Why you should reconsider a liquid rhinoplasty???

Here are some photos of how a non-surgical rhinoplasty can go terribly wrong.


juvderm rhinoplasty

So you’ve seen those nurses and doctors injecting copious amounts of filler into the nose and making them look BIG and not noticing the possible blood supply issues you could create. Well, here we are! This lady had treatment for her nose and wanted a lift. The nose later resolved, but within three months of her treatment, the nose looked like the left and then the right. This complication occurred because someone injected semi-permanent filler at the tip of the nose. There are many tiny blood vessels in the tip of the nose, and it can cause a blockage of the blood supply. The result was the loss of skin tissue. The problem was fixed over time, as the doctor could treat the patient with antibiotics, steroids, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.


This patient had radiesse injected into the nose. What happened was that some of the filler went into the eyeball blood vessels. Blurred vision was the only real complication apart from the obvious complication of lesions to the skin. The lesions resolved, and vision was back to 20/20 in both eyes, but it shows that injecting filler is no mean feat and has complications. Please do not get it done by someone who hasn’t undergone medical school training and hasn’t performed these procedures multiple times. Things can go wrong with any cosmetic doctor, but it depends on how you manage the problem. With antibiotics, steroid injections, and oxygen therapy, this patient came out well! Go science and Go medicine!


1st and foremost, no rhinoplasty is perfect. We need to educate the population that no surgeon can give millimetre excellent results because many of the rhinoplasty procedures depend on how your body heals and whether there is scar tissue formation. Similarly, with liquid rhinoplasty, many patients complain about the filler dissolving too quickly, or the filler moving, even worse than the filler did nothing.

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