Sick of losing hair and thinking about how to prevent hair loss? We have the top 2 ways to prevent hair loss.

Facing a low hair fall rate is normal. You are supposed to be concerned when the rate increases from medium to high. There are many reasons that cause hair loss. But don’t you worry

Millions of people will suggest millions of ways to treat hair loss. It is important for you to know why you are facing a medium-high rate of hair loss. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Not taking care of your hair
  • Medications
  • Excessive stress or tension
  • Family history
  • Hairstyling

You can opt for the best solution only after analyzing and knowing the reason for facing extreme hair loss. Hop into the below section to know the in-trend solutions to help you combat hair loss.

Top 2 ways to prevent hair loss:

Every people have their own hair type. You should choose your way to combat hair loss depending on the same. Here we will discuss the best two ways to beat hair loss. One is the home remedy and then comes the hair treatment.

Natural remedies to prevent hair loss

Folks have been following natural remedies to stop hair fall for years. The internet is filled with a bunch of hair fall remedies. The top-rated, tested and approved remedies are as follows:

1. Onion juice –

Onion is found to have rich minerals and properties like sulfur. This reduces hair breakage both from roots and strands and promotes hair growth. Mixing castor oil to it can be a boon.

Applying a mixture of onion juice and castor oil on the scalp and leaving it for half an hour can bring a drastic change. It is recommended by experts to apply this at least twice a week. The onion juice gets penetrated inside the scalp that works wonders.

Sulfur that is found inside the amino acid is a source of protein for hair follicles. The onion remedy is the most effective natural way to combat hair fall.

2. Banana hair mask –

If you don’t take care of your hair properly, it will result in rough hair. This eventually leads to breakage of hair.

A banana hair mask can be your option to rescue you from rough hair and hair loss. Applying a mixture of two bananas with coconut hair oil, one tablespoon of honey, and some curd on hair scalp and especially on hair strands can make your hair smooth. Bananas have proteins and vitamins that can restore your hair strength and smoothness.

This again is a tested and approved home remedy to take care of hair. This is required to practice at least thrice a week to get the best results in a month. And there is no limited time to stop using this remedy, you can apply the banana hair mask every time. It will only help your hair grow healthier and stronger.

Treatment to prevent hair loss

If you have a serious issue of hair fall, treatment is the only option for you.

PRP Treatment

This is the most trusted way to heal hair fall. You should opt for a professional for this type of treatment.

In our clinic, we have availed of one of the top surgeons for practicing hair fall treatment in our clinic. These surgeons hold years of experience in curating the best possible surgery.

The team makes some tests like blood tests, family history, pull tests, and scalp tests before proceeding with the treatment. Making a plan that targets injecting chemical solutions into your scalp is followed after that. This solution will enable vigorous growth of hair.

PRP treatment involves injecting PRP injections deep through layers of the scalp. This micro-injection contains solutions that stimulate the hair follicles deep inside the scalp to regrow in a better and healthy manner.

PRP cosmetic solution uses the client’s plasma itself to help hair grow back. The blood samples that we take initially are used in PRP treatment. The rich nutrients are extracted from the blood cells. Plasma is a rich nutrient that is extracted and is injected back into the middle layer of the skin. The solution is injected after 15 minutes as per the procedure requirement.  The plasma that is used has cell-stimulating factors that help the hair to regrow.

It is a painless procedure. We have trained professionals who excel at their job. Years of practice enable them to deliver more successful results. Still if clients request, we use local anesthetic injections to numb the area where the solution is used. This treatment is required to process after every three to four weeks. Nearly 3 to 8 sessions are done in between three to four weeks. This is the required range of sessions to acheive the best results.


Hair loss makes people lose their confidence. But it is not a matter of stressing because there are ways to fix it.

As mentioned above, hair fall can be treated as per the requirement. Normal – medium hair loss can be healed with natural home remedies. But, if it is out of control, there’s where you will need hair loss treatment.

Opting for hair fall treatment is the best and safest option if hair fall is leading to bald patches. Excessive hair loss causes bald patches that can be embarrassing sometimes. It happens due to many reasons. There might be many methods that you must have tried but did not get any effective results right? This is what mostly happens. After noticing heavy hair fall people rush and try various methods, DIYs that are suggested either by people/internet. Sometimes such unreliable methods turn hair loss issues worse.

Therefore one should always opt for professional ways like treatment if the hair loss is extensive. PRP treatment to prevent hair loss is a renowned treatment in Melbourne, Australia. People visit us regularly for the same and we take pride in serving each of them with the same solved solutions in the form of treatment.

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