Blepharoplasty surgery is an eyelid surgery that removes excess skin from your eyelid to create a more youthful appearance. Usually, the more well-known type of treatment is the upper Belpharpplasty which, as the name suggests, focuses on the upper eyelid. This popularity is that people do many things to improve their upper eyelids. Some people want to remove the excess fat to improve your vision or put less strain on your bow. Others meanwhile wish to reduce the amount of excess fat in that area. However, people do not always realize a second version that focuses on the lower eyelids. While not seeming as important, it can still do wonders for your appearance.

What Does This Treatment Do?

Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that removes excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids to create a more youthful look. Before starting with the procedure, doctors will run some tests to see what they can do with you if they can help. After that, they will then present you with some of the possible outcomes and see if you like them before proceeding.

These procedures are performed on the lids and effectively eliminate the bags underneath the eyes. Lower blepharoplasty is a surgical treatment that lifts and repositions the skin of the lower eyelid. It starts by making a small incision around the lower eyelid with excess fat and tissue. An opening like this will allow the doctors to begin working and clearing out the area by removing the excess tissue.

When the skin of the lower eyelid sags, it creates bags and leaves the areas around your eyes looking sunken. The leading cause of this is aging and the volume loss that comes with it. Without the everyday chemicals such as collagen and elastin to keep your skin firm, it will start to wear out. Once they remove everything they can, they will begin adjusting to the area. The procedure will involve folding back and pushing the skin against each other to prevent sagging. The doctor will then cover it up with sutures to hold it in place. Since they remove excess skin, the remaining skin should be tighter.

Who Should Get This Treatment

Although this procedure is open to anyone regardless of age, most doctors prefer older patients, usually those in their late 30s or up. The reason for this is that these people are simply those who need it more. By that point, their skin is starting to show signs of aging but is still early enough that doctors have plenty of options. These patients are still in good health and can deal with the demands of this procedure, something very important for a surgical procedure.

Aside from just age though, they also want patients who understand this treatment and everything that goes with it. Informed consent is important and doctors need to ensure that. This knowing extends just beyond the procedure and what you want. Doctors prefer patients who know what they desire and what they expect from this procedure. Even if they may not be in line with the procedure, the doctors can at least correct these misconceptions.

Reasons for Getting This Treatment

Better Proportions

Upper eyelid surgery is the much more popular treatment for blepharoplasty surgeons Melbourne, but you will benefit from getting both. If you only focus on fixing up one part of your face, the issue is that it can leave it looking out of proportion. If only one part of y, and however looks healthy, there is not much improvement in your appearance. Beauty doesn’t just mean looking healthy; it also means looking proportional. Thankfully the thing that makes these procedures so popular is you can get both instead of relying on one or the other. For you, this can mean creating proportional beauty on your face.

Easy to Pair with Other Procedures

Going back to what we said about proportions, it is not just about how it can help your eyes, but other parts of your body. On more than one occasion, you will find that one treatment isn’t enough. Improving one area can leave the flaws in another area much more prominent. This issue results in patients often wanting to get more procedures to balance out the effects. Lower blepharoplasty Melbourne is so famous¬†that you can work with other treatments. Aside from getting it on your upper eyelids, you can also get it on the upper parts of your face. Some popular pairings with this procedure are getting a nose job or brow life to improve the whole upper part of your face. Other times people can get procedures for your chin to give some symmetry on both the lower and upper parts of your face.

Improves Elasticity and Skin Strenght

When we think of improving skin health, the first and most common treatment that people think of is using dermal fillers. With these fillers, you can encourage the natural production of healthy chemicals in your body. More than just affecting the skin by sagging, this is also a cause for dark circles under your eyes. You need these chemicals to keep your skin from wearing out, and when this happens, it can be a cause of eyebags. While this is a reliable procedure, it is far from the only way to improve skin strength. With this procedure, the treatment can work by removing the excess skin that causes your face to sag so much.

Admittedly this method is more invasive as instead of using chemicals, this has to be physically removed. However, while not exceptionally as clean, the results speak for themselves. Using this procedure on your lower eyelids, many patients report their skin feeling tighter and firmer, which allows them to hold back the tissue and fat underneath better.

A More Vibrant Appearance

One of the biggest things this procedure can do is create a healthier appearance. Many patients come into this clinic experiencing issues like wrinkles, sagging skin, and marionette lines on their cheeks. All of this leaves you looking older and more tired than you are. The sagging is particularly bad as since it is on your lower eyelids, this can drag your skin down and affect the rest of your eyes. By tightening your skin around this area, you can also smooth out the wrinkles and clear the look of your face.

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