The Not So Secret Way to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat


If you have only heard of a couple of cosmetic procedures, this likely is one of them. Having excess fat in awkward places that is problematic to shift is a common problem and liposuction is a common solution. While a massive number of people have at least heard of it, fewer people know all that much about it other than what it’s primarily intended for achieving. However, liposuction can accomplish quite a lot for even people that already have a slim figure.

Why is Liposuction so Popular?

Firstly liposuction has been around for quite some time now, early procedures that resembled liposuction go back a long way but things started getting closer in the 1960s, and then became more refined in the mid-1970s when the blunt cannula started being used for suction as is typical in modern liposuction techniques. So it now has several decades now of staying power, and when a procedure sticks around like liposuction has there’s usually one thing they have in common, they typically work, and in this case, work exceptionally well at what they do. For removing excess fat from problematic areas or sculpting a particular shape and increasing definition liposuction is so popular because it produces results. If you have only ever heard of a couple of cosmetic procedures, this is very likely one of them you’ve at the very least heard mentioned in passing.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

The best candidates for liposuction are those at a stable body weight, ideally a healthy weight as well. The more stable your weight, the better you will be able to maintain the results acheived from liposuction. While liposuction can make it a little harder to regain weight in areas that have had excess fat deposits removed, remaining fat cells can still increase in size.

What Happens During Liposuction?

After general preparations such as cleaning you will be given either local or general anaesthesia depending on your specific situation and an incision will be made. A blunt cannula will be inserted into the incision and fat will be removed using suction from a machine or sometimes a syringe. Often this can be performed as outpatient surgery which results in you being able to go home the same day. Thanks to the numbing provided by the local anaesthesia even if you are awake, it will be a relatively low pain process, if you are concerned about the pain of liposuction though discuss this with your practitioner.

What is the Recovery of Liposuction Like?

While it can be uncomfortable, it is considered tolerable by most that undergo it and further managed if necessary with some pain medication if needed. If the pain was terrible, it would be commonly discussed considering how popular this procedure is. The first two weeks are the worst with some swelling and fluid accumulation often being present, then the following two weeks you will usually find you can start doing a little more again. The intensity of your recovery and when you should start doing more physically demanding things like exercise will vary depending on the specifics of the work you have done, so always look to your doctor for advice to ensure you don’t jump too quickly into things you aren’t quite ready for yet.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Often one of the first questions people have about this procedure is wondering how much liposuction costs, and it’s no surprise with the cost of living rising in many places budgeting your cosmetic surgery is something that can be pushed to the sidelines. However, prioritising yourself once in a while can be very important, while it’s always important to prioritise essentials first don’t put yourself and your priorities last on the list. The actual cost of liposuction will depend on a variety of factors, the type of liposuction (such as Vaser liposuction), the amount of fat being removed, the area or areas being targeted, and a few other things. So the best way to get an estimate and to be sure that liposuction is a good option for you is to book a consultation with the best liposuction clinic you can find nearby so that you can have some fantastic liposuction before and after pictures of your own.

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