Sweating is healthy, but excessive sweating is not just problematic, but the causes of it can be quite complex. Trying to work out on your own why you are sweating too much can be incredibly difficult and is something that professional assistance with managing is invaluable. Normally people sweat when they are hot, exert themselves, or due to things like being ill and having a fever. However, some people sweat too much and while sweating is perfectly normal excessive sweating is not, this problem is called hyperhidrosis.

Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis

Are you finding your palms or the soles of your feet regularly clammy or feeling damp for no particular reason? Maybe you are finding your shirts drenched after only an hour or two of putting one on; these are some typical signs of someone who may have a problem sweating excessively. Most common areas that hyperhidrosis effects are the hands, feet, face, and underarm. Many people that have issues with sweating start noticing the problem at a young age, often during their adolescence. However, excessive sweating can hit you at any time due to the various things that can cause it. If sweating is disrupting your life and your ability to go about your day, this is likely not normal sweating unless of course, your daily routine involves constant heat or exertion. When your sweating begins to affect you socially, or you find yourself starting to become more withdrawn and avoiding going places where there are other people due to your perspiration, this is a problem, and one you should seek expert treatment for hyperhidrosis to help manage.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis

Sometimes the cause of hyperhidrosis is not easily found, if at all. Those that don’t have an underlying cause for their condition typically find this starts earlier in life, while those that do it will often pop up alongside a health or lifestyle change. If you are drinking excessively or withdrawing from alcohol or other drugs, you may start sweating profusely. Diabetes, thyroid disease, some types of cancer, nervous system disorders, active infections, and so much more can cause excessive sweating to start. The fact that so many things can trigger hyperhidrosis means that you should not just ignore the problem and try and make do with managing it the best you can on your own as you may be overlooking a bigger more severe problem you aren’t even aware of, at least not yet. For women, sometimes pregnancy can cause sweating to increase as can going through menopause as well.

How Can I Sweat Less?

There are a lot of simple things you can do yourself to help sweat less. Ensuring you are adequately hydrated is a very basic but an important thing to consider nonetheless. Staying hydrated helps your body regulate temperature better and ensures your body is struggling with the many problems dehydration can cause. Reducing your alcohol intake can help, especially if you are drinking heavily as drinking alcohol can make you sweat more. Improve your fitness level if you are not exercising regularly can be helpful, this can help increase your baseline for exertion and reduce the point at which you will start sweating during strenuous or more extended periods of physical activity. Paying a little extra attention to your antiperspirant choice is something else that can be helpful to some people, beware of some “body sprays” and less effective lower quality products. The biggest thing you can do to sweat less is to seek help from someone experienced in treating hyperhidrosis and work on developing a treatment plan that suits your specific circumstances and needs.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Hyperhidrosis in Melbourne

There is a growing preference among people, especially the younger generation, to avoid surgery when it comes to cosmetic or aesthetic issues. While excessive sweating can be incredibly frustrating and at the least on your own can be challenging to manage, treatment is available, and some of the best options for many people are non-surgical. When you are looking for non-surgical treatments in Melbourne, Skin Club is an exceptional choice. They provide a wide range of non-surgical and evidence-based treatments for a broad range of issues and enhancement needs. If you are looking to treat hyperhidrosis in Melbourne, book a consultation today and find out how you can stop putting up with excessive sweating and start dealing with it instead.

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