PRP is the most potent way of dealing with cellulite areas and ensuring that your skin is brought back to its smooth surface. With multiple causes for cellulite, PRP is utilised as an adjunctive treatment whilst delivering the best possible results.

So how does PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) work in tackling cellulite?

In the hands of an experienced Cosmetic Doctor, an assessment first takes place to determine the type of cellulite you have and the need for treatment.

Once the correct diagnosis has been made, collect your blood and process it to extract a high concentration of growth factors (these are important in treating the cellulite areas).

Injecting your blood product back into the skin relies on biostimulation. This is the activation of biological functions of the skin to smoothen its texture which leads to an aesthetic improvement.

The PRP can generate growth factors, which signal the collagen molecules to revitalise the skin area making it more smooth, tight and robust. In treating cellulite areas of the skin PRP helps smoothen out the depressions in the skin and also adds to the firmness. It’s an easy and quick procedure taking only minutes out of your day, with results being seen in as little as three treatments over 3-4 months.

At SKIN CLUB, our doctors use a refined PRP technique with high-quality medical devices to obtain only the best concentration of PRP. To find out more about the treatment process, book your appointment with our Cosmetic Doctors online or call 1300 85 44 82.

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