There are stages in a person’s life that put quite a strain on the body and result in rapid changes. The first we all experience is puberty, where our hormones are suddenly ramping up, and our body is changing, one of the first things people often notice as they hit this stage of life is hair growth. However, during and after a pregnancy hair loss can be a concern due to the rapid changes in hormones that occur in your body as well. So what exactly causes hair loss associated with pregnancy and having children, and what can you do about it?

What Causes Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

During pregnancy people are often quite satisfied with how their hair is coping, sometimes it can even have a positive effect outside of a little dryness that can be handled with some quality hair conditioner as the hormonal shifts during pregnancy can actually promote more hair growth. Suddenly though the pregnancy is all over and things can change rapidly for your hair alongside your suddenly more frantic life with a new child. Some people may put this down to the stress of having a new addition to the family, however, while stress can cause hair loss in situations like this it’s more likely directly associated with the pregnancy itself. This type of hair loss can last for as much as a year, typically peaking around the 3-4 month mark after you have finished your pregnancy.

The increase in hair loss can be further amplified by the reduced hair fall that occurs while pregnant, but once your estrogen levels drop quite dramatically after you give birth, this can change direction fast. It’s normal to shed quite a bit after your pregnancy is over as this is a byproduct of the reduced shedding you were experiencing, but for some people, this can get excessive and develop into a hair loss problem. Around three months after giving birth is the most common time people notice an increase in shedding from this byproduct of the hormonal shift occurring as your body is readjusting post-pregnancy.

Treatments for Postpartum Hair Loss?

While post-pregnancy hair loss is quite normal when experienced to a level that is a little above average if it’s been a year and you’re still seeing a concerning amount of hair fall or patterns of hair loss it’s a good time to book a consultation with a professional in hair loss treatments. If you are trying to look for ways to deal with the excess hair fall after a pregnancy, there are a few things you can do yourself to help. Eating well is always essential for healthy hair growth, and at such a busy time, it can be easy to lose focus on your diet a little too much. Volumising shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments can help provide the appearance of more volume while your body adapts. Avoiding things that cause extra breakage can also be significantly helpful; some forms of styling can result in a lot more hair fall due to either breakage or applying pressure directly to the root of the hair. Some popular tools in your styling kit may be worth avoiding during periods of excessive hair shedding, especially those that use heat to style your hair, such as a curling iron or hair straightener as the heat used can cause dryness and weaken the hair resulting in increased breakage.

Getting Treatment for Hair Loss After Pregnancy in Melbourne?

Skin Club in Melbourne is experienced in assessing hair loss concerns for their patients. If you are worried about your hair after having a newborn and concerned your hair fall is getting into unnatural territory, they can help assess the state of your hair and scalp to ensure nothing else is going on and provide advice on appropriate treatment options when it’s not just natural post-pregnancy hair loss. Providing various treatments with a focus on detail, they adapt their approach to the needs of each patient, something that is vital to treat hair loss adequately. Book an obligation-free consultation today at Skin Club and let Melbourne’s best clinic for hair loss treatments and other aesthetic concerns help you bounce back and looking great.

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