If you’re looking for a new way to reduce skin laxity and tighten the skin, and you’re willing to try a new medical treatment called Kybella, then you’ve come to the right place. Kybella injections are a new and exciting treatment for fat reduction. However, given how new it is, there are also plenty of questions that people have about it. Not everyone is sure about this treatment and everyone wants answers for it before fully investing their time. This is understandable as with any new treatment, there is a lot they need to settle with first. In this blog, we’ll help you answer any of your Kybella questions.

FAQ About Kybella Injections

What is the Treatment Like?

The actual treatment of a Melbourne double chin procedure is not actually that long or bad. On average each session lasts around 20 to 30 minutes at most. The target of these injections is the stubborn deposits of fat around your treatment area. Doctors will first identify and make them. During that time, it works by having a doctor use a machine that will use a series of injections on your body. This is the Kybella and they will release in areas that are in need of treatment. These injections do not go very deep as they only need to treat the surface area where the fat is. Because it doesn’t require incisions, this treatment does not make use of anesthesia so you can go home right after. After that, your doctor will give you the schedule for your next treatment.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

Another thing people do not realize about this treatment is that you need more than one session to get it done in most cases. This is because Kybella does not work at once for most people. If the results are to your satisfaction early on, then you can stop. However, most people prefer to get follow-up treatments. This is because since this treatment is non-invasive, doctors are limited in what areas they can reach. Like with most injectables, to compensate they use multiple treatments to maximize the results. On average, people will need around 2 or 4 sessions to get the results they want. In each of those sessions, you will also use multiple vials of Kybella. These sessions are spaced out between several weeks in order to give your body a chance to adjust and recover from the treatment. However, the advantage of this treatment is that it does not require any maintenance injections to keep up the results. this is because once the fat is gone from Double Chin Injection, it is gone for good.

What Does Kybella Do for Fat

Kybella, also known as dermal fillers, is a class of compounds that help reduce the appearance of unwanted fat deposits in the face and body. A form of fat-cell destruction, Kybella works both topically on the skin and directly on your fat cells. With Kybella, you can reach your goal of a thinner, more sculpted face and body. It is the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for the removal of submental and submental-pear-shaped fat deposits.

Once doctors inject it into your body, it will target the fat cells in that area and destroy the membrane lining around it. This prevents the fat cells from properly storing any fat which causes them to slowly shrink down and dissolve. The Kybella is similar to bile acid, working on absorbing and dissolving the fat cells.

What is Kybella Made of?

Surprsingly dispute the treatments considerably popularity, many people do not actually know what this treatment is made of. This is a pretty big issue given that it means people aren’t sure whether this treatment is safe for them or not. There are many ingredients that people might be allergic too or that they might not want to have in their body. That is why we want to put this issue to rest while answering the question. Kybella is actually made from materials that you can find in your body, something known as deoxycholic acid. This is one of the main ingredients of the injection. This molecule is responsible for breaking down and eventually absorbing fat. Similar to fillers, these already occur naturally in your body, but with this treatment you get a boost to help reduce the amount of fat.

What is Recovery Like

One of the biggest advantage of Kybella is its recovery process. Because this treatment is an injection and noninvasive, it means you basically have no downtime. You can effectively return to work the next day in most circumstances. However, while you can work, doctors will give some instructions about what you cannot do. There are still some things you cannot return right away, The most obvious one is physical activity. Even though doctors would prefer you do get regular exercise and diet, they want you to rest first. Your treatment needs to settle and this won’t happen if you are doing something strenious that affects blood pressure and exhaustion. This can take a few days to a few weeks or so. In particular, if you aren’t recovering well, then you might need to spend more time. Your doctor should give instructions on that if you ask them.

However, because this treatment is injections, there aren’t that many side effects. The most common issues are the same issues you get with any treatment, pain, swelling, redness, and discomfort. This is all to be expected given you are getting injected. However, this is also the easiest to treat because all you need is some painkillers. Your doctor can even provide stronger ones if you ask it. That does not mean there are no side effects though. No, there are always risks that can happen. Usually, these are a result of serious human error such as your doctor injecting the wrong area or poor recovery. This can cause issues like numbness, issues with bodily functions, and sometimes even blood clotting. Aside from that, there are also lumpiness and scarring which can be difficult to treat. You may even need to go back tot he doctors office for another treatment.

Do Results Appear Immediately

Well, sort of. You can start to see some changes before you finish the treatment. In fact, some people already see it as early as the first session and then opt to not got through with the other treatments. Due to some swelling that occurs from the injection,you cannot always see the results right away. However. as the results clear up you can begin to see the,. After the final treatment, it can take around a month before the results become fully visible. However, this canbe several months as you have to wait for all the sessions to be done.

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