Lip Filler treatments are so popular worldwide. The term “lip fillers” may have a negative connotation due to duck face or fish lips passé trend few years back. Nonetheless, it has been patronized by many celebrities and almost everyone who wants to accentuate their lips. And as time evolved, so does the lip filler formulations for more subtle and natural touch ups. 

How Safe are Lip fillers?

Dermal fillers, when performed by a qualified injector, are safe. This treatment will only have undesirable effects if administered improperly.

It is one of the quick dermal fillers treatments and is commonly listed as a top “Lunchtime Cosmetic Procedure”. Our doctor will still conduct thorough discussion with you during your consultation for health considerations and to know the risks involved and sign consent forms, just like with any other treatments. 

How can you choose the best lip filler cosmetic doctor for you?

As new trends of facial fillers rises, it is important you are confident with your doctor doing the treatments. We highly suggest that you veer away from “beauty spas” because of the uncertainty the medical licencing and knowledge. To avoid the botched lips, book an appointment with a cosmetic doctor that is knowledgeable with the lip anatomy. 

Dermal fillers aren’t products that would fit in all instances. To get a particular facial enhancement,  you must choose an experienced cosmetic doctor. 

Here’s how to verify one: 

Check the Credentials

Know their qualifications to ensure safe procedures and excellent outcomes. We recommend booking with a doctor who regularly performs this procedure and  is a duly qualified member of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners/Cosmetic Physician specializes cosmetics/surgery. In addition, reputable clinics would have a collection of the before and after photos of the lip filler results with consistent outcomes. 

Experience and Expertise 

Another consideration to take is the experience and mastery of the technicalities in facial treatments. Depending on the patient’s lip condition and desired results, our doctor will not force to inject a large amount of fillers, especially for first time patients.

The common side effect of lip fillers is the temporary swelling is as the lip tissues will need time to relax while accommodating added volume. 

The ultimate goal of lip filler treatments at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors is not to have an inflated and unnatural look. Instead, we want to build the right amount of volume to acheive the soft and naturally plump lips. 

What are Lip Fillers made of?

Dermal fillers are made of a number of substances that can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary when applied. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctor, for good reasons, we use temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to avoid infections and complications such as tissue-hardening or granulomas from calcium or polymer-related substances. 

HA (HA) is listed among many skin and hair products because of its natural hydration properties. In fact, HA is produced in our bodies to retain water in the tissues for lubrication and moisture. However, the amount of HA our body makes diminishes gradually in amount as we age. One common signs of ageing would be the thinning of the lips.  

HA dermal fillers are cross-linked and formed into a gel-like substance to limit the risks of reactions when applied to human skin. Depending on the cross-linkage, particle size and concentration, lip fillers lasts from 6-12 months and will eventually be re-absorbed harmlessly by the body.

Can HA fillers can be dissolved? 

HA fillers can be broken down by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Although very uncommon and to assure patients undergoing the treatment, this is available at the clinic when filler removal is required. Since the fillers are only temporary, this is rarely requested. 

How to Artistically Shape the Lip? 

When you come in for a treatment with Dr. Vihang Sharma, he does not simply “fill the lips” with fillers. He has advanced techniques and craftsmanship depending on your aesthetic desires and  facial features to establish a subtle, beautiful and balanced appearance. 

Over the years, the lip filler trend has shifted from the “duck lips” to a more softer and realistically sexy lips. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we use fillers manufactured by Teoxane. The Swiss-made fillers are carefully chosen as they provide more natural build and soft support on the lips. 

What is lip filler treatment like?

Lip filler treatment is fast and simple. Most patients describe it from mild to no pain at all. If you have a fear of needles, our doctor can apply a local anesthetic so you would be comfortable during the procedure. Most of the Teosyal fillers contain lidocaine, a potent numbing agent. 

Post treatment, swelling may occur for a couple of days which you can gently apply a small ice pack. The full effect of the lip fillers can be seen after roughly 48 hours.

It is very important that you advise the doctor about any blood-thinning medications you may have taken. Examples of there would be over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like aspirin and Advil, Ibuprofen and herbal supplements. This may lead to bruising on the injection site and should be temporarily discontinued. 

How much do lip fillers cost?

This non-surgical injectable enhancement ranges from $595 and $995 per ml. This will be based on the type and amount of filler used with regards to the transformation the client wants. 

For our existing patients, they book for a top-up treatment to maintain the volume of their lips. The additional benefit of HA is the restorative attribute of the body’s collagen production. This means that with regular top-up sessions, less lip fillers are administered. 

How is Dr. Vihang Sharma’s approach different?

Dr. Sharma is an expert when working with his eyes, hands and his golden calipers. He uses this special tool to assess facial proportions and base it accordingly to the golden ratio. His manual approach in the evaluation of a patient’s facial anatomy has greater precision and better accuracy. 

Most patients would want to do their own research about different treatment options for them. At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we welcome all inquiries and gladly share all the information that they may need prior booking an appointment. Currently, our doctor is running a free initial consultation for new patients for most treatments to get a suitable treatment plan. 

Interested in learning more about lip fillers?

Book a free initial lip filler consultation at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors and ask any questions you may have about the treatment!  Dr. Vihang Sharma is adept at contemporary facial filler techniques and will be listening to your goals and any concerns. No obligation to proceed after the consultation or you may choose to proceed with the treatment on the same day! 

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