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Nose Fillers in Brighton East: Enhance Your Appearance Safely and Effectively

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Are you confident about your facial features?

Imagine having the facial features of your favourite celebrity, would you feel confident about yourself?

Sure, you would!

When a person possesses the facial features that he or she likes, that person would naturally feel confident. However, not everyone is endowed with these kinds of benefits. Some actually struggle with how their eyebrows are drooping or how their noses seem asymmetrical. In which case, these people feel embarrassed and may sometimes lose their confidence in themselves.

People who struggle with the shape, size, and texture of their noses can now enjoy the amazing and many advantages of nose fillers. This cosmetic treatment helps people get through their nasal aesthetic woes and eventually get their confidence back. 

Our Brighton East nose fillers are simple, fast and minimal-risk procedures. This treatment has become the most popular and sought-after procedures because of its efficiency and reliability. It can help modify small problems of nasal deformities and asymmetries. And most importantly, nose fillers can also help restructure the appearance of your nose without the need for a surgical procedure.

What do you get from improving the appearance of your nose?

Enhancing your nose’s shape, size, and texture does not just provide aesthetic benefits but also functional advantages.

Better Nasal Air Passage

One of the most common and widespread sleeping conditions known to affect the verve and energy of the human body is snoring. This sleeping condition produces a noisy harsh sound that results from the passing of air through a relaxed tissue in your throat. As the air passes, the tissues vibrate, hence, causing the hoarse breathing sound. By improving the aesthetics of your nose, you may also improve the quality of your breathing pattern, especially when you sleep.

Amazing Aesthetic Effects

With the ever-evolving cosmetic advances, a lot of people can reap the benefits of aesthetic enhancements. It can help them physically and as well as in terms of health conditions. Nose fillers can help improve the shape and size of your nose while promoting elasticity, firmness, and smoothness of the skin.

Confidence Booster

Nose fillers can also help boost self-esteem. When you feel down and low because of the structure of your nose, getting a nose filler treatment can help improve it while you develop confidence in yourself.

Many believe that the nose plays an important role in exuding a good first impression. If you are looking to give your nose the perfection that it deserves then getting a nose aesthetics treatment is the answer you are looking for.

Is nose filler a better choice than nose surgery?

Nose fillers are time and cost-efficient. The treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive, lasting for about twenty to thirty minutes without the hassles of surgery. Although you may experience slight swelling and bruises after the treatment, these downtimes will mellow down after a few hours.

Our skin clinic near Brighton East also provides same-day treatment for nose filler procedures. Since nose fillers offer little to no downtimes, you can drive home unaccompanied or return to work right after the treatment.

Nose Filler Procedures in Brighton East


During the consultation, your trusted cosmetic doctor will conduct a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of the condition of your nose. Our skin clinic near Brighton East will help you understand the pros and cons of getting a nose filler treatment. A personalized treatment plan will be created to specifically target your nasal woes and offer an ultimate solution to your nose condition.

If your nose filler procedure is best performed with another facial treatment or if nose filler is not the appropriate treatment for you, your doctor will help you understand why it is so. Nose fillers may be combined with other dermal filler procedures or other facial treatments to help improve the texture of your skin.

In case you have queries, asking them during the consultation is advisable. Your cosmetic doctor will help you understand how nose fillers can help you achieve the nose aesthetic enhancement that you desire.

The Procedure

After careful diagnosis and evaluation, and if you are ready, your doctor may recommend that you get your nose fillers right after your consultation. In case some factors may affect your same-day procedure like smoking, drinking, or taking blood-thinning medication, your doctor may ask you to return at least a week after to ensure that your body mechanisms are ready for the fillers.

Nose filler procedures begin with the application of a topical sedative or a local anesthetic to numb the nose area where the fillers are to be injected. When the nose is numb and ready, small doses of nose fillers are administered to the injection sites. The nose filler treatment takes about twenty to thirty minutes to complete.

Aftercare Treatment

After the procedure, you may feel that your nose is slightly swollen with some bruises. Your doctor may recommend the application of a cooling gel pad or an icepack on the injection sites to mellow down the swelling and bruising and to prevent the risks of bleeding.

The recovery time for nose filler procedures is virtually short and you may see the final results within two weeks. By then, your nose may have fully healed from the procedure as well. However, you must follow the aftercare guidelines provided by your doctor to ensure optimum and relatively lasting results.

How long does a nose filler last?

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, the longevity of nose fillers depends on the type of fillers used, the extent of the procedure, and the metabolic system of your skin, especially in the nasal area. Although the results are temporary, they are long-lasting. On average, nose filler treatments last for about twelve to eighteen months.

Nose fillers gradually integrate with your nasal tissues, hence, you will notice that it gradually diminishes as it reaches the mid-term of its longevity. During this time, you may opt for another nose filler treatment to maintain the contour and texture of your nose. You may seek the advice of your cosmetic doctor near Brighton East for the best time to get the next nose filler treatment.

Our Nose Filler Treatment near Brighton East

When looking for the best nose filler treatment provider, you may want to consider a skin clinic that has a minimal-risk and comfortable environment with friendly and accommodating staff. SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors near Brighton East offers an invigorating ambience to help patients feel comfortable and anxious-free.

Our nose filler treatments use top-of-the-line products and the latest in cosmetic enhancement technology. We also guarantee fast, minimal-risk, and effective procedures backed by science and years of experience.

Our cosmetic doctors will work with you from consultation to recovery period to help enhance the appearance of your nose while promoting a smoother and softer nose texture. With our nose filler treatments, we can help you build better nose symmetry while boosting your self-esteem.

Say no more! SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors’ nose fillers Brighton East can help you achieve that nasal aesthetics you have been dreaming of!



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