Often people have this idea that working on your look with cosmetic treatments is only for older people that are trying to fight the signs of ageing. While this was more the case when surgery was the usual go-to for many cosmetic concerns, with advancements in the cosmetic treatments available today, this has changed. Sentiment has shifted with cosmetic procedures becoming increasingly popular within the younger generation, not just those a little older. When so much can be achieved now without having to go under the knife, it opens up a lot more possibilities for people that often don’t require the commitment or downtime their surgical alternatives do. When it comes to lip augmentation, a lot of the surgical options are more invasive as well. Lip filler treatments are fast, require little to no downtime, and minimal recovery, all while being semi-permanent so you aren’t looked into your decision forever either.

Who Is Well Suited to Get Lip Filler Injections?

If you have thin lips, you are likely a great candidate, while this is something that is often associated with ageing, it can often be something genetic and associated with your heritage. This predisposition means that people of all ages can deal with having lips far thinner than they’d like. Some medical conditions and medications may make it harder to receive lip injections by increasing the risks of bruising as blood thinners do. During your consultation, discuss any medical conditions you have and any medications you take to help ensure you aren’t at risk of increased side effects or not a suitable candidate for this treatment. However, most people looking to increase lip size are appropriate candidates.

What Age is too Old for Lip Fillers?

If you are in good health and provided the types of medications you take wouldn’t be an issue, you are likely someone who could very easily receive lip fillers. The more significant considerations as you get older are often the condition of your skin and face. If you have extensive skin sag, you may find this could cause issues, and some other treatments may be more beneficial before getting lip fillers. If you have minor loose skin around your lip area though, lip filler can often help tighten this extra skin, especially if your lips have gotten far thinner as you’ve gotten older. There are more considerations as you get older on what the best approach to improve your cosmetic issues are due to the effects of ageing increasing the older you are. An experienced Cosmetic Doctor can help develop a treatment plan to help deal with your lip concerns and advise on anything else that may be beneficial to get your lips looking their best. There’s a lot that can be achieved, no matter what your age.

What Age is too Young for Lip Fillers?

Provided you are of legal age, no age is too young, though the goals for younger people seeking lip fillers often vary. Older people will generally be seeking more rejuvenation style enhancements to regain their youth; if you are still quite young, this tends to sway far more towards enhancement and a general increase in size or refinement. Some people want bigger lips, and some people want to adjust their lip proportion, some even want to improve asymmetry, there’s a multitude of reasons people as young as in their twenties are frequently seeking out lip filler treatments. Lip fillers are often an ideal choice over surgical options for younger people, lip implants and other alternatives for lip augmentation are more invasive and more permanent, something that is preferable by many to avoid when they are young and their body is still changing, as often your preference and style do as you get older. Lip fillers provide impressive flexibility for lip enhancement while giving you more freedom and flexibility as well in the longer term; one of the reasons lip fillers are growing in popularity among younger people.

The Best Lip Fillers for All Ages in Melbourne

With such a variety of differences between peoples faces, especially when you take into account the wide variety of ages seeking out lip filler injections, an experienced injector is essential. With skill from performing a large number of treatments on a wide range of people of all ages, this ensures you can develop a treatment plan to best acheive the lip enhancement you’ve been dreaming about. Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne provide professional service to all ages and are incredibly adept at the use of injectable treatments like lip fillers. For the best quality of lip fillers, skilled injectors, and a personalised touch, it’s a fantastic choice. Find out more about lip fillers and what they can do for you by booking a consultation today.

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