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Safe and Effective Nose Fillers in Malvern: Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Do you also consider your nose as the most important feature of your face?

Accordingly, the nose is one of the most important features of the face, along with the eyes and lips. The nose is the prominent facial structure at the centre of the face and between the eyes. While some may feel that others are blessed with the perfect nose, a few may want to enhance the aesthetics of their nose.

Benefits of Improving the Aesthetics of Your Nose

Enhancing the aesthetics of your nose does not just improve its appearance but also helps to function better. This may include modifying the shape of the nose or boosting a better air passage.

One of the biggest sleeping conditions known to affect the body’s vitality is snoring. This sleeping condition produces a noisy harsh sound that results from the passing of air through a relaxed tissue in your throat. As the air passes, the tissues vibrate, hence causing the hoarse breathing sound.

With the advent of cosmetic advances around the world, a lot of people can reap the benefits of aesthetic treatments to help achieve their physical as well as health goals. By improving the aesthetics of your nose, you may also improve the quality of your breathing pattern, especially when you sleep.

Aside from this, enhancing your nose can also boost your self-confidence. The nose plays an important role in exuding a good first impression. If you are looking to give your nose the perfection that it deserves then getting a nose aesthetics treatment is the answer you are looking for.

What is the best nose aesthetics treatment for me?

Since the nose is a significant feature of your face, making small changes to the contour of your nose can help enhance its symmetry while boosting your appearance and confidence. The best non-invasive nose enhancement treatment is our Malvern nose fillers.

What are nose fillers?

Nose fillers use injectable substances that help improve the shape and height of your nose tip and creates a good symmetry on your nose. It also helps increase the bridge of your nose and evens out your nose hump. For people who have gone through previous nose surgery, nose fillers can help correct small defects that resulted from the procedure.

How does a nose filler treatment work in Malvern Clinic?

Traditionally nose enhancement treatments were done through surgical procedures but the advanced cosmetic world today offers non-surgical nose augmentation treatments. Similar to other dermal filler treatments, nose fillers use a plant-derived substance that gradually works with the underlying tissues of your nose.

The procedure starts with the application of a numbing cream which may either be a local anesthetics or a topical sedative. This helps reduce any pain and discomfort during the procedure.

When your nose is ready, the fillers are injected in the marked areas based on the diagnosis made during your consultation. The fillers are gradually injected to help stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

A nose filler treatment may take about thirty minutes and the results are instantly noticeable. While it offers little to no downtime, some slight swelling and bruising in the injection sites may be experienced but will be resolved after a while. It helps to apply a cooling gel patch or an ice pack to help relieve swelling and any bruising in the affected areas.

This treatment virtually offers no recovery period and you may return to work right after the treatment. However, it is highly recommended that you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol-based beverages, and strenuous physical activities in the next ten to fourteen days.

During this period, you should avoid applying makeup on the affected area or using moisturizers and creams that contain AHAs, BHAs and Retinoid. Your cosmetic doctor may also advise you to reschedule any facial treatments after about two weeks.

The results of nose filler treatments are temporary but may last for between twelve to eighteen months. You may consult your trusted cosmetic doctor near Malvern for a subsequent nose filler treatment after about six months to maintain its results.

Why should you consider a nose filler treatment in Malvern?

While nose fillers are relatively new, it offers many advantages over the traditional surgical procedure of enhancing the nose. Nose filler treatments are cost-effective since you do not have to endure long hospital stays because the procedure only takes about half an hour.

The results are immediate with virtually no downtime and recovery period. You can drive home right after the treatment or return to work without the need to worry about any surgical relapses. Although you may notice some swelling and bruises, these will subtle down in just a few hours.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you may seek the advice of your trusted cosmetic doctors near Malvern for a treatment reversal. However, with the natural-looking effects of nose filler treatments, rarely do patients go for a treatment reversal.

Our skin clinic near Malvern offers nose fillers that are guaranteed minimal-risk and efficient. These nose enhancement procedures are tailored to provide a natural contour to your nose while boosting the appearance of your face.

Where can Malvern residents go for a nose filler?

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors offers the best nose filler treatment plans for residents of Malvern and the nearby communities. With our years of experience and practice, we have provided countless beauty seekers to achieve seamless nose filler procedures.

Our cosmetic doctors are remarkably meticulous and gentle in performing nose filler treatments that give our clients a sense of comfort, satisfaction, and security. We aim to help residents of Malvern achieve the nose enhancement goals that they desire.

We will work with you from consultation until your desired nose aesthetics is achieved. A personalized treatment plan will be discussed with you thoroughly to ensure that you understand how the procedure can help you achieve your beauty goals.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors near Malvern uses top-notch cosmetic technology and medical-grade products and devices to help achieve a fast, minimal-risk, and efficient procedure.

Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and try our nose fillers Malvern to experience the ultimate nose filler treatment today!



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