What You Should Know About Kybella


Kybella is one of those things many people have heard about, but don’t necessarily know too much about. Those that have it often smile quietly to themselves as people wonder how they finally got rid of that stubborn excess chin fat that had been bothering them for years. If you’ve ever been concerned that you were holding too much fat in your chin that was throwing off your facial dynamics and hurting your aesthetic, Kybella may be a fantastic option for you. Find out why Kybella is becoming the best alternative to chin surgery for many people.

What is Kybella Made from?

Kybella is interesting in its composition; the main active ingredient in a Kybella injection is deoxycholic acid. This is an enzyme that is naturally found in the human body already that helps you break down and process fats that are part of your dietary intake. It is most commonly used for chin treatment to remove a double chin, in some countries it is also used “off label” to treat other small pockets of fat, but in Australia Kybella is used to reduce submental fat (fat under the chin).

How is Kybella Applied?

As Kybella is an injectable treatment, it is applied through a series of small injections. Multiple injections will be administered in the same area to ensure that the area is evenly treated. Each treatment will vary in the amount required depending on the amount of submental fat you are trying to remove. Often two vials per session will be the average for many people, but don’t be surprised if this varies in either direction a little depending on your needs. The number of sessions required will vary as well in the same way, while some people may find the first session gets them results they are happy with, it’s more common to require two or three sittings.

What are the Pros and Cons of Having Kybella?

There’s always a mixture of positives and things that can be potentially less than ideal for any treatment, when it comes to Kybella there’s a lot of positives. Still, it’s always worth taking note of the potential negatives as well. The more you know, the more you can help make a better decision on what treatment options you may consider pursuing, to be fully informed though always ensure you seek the advice of an experienced cosmetic doctor.



  • Chin injections can sculpt and shape the chin resulting in non-surgical facial slimming.
  • Minimal downtime gets you back into your routine fast after your treatments.
  • You don’t have to go under anesthesia which reduces associated risks with having to do that.
  • Permanent results from Kybella can be acheived if you maintain relatively stable body weight.
  • No cutting, stitches, and minimal risk of scarring due to the non-surgical nature of Kybella.



  • You may need a few treatments and there is a waiting time of several weeks between those.
  • Some people may experience more significant swelling, though this is a small percentage.
  • Those with a lot of excess skin may not be well suited to Kybella until that is resolved.
  • Older patients lacking skin elasticity may be left with skin sag after fat removal in the chin.
  • The skin is broken with injections unlike during CoolSculpting with a CoolMini.
  • The Kybella cost can vary depending on how much you require.

Is Kybella Safe to Have?

The FDA has found no long-term side effects associated with using Kybella for double chin removal, which provides a fair assurance that it is considered safe. However, like all treatments, it does have some risks and potential side effects to consider. Common side effects of Kybella can last as long as six weeks, though many will resolve a lot sooner. The side effects of Kybella that are most frequently experienced are swelling (which is to be expected), numbness, and a feeling of warmth. There are some more serious risks which are far less common that include nerve damage, asymmetry, hematoma, and infection.


The best way to minimise the risks involved and get the most from your treatments is to seek them from an exquisitely skilled cosmetic doctor like that at Skin Club in Melbourne, where they provide the best double chin removal Melbourne has to offer.

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