Facial injections are one of the most common procedures done in the world. Facial injections are a great way to acheive permanent wrinkle reduction, reducing excess fat, softening skin, and improving skin texture for many people. However, there are still many unanswered questions about facial injections. Melbourne facial slimming injections may be a new topic to you, so before you make an appointment with your doctor, there are some things you need to know. That is why we want to spend some time explaining these questions for this treatment so you do not have to worry about your questions being unanswered.

FAQs About Facial Slimming Injection

What are in These Injections

You may be wondering just what are in these injections that allow them to slim your face in the first place. Well, for one these injections make use of Botox to help slim your face down. As the name suggests, Botox is made from onabotulinumtoxinA. For slimming injections, they also make use of this chemical. This is a type of neurotoxin that you can find in plants. This toxin can freeze and paralyze parts of your body such as your nerves and muscles. While that sounds alarming, it is not as bad as you think. This is actually what allows Anti wrinkle Injections to work as it can affect areas you do not want moving as much for whatever reason.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Yes, generally speaking, this treatment is safe for use. While there are always side effects risks, these are not as bad with this treatment. Being an injectable does not hurt that fact either. This is because injectables mean that treatment is less invasive overall and leaves fewer chances of developing issues. For example, you will rarely encounter issues like an infection which is always a possibility with surgery. In most circumstances, if things go well the worst you should deal with are things such as pain, discomfort, swelling, and redness. Even then these things should go away in time.

However, that does not stay that these injections are safe. No, there are still quite a few issues to keep an eye out for. One of the most serious issues is unintentional numbness. While this facial slimming treatment is meant to paralyze certain parts of your body, there is a chance it can affect other areas as well. This happens when the injection accidentally damages a nerve in the area. Aside from that, you can suffer from blood clotting, and severe pain and swelling.

Is This Treatment Permanent?

No, unfortunately, that is the downside of this treatment. Being less invasive means they have less ability to make lasting changes. As an injection, it can only work so long as the Anti wrinkle Injections is in effect. Unfortunately, it will eventually wear out and requires a maintenance injection to keep the effects going on. How long the effects last vary depending on the brand, your lifestyle, and how serious your condition is. However, in most cases, you can reasonably expect the treatment to last from somewhere around a few months to a year.

Do I Only Need One Treatment?

Well, it depends on the seriousness of your issues. Doctors will run some tests on you to see if you can get this treatment and how many shots you need. However, most people require at least two shots to get the effects they want. That doesn’t mean that applies to everyone though. Many people report being satisfied with the results after a single shot. Because of that, they tend to opt to not continue the treatment since they are fine with the results. However, you should know that how many shots in your initial treatment can affect how many you need for your maintenance shot.

Are the Benefits of This Treatment Only Cosmetic?

Oh no, not at all. Jaw slimming injection Melbourne is known for having several medical benefits. While yes, one of its biggest gains is that it can help reduce the size of your jaw. This is because the Anti wrinkle Injections freezes the muscles in place, making them less likely to sag or wrinkle. However, the biggest gain from this is that it can weaken the muscles for chewing. This sounds strange, but when it is constantly chewing and using these muscles gives your jaw a square and muscular shape. By weakening it, you can help soften the shape and make it less large.

However, that is not all this treatment can do. Along with this, many doctors use this treatment to treat TMJ or temporomandibular joint problems. This is when the temporomandibular joint cannot properly connect or align with the lower jaw. This can make it difficult to move your jaw around as it can feel very painful. Because of that, you will have a hard time moving it when you speak or chew.

Since Botox relaxes the muscles, this can be less painful to move. This is why injections like this are used to help TMJ patients cope with the symptoms. Instead, you can find that when you move your jaw, the movements are more natural. However, this relief can only be temporary since the Anti wrinkle Injections will begin to wear off.

Lastly, some people find that this also makes the treatment more affordable. The reason for this is that since TMJ is a real medical issue that has widespread recognition, slimming injections can be considered a medical necessity. So it is much harder for an insurance company to turn down patients for this treatment. As long as you bring some proof and a doctor’s note, you can reduce your costs.

How Much Does This Treatment Cost

Of course, there is no fixed cost that you can pay because this type of treatment varies on the number of injections. Usually, doctors determine this by how large your muscles are and how well your body can respond to them. On average, a person will need around 50 units of Botox injections to get the job done. This amounts to somewhere around $600 per session. Keep in mind this is per session so this is double if you need to go back. At the same time, this doesn’t consider maintenance costs either. This means your costs can easily compound several times.

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