If your chin is starting to hang and your skin is still healthy with good elasticity you may be frustrated and confused. Don’t feel like you’re the only one though this is a pervasive situation people find themselves in when their body stores excessive amounts of fat in the chin. If you have had enough of an oversized chin taking away from showcasing your other features, there are options. One fantastic option to consider is double chin injections. With this treatment, you can reduce the size of your chin without surgery. Stop letting a fatty chin damage your confidence and excitement for putting on your best and getting out there socialising because it doesn’t have to anymore.

Don’t Want Surgery?

You aren’t alone, and this is a growing trend seen in cosmetic surgery clinics across the world. People more than ever are looking for ways to enhance their aesthetic or rejuvenate their look without having to go under the knife. While double chin surgery can be performed with procedures like chin liposuction, it isn’t the only option available to you anymore. Double chin injections give you a useful, practical, and non-surgical way to reduce the size of your chin. Don’t let the fear of Surgery put you off getting rid of stubborn chin fat any longer by finding out if this injectable alternative to chin surgery is suitable for your needs.

Permanent Way to Reduce Chin Size

While many less invasive treatments can be temporary while still offering an often-well-balanced trade-off, this method to reduce chin size takes it further. Double chin injections don’t just temporarily reduce chin fat; they permanently destroy cells in the chin that store fat. While excessive weight gain can still result in remaining fat cells increasing in size, even if this does occur, often the result is a better proportion of chin fat, compared to how the chin would previously store excess fat. If you manage to maintain a reasonably stable weight though, it’s unlikely you will ever need to deal with excessive chin fat again.

Risks and Kybella Horror Stories

While you may have heard some sensationalised stories about cosmetic treatments, these are often the result of inexperienced practitioners, low-quality products, or a poorly run cosmetic clinic. However, that doesn’t mean that side effects don’t occur, sometimes even quite serious ones. A good cosmetic treatment has a reasonable risk profile that provides a result that is effective and has usually minimal to moderate side effects. In the case of double chin injections, commonly referred to by the brand Kybella side effects are most typically associated with swelling, numbness, warmth, and redness. In fact, some swelling and warmth are generally to be expected as the product starts to react with the fat cells. Some feeling of firmness is experienced by a smaller percentage of patients as well, though it is typically of no significant concern and usually resolves. For a full understanding of the risks involved listen carefully as your practitioner explains them during your Kybella consultation.

Double Chin Removal Cost

If you were wondering how much does Kybella cost then you are not alone, this treatment is one that is attracting more attention lately as people are becoming more aware of this non-invasive way to remove fat from the face without surgery. However, when it comes to Kybella cost, this will vary depending on you. The reduction you are seeking, the number of sessions it will take to acheive your goal, and the clinic you choose to visit will all play a part in the price. The best way to find out the cost of kybella is to book a consultation with a clinic whose practitioners are skilled at providing double chin injections such as Skin Club in Melbourne. At Skin Club, they offer a wide variety of treatment options for a broad range of cosmetic concerns, including double chin injections. Their in-depth consultations help them to provide an exquisite and personalised touch to the treatment of their patients. Book a consultation with Skin Club or another clinic in your area to learn more about this impressive way to remove chin fat without liposuction or surgery at all.


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