Non-surgical chin sculpting is something that more and more people are asking about at their local cosmetic clinics. If you have been bothered by the size or shape of your chin and jaw, then these non-surgical treatments could be the perfect fit for your first (or next) cosmetic clinic visit.

Why the Chin is So Important to Your Aesthetic

The chin is an area that is commonly frustrating for people. However, the submental region is also frequently ignored, as is the lower face. While the lips and eyes get a lot of attention, many people aren’t aware there are some fantastic non-surgical options for enhancing and rejuvenating the lower face. If your chin is dragging down your look, it’s one of those areas that are hard to manage with makeup, or if you are dealing with a soft-looking jaw, it can also have a significant effect on your overall appearance.


Dermal Fillers for the Lower Face

When you look at cosmetic treatments, it’s easy to see one of the most versatile treatments available today is dermal fillers. They are beneficial for dealing with a wide range of aesthetic concerns and provide fantastic natural looking and feeling volume. The cheeks are one area where we lose a lot of volumes as we start getting a little older, and the problem we face here is that this loss of volume can lead to skin sag or a heavy chain. The volume provided by dermal fillers helps provide structure and support, making it often a treatment that can be used not just directly to add fullness to areas like the lips but to hollow cheeks to help lift and provide support to the chin and jawline.


Dermal Fillers for Men

You can also take advantage of dermal fillers to sculpt the shape of your chin and jaw. This is an efficient treatment option for men looking to shape their jawline into a more traditionally masculine style. Dermal fillers are an excellent choice for men and women looking to deal with cosmetic issues. It shouldn’t be underestimated how much can be acheived by your cosmetic doctor using dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments like Kybella.


Kybella for Stubborn Chin Fat

While dermal fillers excel at providing volume, Kybella excels at dissolving fat. As a result, it works exceptionally well in achieving fat removal from the face and is well suited to the chin. If you have an oversized chin with a large amount of submental fat, you will likely find Kybella can be a great option. While with Kybella, swelling is to be expected, it is a very minimally invasive injectable treatment. Kybella’s side effects can linger but are typically quite manageable. Speak with your cosmetic doctor about what to expect if you are considering Kybella; they can also assist you with budgeting for Kybella cost and other factors involved in having double chin injections.


How Do Dermal Fillers Compare to Kybella?

The thing about both of these treatments is that while applied similarly through injection, they are very different in how they work. While Kybella is essentially a fat dissolving injection, dermal fillers provide the addition of volume. They both have different use cases, but in some situations, either can be used potentially, though often where the overlap is more common is when they complement each other. Using fillers to add volume that has been lost while removing fat from the chin can help reduce skin sag that can result from Kybella injections if you don’t have good skin elasticity.


Why Are So Many People Looking to Kybella for a Double Chin?

Having a double chin is something a lot of people have a problem with, and in previous years often it was the case. The only practical options were looking at chin liposuction or chin implants to sculpt the chin and jawline more. This is changing thanks to dermal fillers providing a fantastic chin implant alternative without surgery and Kybella making an excellent alternative to liposuction for the chin. If you want to address your chin or jawline and are concerned about the surgical nature of many conventional approaches, look into these more modern alternatives to chin surgery. You may find the perfect solution to getting your chin in line with the rest of your aesthetic.

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