Frequently people dealing with thinning hair or hair loss reach a stage where they just want it to look like they have more hair than they do. While some people jump to products like spray-on hair or hair thickening fibres, some people look to scalp micro pigmentation as an option. While covering up is a suitable answer for some people, it’s far from the only solution.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a non-surgical approach to giving you the appearance of having either thicker hair or a more well-defined hairline through the use of a process that is similar to getting a tattoo. Ink is applied to the scalp with very fine needles, creating thousands of tiny dots giving the illusion of having move hair. It is sometimes used alongside other forms of hair restoration treatments or used alone to either add the appearance of more hair or produce the look of a shaved head if you are completely bald or close enough you have decided to shave the rest.

Does Scalp Micro Pigmentation Fade?

Yes, over time it will begin to fade just like a tattoo will. Even after initial treatments, some of the pigment may not hold well, and you will likely require two or three treatments to get adequate results. Treatments are typically spaced out at least two weeks apart to allow for things to settle and see what needs further additional attention. Once you have reached a stable desired level of pigmentation, it’s recommended to have it touched up every two to five years to help maintain the appearance of the results.

Does Scalp Micro Pigmentation Damage the Hair Follicles?

No, as the pigment is applied just below the surface of the skin, it will not damage hair follicles. This approach also makes for a quite quick recovery with no downtime associated with this treatment. Hair follicles are quite deep in the scalp compared to the region the pigment is placed closer to the surface to assist in visibility.

Alternatives for Hair Restoration

If you would instead like to try and restore your hair to its former glory or look to improve the state of your hair as well as seeking scalp micro-pigmentation treatments, there are other options to consider. The first is booking a consultation with a clinic that has practitioners experienced with treating hair loss. There are several approaches to dealing with hair loss; the first one can be of significant importance, and that is trying to find the underlying cause for the hair loss. You may find you have a severe medical issue or dietary problem that needs addressing that is causing your hair to thin or fall out. Once you have established the possible cause for your hair loss or at least ruled out as much as possible your practitioner may recommend various medications or treatments such as the modern and rather interesting PRP injections, that have shown significant improvement for a lot of people struggling with hair loss.

What are PRP Injections?

Platelet-rich plasma injections often referred to more casually as the abbreviation PRP injections are a treatment created from a sample of the patients own blood. Using specialised equipment a very small blood sample is taken from the patient that is then processed, resulting in it separating into various layers, one very rich in platelets. The portion of the sample rich in platelets is separated and further prepared for injection, which is then performed using a series of precision injections into the scalp.

Getting Hair Restoration Treatments in Melbourne

In Melbourne, Skin Club provides a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. They are well-versed in helping their patients suffering from excessive hair loss. They offer a personalised approach to all their patients, and this starts from their in-depth consultation that is provided free of obligations. Their experienced Cosmetic Doctors can assess your scalp, the state of your hair, and look into the causes of your hair loss to work towards developing a treatment plan that is targeted specifically towards your needs and type of hair loss. Book a consultation today with what is considered by many people to be the best clinic for hair loss treatments in Melbourne.

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