Recovery from non-surgical alternatives to liposuction like Kybella is far less intensive than their surgical counterparts. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best from your treatments and your recovery journey is as smooth as it possibly can be. If you are looking for Kybella aftercare tips or just want to learn what to expect during Kybella recovery, read on and discover more about this fat dissolving injection that is refining and restoring the chins of people across the world.

Take it Easy After Kybella

After you’ve had a session of Kybella injections, it’s important to avoid rubbing, massaging, or being otherwise aggressive in dealing with your injection sites and the surrounding tissue. The first three days is typically when you will experience the worst of the swelling that usually occurs with Kybella. While the Kybella swelling you experience will typically be manageable, even during these earlier stages, it does pay to take a couple of days off work to relax if you can; however, this is not necessary for most people, just worthwhile if possible.

Ice is Your Friend

After your treatments you may also experience some of the other Kybella side effects, a feeling of warmth is commonly described early on. Bruising, swelling and some general discomfort are also common. If you want to reduce this discomfort typically all that is recommended is to take some paracetamol if suitable, avoid taking aspirin as this has a blood-thinning effect that can result in increased bruising. However, ice can be a significant helper during your early recovery from Kybella and form a considerable part of your aftercare. Icing the injected region on and off for a few minutes at a time can help tame the swelling as well as numb the area. You may just be surprised how much you appreciate your ice pack, especially the first 24 hours after your fat dissolving injections, simply be sure only to apply very gentle pressure.

Watch Out for Infection

Take careful notice of what your doctor tells you to expect and what to be aware of after your treatment. If you start to experience things like increasing redness or begin to get a fever, contact your practitioner as you may be dealing with an infection. Infection is always a risk with Kybella and other injectables that break the skin, while having your treatments performed in a hygienic environment by a skilled injector can reduce the risk of infection, it is always a risk to some degree. Other adverse outcomes from Kybella to potentially watch out for are difficulty swallowing or breathing, severe itching, muscle weakness, asymmetric smile, chest pain, dizziness. Many of these are quite rare, but they are something to be aware of and keep an eye out for during your recovery from Kybella. It’s always better to raise a false alarm then to assume things will just go away on their own, as sometimes this will not be the case and things could have been mitigated better if caught earlier.

Not the Best Time to Have Other Work Done

Something many people don’t consider is that they may have a dental appointment coming up when they have Kybella treatments. It’s advisable to at least delay any dental work for two weeks after you have a session. You will also find that it is typically advised that many other treatments cosmetic or otherwise are often best delayed for a little while if you’ve had a recent Kybella session. For advice on specific circumstances, discuss them with your cosmetic doctor as they will be able to advise when is likely the best time for various things you may have in mind.

Makeup and Skin Care

When to start applying skincare and makeup after Kybella is a common concern, especially as people often like to hide any redness that results from their injections. Avoiding make up for 12 hours is advisable in the least, and when it comes to skincare products leave those on the sideline for at least 24 hours. Another thing that can affect the healing of your injection sites is extreme weather, doing your best to stay out of extreme heat or freezing weather for the first couple of days can be very helpful in your Kybella recovery process.

Don’t Skip the Follow Up

Just about any quality cosmetic doctor will want to schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure things went smoothly, and you have recovered well. This is an integral part of the process, especially if it is your first time receiving Kybella treatments. If your practitioner advises you to come back for a follow-up appointment, please do so, as this helps them check for potential issues like asymmetry and infection.

Keep it Simple

When you are washing the area, try and keep things simple, avoid any products that are a little on the fancy side as these may irritate your injection sites. All that is required is to clean the injection sites at least twice daily until they have healed. Kybella aftercare is best kept simple, relax as much as you can, but don’t worry too much about taking things to the extreme. For many people, the recovery from Kybella has minimal impacts on their routine, and they will often go rapidly back into their normal day to day life with just a little extra care. In no time your recovery and any follow-up treatments will be over, and you’ll be able to enjoy the results of Kybella that many people who faced double chin issues are now enjoying.


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