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Understanding the Risks of Facial Slimming Injections

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

One of the most commonly sought-after cosmetic treatments for body contouring is the use of facial injectables. Facial Injectables include Anti Wrinkle Injections, fillers, laser resurfacing, and various other treatments. As a cosmetic treatment, facial injectables are effective in reducing wrinkles and are approved by the FDA as medical devices. Facial injections are a quick and effective way to achieve your desired result, but if you are not an experienced user there are some risks that you should be aware of. More than one Melbourne facial slimming injection treatment has gone wrong because of some health risks. This is why we’re going to run down the list of health risks that come from this treatment.

How Can You Tell If You are at Risk?

Some people are more at risk of developing side effects from the procedure than others for a variety of reasons. However, just as these people are at risk, there are ways to determine them. The main method that doctors use is medical consultations before the treatment. Before even approving you of the treatment, doctors like to meet with their patients first for a consultation. This is their chance to view their patients face to face. Here you can expect your doctor to review your medical records and study if you are an eligible candidate for the treatment. Doctors do this by observing your records and running some tests if something is getting in the way.

Certain conditions like allergies or bleeding problems can affect your eligibility as doctors might not want to risk it. Doctors need you to be in good health during the treatment so things like this throw a wrench in it. Doctors are also reluctant to give treatments to patients dealing with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and issues with scarring. Another issue is unrealistic expectations on the part of the patient. This can be an issue but one that doctors can solve. Usually, to solve this they will simply correct your expectations.

However, some conditions can be risky if you don’t get this treatment. The most common issue is TMJ which is a disorder that affects your jaw and makes it incredibly painful to move around. Because of that, you may need treatment to contain the discomfort. Not doing anything about it can be more harmful since the pain will only get worse without a way to manage it.

Whatever the case, doctors will explain all of this to you during the consultation. This is a time for both of you to get on the same page with them. To do that, doctors discuss the treatment with you including everything from the treatment to the risks involved as well. Because of that,

Risks of the Treatment

Generally speaking, the risks of this treatment are rare. Few people report experiencing anything too bad, but there are some occasions. During this time people can report pain or a poor response to the treatment. Because of that, you will need to watch out for the symptoms.

Generally speaking, the most common symptoms you experience is redness, pain, and discomfort. Sometimes there will be some light bruising. However, these symptoms are unavoidable ones. With enough time they should go away on their own or with the help of some painkillers.

No Changes

While not a risk in on of itself, it is something that you should know about. There are some cases where people simply are not affected by the treatment. The pain doesn’t increase, but it doesn’t disappear either. Instead, it just remains there completely unaffected by the treatment. In this case, something might have gone wrong with the treatment. This is something incredibly rare as most patients at least experience some change from this treatment, even negative ones. When this happens, you can visit your doctor and have them take a look at what happened. If it is something they can fix, then maybe you can get a new treatment.

Intense Pain

A little pain after the treatment is always to be expected, after all, needles are almost always painful. However, this pain should be rather mild and go away on its own. Under some circumstances though, the pain can get worse, much worse. This is a risk of this treatment because of several reasons. One example is if the doctor doesn’t inject it properly and either pushes the needle too deep or accidentally hits something else. Something like a nerve getting pricked can cause some serious pain to you. When this happens, even painkillers cannot always work and fully subside the effects.

Allergic Reactions

There are times when it is not the treatment that is the injection, but your body that is the issue. This is because your body can have an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients. Usually, this is to the botox injections themselves which can lead to some serious side effects. The most common ones involve something similar to a rash breaking out in the treatment area. Aside from that, there are also issues such as hives, and skin irritation which can be very distracting. This is much more painful and hard to deal with.

To treat this, doctors can provide some sort of treatment to help reduce the seriousness of the side effects. However, if doctors realize you have this before the treatment, then they may not even give it to you at all.

Cosmetic Issues

More mildly, some issues that can arise from this treatment are simply those similar to cosmetic issues. Swelling is a common issue that comes from this, but it is a temporary issue. However, swelling can persist in some cases which can require some treatment or medication to help treat. Aside from that, other issues can when your face and smile come off as uneven and crooked. This happens when the botox injections are uneven. Other times the facial muscles can relax too much after a facial slimming injection Melbourne. This can cause some unintended side effects and make you lose control of your face. One example of this is unintentional drooling in some cases because your jaw relaxes too much that you cannot always close it.


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