There is no cosmetic treatment that provides enough flexibility to deal with every aesthetic concern. While there are many that are extremely good at what they do, if you are looking to rejuvenate or enhance in a more broader way to get a more polished result you’ll get the best results by combining treatments that excel in different areas. Kybella injections are impressive when it comes to dealing with a double chin, often when you are dealing with a cosmetic concern like this a lift included as well can be highly beneficial to your end result. A tighter, leaner lifted look will well complement a chin that has been reduced in volume.

Why Would You Want to Combine Different Treatments?

Many people seeking cosmetic enhancements or rejuvenation go to cosmetic clinics seeking a broader set of changes. While many people have one or two cosmetic issues that bother them, quite often the goal can be a more general improvement or enhancement. For those seeking these kinds of changes, it’s ideal to take advantage of the strengths offered by different treatments to create a more comprehensive result thanks to the ability to deal with a much more extensive range of concerns. While some procedures need to be spaced out or done separately, often though, especially when it comes to non-surgical treatments and injectables, you can have multiple treatments at once. One great combination that well compliments each other is the use of Kybella to treat a double chin and a thread lift treatment to tighten and lift the face.

How Can Kybella and Thread Lifts Work Together?

Even if you have good skin elasticity when you remove volume from an area, such as when using Kybella to reduce excess chin fat, you often are left with some extra skin. If there isn’t a significant amount of excess skin already that would perhaps be better addressed with a surgical facelift or neck lift than often a thread lift procedure can help further refine the results of a double chin treatment. A thread lift provides not just lift but helps assist with providing structure to the face. While excellent results can be achieved if you have a heavier chin with Kybella alone if you are in the process of reducing its size of your chin the result of combining a thread lift can make the outcome even more impressive.

Other Treatments that Combine Well with Kybella

Some other common treatments that are often combined with Kybella injections are using dermal fillers to sculpt the jawline; this additional volume can help tighten the chin and shape the jawline. Botox and Kybella is also another common combination that is requested. Botox is very effective at reducing the visibility of wrinkles. As many people seeking Kybella injections are also a little older, this makes for an excellent complementary treatment that can improve your aesthetic quite a lot without the requirement for surgery and using two very quick to perform treatments.

How Do I Find Out What Treatments are Best Suited to My Face?

The best way to find out what treatments you are well suited to and would benefit from if you chose to have them performed is to seek the advice of an experienced Cosmetic Doctor. A skilled Cosmetic Doctor will be able to help you develop a plan to address whatever cosmetic concerns you may have. You will likely be surprised what can be achieved with the right combination of treatments when they are planned well and performed with skill and precision.

The Finest Cosmetic Treatments in Melbourne

Skin Club in Melbourne don’t just provide the finest treatments, but they also provide a wide range of modern treatments to address an impressive array of concerns. If you are looking for double chin injections, thread lifts, or to address any other cosmetic concerns their skilled Cosmetic Doctors can provide advice gathered from their extensive experience. If you are looking to address several concerns at once, it makes the most sense to seek out Cosmetic Doctors that are well versed in addressing a broad range of concerns, and Skin Club does so exceptionally. Book one of their in-depth consultations today, and get professionally assessed by the best aesthetic clinic in Melbourne.

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