Teosyal Ultra Deep is a dermal filler from the Teosyal product line that is proven to be long-lasting. It may be a bit higher than other dermal fillers in the market; however, it is designed to restore volume lost to create the facial shape and remove folds in the face. It can also be used in treating deep wrinkles. 

Teosyal Ultra Deep is a product that can give the appearance of a youthful and full chin, restoring its natural shape.


Teosyal Ultra Deep is usually used on the facial area with subcutaneous tissues such as the chin and jawline and sometimes at the temple area. Unlike other dermal fillers, Teosyal Ultra Deep has a thick consistency and is excellent for jawline definition and chin restoration. Although the product is dense, it will not have an “overdone” outcome, instead bringing back the volume that was lost because of aging. 


Teosyal Ultra Deep is very effective and often injected for areas that need larger quantities. It can last up to 12 months, and the patient may experience minimal pain only. A top-up is recommended from 9-12 months following the treatment to maintain the full effect.


The syringes you may need are dependent on the doctor’s assessment and the patient’s desired results. For example, in most cases, patients in their 20s may need 2-3 syringes, while people in their 30s may need 3-4 syringes. But with Teosyal Ultra Deep, you may not need as much because of capacity. 

The Teosyal Ultra Deep was upgraded from 1 ml to 1.2 ml size. With 20% more, patients can save more and still have effective results of their treatments.

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