Which Celebs Have Had Hair Restoration Procedures Done?

Although it is common for people to accept that people get dental implants, something expected if you have bad teeth, men who decide to get any hair transplant procedure can often cause quite a stir. This is especially true if they are a celebrity constantly in the public eye, and it is worse if they are more popular. Many of the procedures that are done today are pretty astounding. They can transplant hair from the back of your head to the front. If you have not had a lot of hair loss or are having procedures done as you start to notice your hair receding, it is something that very few people will see. However, there are some celebrities where it is pretty obvious that they have had some hair restoration procedure or hair transplant. Several celebrities have had this done, very noticeable procedures, and you will notice them yourself after reading this article.


John Travolta

There had been rumours that John Travolta had either worn a toupee or had some hair transplant procedure done. However, recent photos of posing with a person at a local gym clearly show that he has recently had a hair transplant procedure done. If you think back to when he was in the movie Grease, or even more recently in Pulp Fiction, it is evident that a hair restoration procedure has been done on this man that used to have a full head of hair.


Jon Cryer

This actor has been around for quite some time, perhaps getting his start on Pretty in Pink. Recent photos of the actor in public had shown that his hair was considerably thinning on the top, but more recent images show the same thick head of hair that we have seen for over 30 years.


Jeremy Piven

Another factor that we have seen for a couple of decades is Jeremy Piven, known for movies like Say Anything and PCU, who had a hair transplant procedure done because of how good his hair looks at 50.


Jason Alexander

One of the most apparent cases of an individual that has had significant procedures done to restore a full head of hair is Jason Alexander, an actor best known for his role on Seinfeld, and the change is quite dramatic. He has always been known as the funny bald guy, but now sporting this thick head of hair, it is evident that he is someone that has gone to a hair restoration clinic that has done a fantastic job.


Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner has been around for decades, much like the other actors mentioned, but it is obvious that he has been to a hair transplant clinic in recent years. Even when he was younger, he did not have a thick head of hair, and now it looks fantastic. There are pictures from 2006 that clearly show that this man has grown one of the nicest heads of hair in the movie industry.


Matthew McConaughey

Even though Matthew has never had a bad head of hair, some mugshots were taken back at the turn of the millennia, showing that his hair was receding. However, when you look at him now, there is no evidence that his hair has ever receded, and he seems much thicker. The mug shot may have been taken in lighting that caused this effect because in the movie Contact with Jody Foster, his hair looks just as it does today. However, there is always the possibility that a transplant procedure was done, especially since it seems thicker than 25 years ago.


Billy Bob Thornton

If you have been a fan of Billy Bob Thornton, going back to the Angelina Jolie days, you will remember that Billy Bob never had a thick head of hair and looked like he would lose it all. Recently he was in the hit show Fargo, playing one of his best roles. Lorne Malvo, his character from Fargo, definitely has a great head of hair. Being that Billy Bob is 60 years old now, it seems unlikely that he is suddenly growing hair instead of losing it. Either way, it looks much better than before, correctly moulding his face and allowing him to look much more menacing than before. If you’re interested in combating hair loss, check out our hair loss treatment.


These are just a few male actors who have undergone some hair transplant treatment. There is nothing wrong with doing this, yet the stigmatism associated with people that have these procedures done seems to remain. Very few people care if a woman wears a wig, and toupees are still out of style. However, hair transplants are becoming much more en vogue, especially since it helps people look their best.

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