There are various ways you can treat excessive sweating, but there are things you can do to help manage things a little better on your own as well. While these hyperhidrosis tips may be useful to help you mitigate some of your issues, they are no replacement for professional help and treatment. Small changes can make a big difference when you are struggling with excessive sweating, and can even be useful when you are receiving treatment for it as well. There’s a lot of lifestyle choices and other factors that can affect how much you sweat, so if you have a problem with sweating too much, these can be especially helpful.

Pay More Attention to Your Antiperspirant Choice

Not all deodorants are created equal and can differ quite significantly in how well they perform. While some make significant claims or cost more, they aren’t necessarily the most suitable either. A common mistake people make here is shopping based on smell and instead grabbing a body spray that has poor if any ability to manage body odour and sweating in some cases. Antiperspirants typically contain aluminium salts of various types as their active ingredient, the aluminium salts when exposed to moisture swell and when applied to a sweaty part of your body will help to block or plug the sweat glands reducing their output temporarily. The amount of active ingredient varies between products and can be further confused by the specific type of aluminium salts or other compounds used, making it harder to compare on a simple amount or percentage level. If you are finding your antiperspirant isn’t cutting it for your excessive sweating speak to your practitioner about perhaps using a prescription antiperspirant that is stronger than what is available in your supermarket or over the counter at the chemist.

Ensure Your Get Adequate Hydration

Being hydrated is incredibly important for your body to function correctly; most of your bodily processes depend on being hydrated enough. If you are sweating a lot, hydration is all the more important for two reasons, the first you are losing more fluids as you are sweating them out. The second reason hydration is important is to keep you cool and your body running optimally. Don’t underestimate how important it is to keep your fluids up, and this is something many of us are guilty of neglecting at least some of the time. It’s worth noting a common cause of dehydration is excessive sweating as well, making it a noteworthy thing to consider when trying to manage your hyperhidrosis.

Shower and Bathe Regularly

Sure you might think this is pretty basic information, but for those that sweat too much there’s a few reasons, it’s even more important. If you are sweating excessively you are giving bacteria a utopia for not just living but thriving, moist and warm is the type of environment many types of bacteria thrive. This bacteria paradise is why when you perspire excessively, you are likely to suffer from increased body odour, and worse yet are at risk of more frequent or chronic skin infections. So if you are dealing with excessive sweating, bathe and shower regularly, choosing your bathing products as well can be helpful, if you are bathing or showing quite often trying to manage your body odour using gentle bath products can help stop drying out or damaging your skin too much.

The Best Thing You Can Do to Reduce Excessive Sweating

Seeking professional advice and help is the best way you can go about approaching a problem with hyperhidrosis. There is a broad range of causes for this condition, many of which can be serious medical issues that the excessive sweating is merely a symptom of which may be going untreated and undiagnosed leading to further problems down the line. In Melbourne finding help for excessive sweating is easy with the experienced Cosmetic Doctors at Skin Club available to assist with their wealth of advice and skill treating a wide variety of aesthetic and cosmetic issues, including patients with problematic sweating. Book a consultation today free of obligations and find out what the best approach to managing this frustrating problem can be in your specific circumstances.

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