Surgery is often something people like to avoid wherever possible, especially when it’s something cosmetic. Thanks to an increase in options for issues like stubborn chin fat that can be the cause of a double chin, you don’t necessarily have to have surgery to have a way to remove that frustrating excess fat under your chin. These days you don’t even need to see a scalpal or have any stitches to deal with a problematic double chin.

What Causes a Double Chin?

For some people, a double chin is merely a byproduct of excess previous weight gain, which even when lost leaves some fat in more challenging to move areas like the chin. For a lot of people, it can be a genetic issue, the formation of many features is genetic in nature. Fat distribution is something that can often be an inherited trait, hence why many family members tend to trend towards the same body shapes if all other things are equal, and often even when they aren’t.

Isn’t Surgery the Only Way to Fix a Double Chin?

It’s a common thing for people to assume that the only option for cosmetic concerns is cosmetic surgery, but that is far from the case in a growing number of situations. If you have a double chin and skin that has good elasticity and reasonable tightness, it’s highly likely you will make a great candidate for double chin injections, rather than having to have surgery for your double chin.

How to Melt Away Chin Fat Without Surgery?

An option for those frustrated with a larger chin with an excess of fat accumulation commonly called a “double chin” is double chin injections. These injectables react with cells permanently destroying their ability to store fat. This mechanism makes them incredibly effective at removing stubborn fat in the chin. The process involves a series of small injections into the chin, usually after numbing with a local anaesthetic or numbing cream. Many people find they can acheive satisfactory results; they are more than happy with after three sessions. Still, some people may require a few more, depending primarily on how much fat is stored in their chin and how much they are looking to reduce it, among other factors.

The Benefits of Non-Surgical Chin Sculpting

When you are having your chin shaped and refined using non-surgical treatments like double chin injections and dermal fillers, you benefit in several ways compared to surgical options. The most significant advantage is the lack of downtime when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments the downtime is typically very minimal if any. There’s also the speed that these treatments can be applied that is also a significant bonus; the common injectable treatment takes around 20 minutes to perform. When it comes to avoiding more intensive cosmetic surgery, you can also avoid having to go under anaesthesia and in many cases avoid any cutting or stitches either.

Full Face Sculpting without Surgery

If you are looking to enhance, refine, or rejuvenate your broader face, you can develop a comprehensive treatment plan to target most if not all of your cosmetic concerns non-surgically. This approach can be incredibly efficient, and have far less impact on your routine, especially in regards to the time cost involved in not just treatment but recovery as well. Combining thread lifts with Kybella or combining Kybella with dermal fillers are two common combinations; another is the use of anti-wrinkle injections with Kybella, which can all produce impressive results. Many non-surgical treatments make a great compliment to each other when planned well and used to their particular strengths.

Melbourne’s Best Option for Removing a Double Chin

Don’t price shop your cosmetic treatments, searching for the cheapest possible choice will often result in a miserable experience, and worse yet often sub-optimal results. It’s essential to seek out a cosmetic clinic that has experienced and qualified staff, to ensure you have the best all-round experience. In Melbourne there’s a lot of options; however, Skin Club is owned and operated by some of Melbourne’s finest Cosmetic Doctors, this has resulted in them being able to provide an exceptional experience for their patients trying to remove difficult chin fat, and so much more. Book a consultation today and be impressed with their expertise and professional service.

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