Teosyal Fillers is made up from 100% hyaluronic acid that produces a very natural appearance when enhance your existing features. It can be applied and into the facial and neck area and is absorbed by the body safely.  Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is produced by our own skin cells naturally to maintain skin moisture. Sadly, as we age and environmental aggressors, the level of HA gradually lessens. Teosyal dermal fillers have high HA concentration that is safe to use and restores hydration making the skin smooth and flawless. 


Teosyal Fillers have a product line that are designed to work specifically on different facial areas. It is important to know what want to acheive from the treatment to ensure that the correct Teosyal product is used. Teosyal Redensity II is specifically targets the eye area, while Teosyal Ultra Deep works best in restoring the volume, treating deep wrinkles, and defining and augmenting the face. 

The Procedure

The goal of having fillers is to bring back facial volume. Our doctor will make sure that your enhanced look will still appear natural and not overdone. 

Teosyal fillers are injected into the skin through a fine needle or cannula. A patient receiving this treatment may feel mild and tolerable pain. The procedure only lasts 15 minutes but still depends on the areas that needs to be treated. Once the filler  has been injected, the doctor will do a quick evaluation of the result to see if additional filler is needed.


The results of the Teosyal product line are immediate and lasts up to 12 months. However, there are factors that still needs to be considered for the number of sessions and the longevity of the fillers. The age of the patient, the desired results, lifestyle choices can influence the filler’s effectivity. In most cases, one initial treatment is required and may need maintenance session/s. Yet again,  it will all depend on the individual and the amount of the product used. 

Common Side Effects

Teosyal has minor side effects such as slight redness, pain, or itching around the injected area. These side effects subside within 72-hour time period. Almost all of our patients reported to have no side effects at all.

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