What To Expect From Liposuction

Liposuction – What Happens At The SKIN CLUB Clinic In Melbourne?

The instructions to follow are vital to the safe nature of your procedure. Please be sure to read carefully and if you have any queries, you can contact the clinic directly.

When you have an appointed time for your liposculpture, please be sure to arrive in a timely fashion.

We are able to work on your behalf with your relatives or friends to help coordinate your pick-up at the end of you procedure. We also offer a complementary pick-up as well as drop-off service to a partner hotel of your choice. Prior to the procedure, you may eat and drink as normal. However, if you have a cough, cold, sore throat or other illness prior to your procedure, you must contact the Melbourne office to ask the doctor for advice.

Tumescent Anesthetic – What Is It?

This where the area is injected and numbed prior to the operation. This will mean that you end up being awake all throughout the liposculpture procedure and you will have sensation, yet you should only feel very little or no discomfort at all.

There can be some common side effects that stem from local anesthetic, which can include redness, bruising and swelling, along with the rare occurrence of an allergic reaction. It may also be normal for you to feel the need to rest for a few hours after.

Liposculpture – What Preparations Are Necessary?

It is recommended that you buy a suitable antiseptic solution that you can show with prior to the procedure, such as HIBISCRUB. There have been studies showing that people who perform an entire body wash using HIBISCRUB have drastically reduced infection rates following the procedure. Showering with a HIBISCRUB solution should also take place on both the evening prior to and the day of your procedure.

The liposculpture compression garment that you need will be available to you on the date of your procedure and we will fit this for you once the procedure is complete. You will also be instructed on how to remove and then refit the garment correctly as well as how to care for it.

One Day Prior To Your Procedure

Make sure that any of the sites that are recommended by your surgeon are free of hair by clipping, shaving or using depilatory cream. This should then be followed by a shower while using the antiseptic solution.

Before Leaving Home

– Remove any of your body piercings that are near or at the site on the body part that will be operated on. If there is a body piercing, you will be asked to have the jewelry removed before leaving home. If you are not able to remove the piercing and it is near or at the site being treated, you may find that your liposculpture procedure will be cancelled.

– Take any regular medications as usual unless instructed by your physician.

– Do not wear any makeup or nail varnish.

– Take out all jewelry and leave it and any other valuables at home.

– Wear clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable.

Bring With You:

– Pair of slippers.

– Small bag for keeping your clothes.

– Accessories needed to deal with contact lenses, if worn.

– Reading material so that you can remain occupied while waiting.

– Medications that you are currently taking, in their containers.

Do Not Bring With You:

– No valuables, restrict the personal property and any cash that you bring along. You may give the assistant at our Melbourne office any articles that you would like to keep save upon arrival at the clinic. You will receive a receipt for everything.

– Patients will be responsible for any property, including jewelry and money, that is not handed over for safe keeping.

The Day Of Your Procedure:

– Eat a light meal, such as yogurt, porridge, fruit juice, etc.

– Do not drink anything containing caffeine, as this will nullify the impact of any anxiolytic medications that are administered.

– Restrict the fluids that you drink, as you will be injected with a large amount of fluid and will not be able to use the restroom for several hours.

– Once you arrive and your identity is confirmed, you will be asked to change into the appropriate attire.

– A consent form will be signed to confirm the treatment plan that was agreed upon with your doctor previously, and a follow up discuss of the risks and benefits will commence.

– You will be weighed.

– Photographs will be taken.

– Areas to be treated will be marked.

– Vital signs will be taken and recorded.

– Antibiotic tablets will be given with a sip of water and any calming medication will be given, if needed.

Once Your Procedure Is Complete:

– We will fit a compression garment and instruct you how to use and care for it properly.

– You will remain with us for 30 mins to an hour after your procedure.

– There is a recovery chair that is provided for resting.

– After you are standing and then walking comfortable, you have gone to the bathroom and are drinking fluids freely with little or no discomfort, you can be discharged safely.

– Appropriate dressings as well as medications will be given at discharge.

– Waterproof coverings can be used to cover the seat in your vehicle if necessary. We work to try and pad you as much as we can so that you do not leak, however this is still a possibility.

– Protect your bedding with waterproof covering like a mattress protector, then covered using an old blanket or a towel, then with your sheet. This should be done for at least the first night of sleep.

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