating Suitability

If you identify yourself in one of the following scenarios you may indeed be an ideal candidate for a Neck Thread lift:

  1. You are in your mid-40s and have started noticing that your neck is losing its firmness despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You have been considering options but prefer non-surgical procedures with less downtime.
  2. – OR –

  3. You are a healthy individual in your 50s who has already tried anti-aging creams, serums but see no significant improvement in the sagging skin around your neck. Recovery period post surgical procedures concern you and hence you are looking for a non-surgical yet effective way to rejuvenate your neck area.

Financial Aspects and Other Factors Influencing the Cost of a Neck Thread Lift Procedure

Cosmetic Treatment Cost Comparison with Other Clinics In Melbourne

Cost Considerations for a Neck Thread Lift

When considering a neck thread lift, it’s important to understand that various factors can significantly influence the overall cost of the procedure. On average, you may expect to spend between $1,500 to $4,500 on a neck thread lift. However, this range is merely an estimate and the actual cost can vary greatly based on several key factors.

Factors Influencing the Cost

  • Geographic Location: Where you choose to have your procedure can majorly impact the cost. Areas with higher costs of living typically have more expensive medical procedures than areas with lower living costs.
  • Doctor’s Expertise: The level of expertise and reputation of your doctor can also significantly influence the cost. Top-quality doctors with extensive experience generally charge more for their services.
  • Additional Services: Additional services related to your procedure such as anesthesia or aftercare could increase the total cost of your neck thread lift.

Average Cost Estimates

The average cost of a neck thread lift typically ranges from $1,500 to $4,500. It’s crucial to remember that these figures are just estimates and actual expenses may fluctuate based on individual circumstances and nuances related to each specific case.

Please note that health insurances usually don’t cover cosmetic procedures such as neck thread lifts unless they’re performed for medical reasons. Therefore, you’ll likely need to finance these costs out-of-pocket or through a payment plan with your provider.

When considering a neck thread lift it’s essential to conduct comprehensive research into all potential costs involved before making any decisions. Always ask for an all-inclusive price quote up front to avoid any surprises later.


Patient Consultation - Vital Step for clinically validated Neck Thread Lift Process

Consultation with a qualified healthcare provider or professional is crucial before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, including a neck thread lift. This consultation procedure gives you an opportunity to not only understand the process, but also allows the professional to evaluate if you are a right candidate for the treatment. It ensures your safety and helps you make informed decision.

What to Expect During a Consultation

During a neck thread lift consultation, several things take place. These include:

  • Assessments: Your healthcare provider will conduct an overall health assessment. This might include physical examinations and discussion about your medical history in order to ensure that this procedure is suitable for you.
  • Discussion: The healthcare provider will discuss the procedure in detail – what steps are involved, potential risks and benefits, expected results etc.
  • Question and Answer session: This is your chance to ask questions about anything that concerns you regarding the neck thread lift process – costs, recovery time, risks and how to maintain results after the procedure.

The Importance of Open Communication

The success of cosmetic procedures like Neck Thread Lift largely depends on open communication between patient & healthcare provider. Your provider needs to have all relevant information concerning your health in order to provide clinically validated treatment. Likewise, understanding fully what this treatment entails ensures that you have realistic expectations.

Hence, never hesitate discussing any queries or concerns related to the procedure during your consultation. Always remember, your safety should be the primary concern for both you and your healthcare provider when considering a cosmetic procedure like Neck Thread Lift.

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Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask During Your Neck Thread Lift Consultation

During your consultation with your healthcare provider about the Neck Thread Lift procedure, it is important to ask specific questions. This will help you understand what the treatment entails and make informed decisions.

Consultation Questions

The following are some specific questions you should consider asking:

  1. “What does the Neck Thread Lift procedure involve and how is it performed?”
  2. “What are the potential risks and complications associated with this treatment?”
  3. “What are the benefits of having a Neck Thread Lift and how long will they last?”
  4. “Are there any alternative treatments I should consider before deciding on a neck thread lift?”
  5. “What are the expected outcomes of this treatment – both short term and long term?”
  6. “Who will be performing the procedure and what qualifications do they have?”

Taking Notes and Keeping Records

As you consult with your healthcare provider, it’s essential to take careful notes. This will help you better remember what was discussed after you leave the consultation.

  • Write Down Answers: Take detailed notes about all the answers provided by your healthcare provider.
  • Reread Your Notes: After your consultation, read back over your notes to review information while it’s still fresh in mind.
  • Create a Folder or File: Keep these notes, along with any medical reports or related documentation, in a specific folder or digital file for reference later.
Risks and Safety

Risks and Safety Measures Associated with the Neck Thread Lift Procedure

Potential Risks and Complications

The Neck Thread Lift procedure, while considered relatively safe, does come with certain potential risks and complications that a prospective patient should be aware of. These may include:

  • Allergic reactions: Some individuals may react to the materials used in the threads.
  • Infection: As with any procedure that involves breaking the skin, there is the potential risk of infection.
  • Discomfort or pain: Some patients may experience temporary discomfort or pain after the procedure.
  • Skin irregularities: There could be skin dimpling or puckering where the threads have been inserted.
  • The thread might become visible or palpable under the skin
  • Nerve damage: While rare, there’s a chance for nerve damage which could lead to facial weakness or asymmetry.

Safety Measures in Place to minimise Risks

We take several safety measures in order to minimise potential risks. These include:

  • Using sterile techniques throughout to prevent infections.
  • Employing only trained and certified practitioners for conducting the procedure.
  • Patient screening prior to treatment which includes taking detailed medical history and performing physical examinations.
  • Staff training on emergency procedures, should an unexpected event occur during treatment.
  • Pain relief measures such as numbing creams or local anaesthetics are offered before/during treatment depending upon individual patient requirement/tolerance level.

Informed Consent and Acknowledging Potential Risks

Informed consent is a crucial aspect of any medical procedure. This means that we will thoroughly discuss the procedure, including potential risks and complications, with you before the treatment. Your understanding and acceptance of these risks are confirmed through your signature on the consent form. It is your right to be fully informed about the treatment you are undergoing, and your signature is an acknowledgement that you understand and accept these potential risks.


Neck Thread Lift Procedure Preparation Guide

Preparing for a Neck Thread Lift procedure is imperative to ensure maximum results and lower the risk of complications. The steps you should follow include potentially making lifestyle changes, adjusting your diet, modifying certain habits, and perhaps encapsulating specific medications.

Dietary Restrictions

Prior to your procedure, it is important to maintain a healthy diet. Your healthcare provider may advise you to avoid certain foods, particularly those that can thin your blood like alcohol and caffeine. These substances increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure.

Medications To Avoid

Your healthcare provider would also detail which medications need to be temporarily stopped leading up to the procedure. Certain blood-thinning medications or over-the-counter supplements like Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids or aspirin should be avoided as they may intensify bleeding or bruising post-procedure.

Lifestyle Adjustments

  • Avoid smoking: Smoking causes constriction of blood vessels and can delay the healing process. It’s recommended that smokers quit or at least significantly reduce their habit prior to their procedure.
  • Maintain Hygiene: It’s important for the skin around your neck area to be clean and free from any infections leading up to your surgery.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Try staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible closer to surgery day as sunburns could possibly postpone the procedure.

Importance of Following Pre-operative Instructions

Your healthcare provider has designed these instructions with your safety in mind. The instructions should be followed precisely in order for you to experience the best possible results and limit any potential risks from your Neck Thread Lift procedure. Not adhering to these guidelines could lead to complications during or after the procedure, resulting in sub-optimal results or additional recovery time. If you have any questions or concerns about these instructions, be sure to discuss them with your healthcare provider.


Detailed Overview of the Neck Thread Lift Procedure Stages

A neck thread lift is a non-surgical procedure designed to uplift sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin around the neck area. Here are the detailed steps to understand what happens before, during, and after the procedure.

Before the Procedure

  1. Consultation: The first step involves a detailed consultation with your cosmetic doctor. Here, you have to discuss your medical history, expectations and potential outcomes.
  2. Preparation: This includes deep cleansing of the neck area and marking of the entry and exit points for thread placement.

During the Procedure

  1. Anesthesia: A local anesthetic will be applied to minimise any discomfort.
  2. Placing Guiding Needles: Your doctor will insert thin guiding needles through marked points on your skin.
  3. Inserting Threads: The PDO threads are then inserted through these needles underneath your skin.
  4. Lifting and Tightening: Your doctor will gently tighten these threads which helps lifting sagging skin and stimulate collagen production for long-lasting results. The guiding needles are then removed carefully.

After the Procedure

  1. Dressing: After removing any remaining sterilization markers from your skin, dressing will be applied if necessary.
  2. Care Instructions: You’ll receive post-procedure care instructions that you should follow closely for ideal results. You may experience swelling or bruising which typically subsides in a few days with ice packs.

Note: Always remember that every procedure has potential risks and results vary based on individual circumstances, hence do your own due diligence.


Neck Thread Lift Surgery: Recovery, Duration, and Side Effects

The recovery process following a neck thread lift operation is generally quite straightforward, with patients often experiencing a swift return to normal activities. However, the process varies based on an individual’s health and physical condition.

Expected Duration and Post-Operative Care Instructions

Typically, the initial recovery period lasts for approximately 1-2 weeks. During this time, you should follow these steps to ensure a proper recovery:

  • Avoid any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting within the first week after the procedure.
  • Keep the treated area clean and dry. Avoid saunas, hot tubs, and swimming pools for at least 4 weeks.
  • If stitches were used during your treatment, you’ll likely need to return to the doctor’s office within 7 days for stitch removal.

Pain Management, Physical Restrictions, and Follow-up Appointments

Pain following a neck thread lift is usually minimal and can be easily managed with over-the-counter painkillers. However, should pain persist beyond the initial few days post-surgery, please contact your doctor immediately.

You are advised against turning or stretching your neck excessively for at least two weeks post-treatment. Regular check-ups are vital in effectively managing your recovery; typically, these occur one week post-procedure then again after one month. Please ensure you attend all follow-up appointments as they allow your doctor to monitor your healing process properly.

Potential Side Effects or Complications During Recovery

While complications are uncommon with neck thread lifts, it is crucial to be aware of potential post-operative side effects including:

  • Minor side effects such as bruising, swelling, or discomfort in the treated area.
  • In some cases, patients may experience a slight change in their voice or difficulty swallowing. These symptoms should subside within a few days.
  • There is a low risk of infection or complications related to the threads; such instances warrant immediate medical attention.

If you experience significant side effects or symptoms that concern you, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Your recovery and wellbeing are our primary concern; ensuring you follow post-operative guidelines will help to optimize the outcome of your neck thread lift procedure.


Expected Results and Aftercare of the Neck Thread Lift Procedure

The Neck Thread Lift procedure promises a plethora of benefits for our patients. The following outcomes are expected post-procedure:

Short-Term Outcomes

In the immediate aftermath of the procedure, you can expect some mild swelling and bruising. However, once the initial recovery period is over, noticeable results start to appear.

  1. Redefined Jawline: You will notice a tightened and more defined jawline immediately after the swelling subsides.
  2. Skin Lift: A discernible lift of skin in the neck area gives an instant youthful appearance.
  3. Immediate recovery: The majority of our patients report being able to return to their regular activities within one week following their thread lift treatment.

Long-Term Outcomes

The long-term effects of a Neck Thread Lift are just as impressive as the immediate ones.

  • Tighter Skin: As the threads dissolve over time, they stimulate collagen production, leading to tighter and younger-looking skin even months after the procedure.
  • Maintained Elevation: The elevation achieved from lifting slackened skin sustains for a long duration, typically up to two years.
  • Lasting Results: The visible results last typically between one to two years depending on individual factors like age, lifestyle and skin condition.

Treatment Timeline

The schedule below outlines when individuals can expect visible results post-treatment:

  1. Week One: Initial swelling subsides revealing redefined jawline and lifted skin.
  2. Month Three: Collagen production stimulated by the threads begins to show an effect on the neck skin, promoting elasticity and firmness.
  3. Year One to Two: Maximum impact is seen in the clients with results lasting up to a year or two post-procedure before a touch-up is needed.

Maintenance and Aftercare

In order to maintain the remarkable results achieved by a Neck Thread Lift, certain aftercare guidelines need to be followed:

  • Avoid strenuous activity: Avoid heavy exercising and direct sun exposure for at least a week post-procedure.
  • Routinely hydrate your skin: Daily moisturizing will help maintain the skin’s health and extend the results of your procedure.
  • Touch-up Treatments: A follow-up touch-up treatment every once in two years will aid in maintaining the desired results.

People Also Ask

What is a Neck Thread Lift?

A Neck Thread Lift is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that uses bio-absorbable threads to lift and tighten sagging skin in the neck area, giving a rejuvenated appearance.

The treatment involves inserting thin threads into the skin which are then pulled tight, lifting the skin and smoothing out wrinkles. The threads stimulate collagen production over time, resulting in further skin tightening.

Those wishing to lift slightly sagging skin around the neck area without wanting to undergo full cosmetic surgery, typically those aged 35-55, are considered good candidates.

Just like any other treatment, there might be minimal discomfort or swelling after the procedure. These are temporary and tend to settle down within a few days.

The procedure typically takes less than an hour and can be done under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

You’ll likely see immediate results post-treatment due to the lifting effect of the threads.The final results are visible once minor swelling subsides, usually around one week after.

The procedure involves minimal discomfort as it is performed under local anesthesia. Any discomfort that exists should subside within days following the procedure.

A Neck Thread Lift can provide noticeable improvement but <strongCannot provide as dramatic a change as a surgical facelift. It’s an excellent solution for those who need minor adjustment.

Results typically last between 1 and 3 years, depending on your age, skin type, and lifestyle.

This procedure has very little downtime. Most patients return to their normal daily activities immediately after or within a few days of the treatment.

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