Myth #1: Lip Filler Is Addictive

Fact #1 : HA (HA) fillers are only temporary and are absorbed by the body. Once the lips go back to normal, most of our patients book an appointment for a top up to maintain the full effect of their fillers. 

Myth #2: Lip Fillers Have Plastic-Looking Results 

Fact #2: Lip fillers that are administered by a highly experienced cosmetic doctor leads to a natural looking outcome. People will not be able to tell that you had your lips enhanced. 

Myth #3: Lip Injections Are Painful

Fact #3:The pain that comes in with lip fillers are tolerable. In fact, most HA fillers contact lidocaine, a substance that keeps patients comfortable during the procedure. You may also request the doctor if you have a fear of needles to apply local anesthetics. 

Myth #4: Lip Filler Cannot Be Undone

Fact #4: HA (HA) fillers can be dissolved using an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase. It is very rare that a patient is unhappy with the results. But, if for some reason, they are unsatisfied with the outcome, filler dissolvers are available at the clinic. 

Myth #5: Lip Fillers Stretch The Skin 

Fact #5: Dermal fillers that are HA (HA) based are not permanent. These fillers dissolve over time. Since HA fillers stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, your lips may be fuller than normal and not deflate once it breaks down. 

Myth #6: Lip Filler Procedures Are Suitable For Patients With Thin Lips Only 

Fact #6: Although lip fillers are strongly suggest to thin-lipped individuals, other patients can also receive this treatment because of other concerns such as asymmetry, disproportionate lips, turned-down corners, and an undefined Cupid’s bow. The main purpose of lip fillers are to add volume, it can also improve those with dry and cracked lips. 

Myth #7: Lip Fillers Changes Your Smile 

Fact #7: Filling in laugh lines via dermal fillers will not change the look of your smile. The nasolabial folds are treated through the cheeks. The only time your smile will change is if the treatment is done by unqualified injector and too much product was injected. 

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