So you are suffering from hyperhydrosis. What is this? How do you treat it? Who is qualified enough to help?

Its a condition which is commonly seen in public places. People tend to sweat profusely with hyperhydrosis and it can be a huge source of embarrassment for some people.

Now previously we have been told that sweat is quiet good for the body as it allows the body to cool down in hot and humid situations. So if your body temperature is up, sweat is essential to cool you down. But hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating happens in all situations and is unpredictable. It can be linked to anxiety or it is related to the nervous system being uncalibrated to outside stimulus, which in return causes you to over sweat.

So what works best for it you may be asking? Well its a substance that helps reduce and prevent wrinkles. Its anti wrinkle injections. Yes, you know what the actual name is but unfortunately due to laws we are not allowed to mention the “B” word.

So anti wrinkle injections and why you may ask?

Well first and foremost there are no risks involved and no side effects. These are the two main factors as to why we as cosmetic skin doctors use anti wrinkle injections to control sweat. We are able to target the sweat glands and decrease their sweat production by targeting their nerve supply. With this we can have a dry area and reduce the sweat for the next 6-12 months.

Now there in lies the issue. Its not permanent. Thank god, we say. Why would any one want a permanent change. Especially when sweat can be a very healthy thing for the body. See with anti wrinkle injections we are able to use a higher or top up dose to control the amount of sweat that the body needs in certain areas.

Of course we know that as sufferers of excessive sweating want a fix and most likely a permanent fix that is healthy for the human body. But the evidence could be to the contrary in future studies. Plus we are now noticing that user’s of the Mira dry machine have had complaints of sweating more so in other areas when they get treated for hyperhydrosis. There have been complaints of long term numbing sensations in the areas of excessive sweating. This poses a great problem for using the machine on the hands and other areas where reduce sensation can be very debilitating.
So before getting the Mira Dry treatment, weigh up the advantages of have anti wrinkle injections for excessive sweating. What may seem permanent for now, may not all be good for you in the long run. Remember that anti sweat injections have an almost completely side effect free profile for sweat injections. Also the more you use them in sweaty areas, trains the nerves to act less but doesn’t cause permanent or possible harmful change.

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