It’s important to have a work-life balance, which means keeping the two apart to some degree.


However, getting cosmetic surgery means having to make some temporary adjustments to your day-to-day life.


Depending on how comfortable you are in your workspace, keeping your boss in the loop about your cosmetic surgery just might be a smart idea. But what if you’d rather keep it to yourself?


We don’t always feel comfortable telling workmates details about our personal lives.


However, if our personal life is going to affect our professional one, then it’s time to speak up—for only as much as you feel like it.


What happens after cosmetic surgery anyway?


Why do you even need to consider telling your boss about your cosmetic surgery?


Well, for starters, you would do the same thing if it were a different kind of Surgery.


Cosmetic surgery is surgery, which means you’re required anywhere from a few weeks to a few months of rest afterwards.


That’s a temporary goodbye to intensive physical exercises and a short break to daily activities like walking your dog, doing the groceries, or joining your weekly yoga session.


It might also mean taking a break from work, depending on the recommendation of your cosmetic doctor.


What should I tell my boss?


Most of the time, it’s enough to say you’re undergoing minor surgeries and will need some time off. Nothing and no one should pressure you to reveal more than you want to.


Getting cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal decision and experience, and you’re entitled to keeping it that way.


If the employee handbook allows you a medical leave and as long as you’ve made the necessary arrangements in the office so someone will help with the work while you’re away, it shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone but yourself what you decide to do with your body.


If your boss insists on knowing what your surgery will be, you can always get creative and say your rhinoplasty (nose job) is for repairing a deviated septum. Or if you’re having a tummy tuck, you can tell your boss that you fixed a hernia.


What if I can’t take a leave from work?


Try scheduling your surgery during a vacation! This will work better for you as well since you will be much more relaxed.


Just make sure to schedule in advance with your clinic, since many other people might also schedule on holidays.


Another option is to request if you can work from home. Depending on your job, it might be possible to continue carrying your workload, but from a more comfortable work environment.


Regardless of your work conditions, it’s always best to consult with your cosmetic doctor about the best plan for you


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