Do you feel like your jaws are too wide?

Do you want to have that aesthetically pleasing V-shaped jawline?

Why do some people have a square jawline?

A square or robust jawline is the result of the overdevelopment of the masseter muscles or the “chewing” muscles. The masseter muscles are attached to your jaws and they control all the movements when you clench your jaws, chew your food, or grind your teeth. While some have strong masseters as a natural part of oral anatomy, others acquire square jawlines as a result of bruxism.

Bruxism is the habitual over-grinding of teeth when you sleep. When this happens, the masseter muscles tend to become more developed and more pronounced resulting in square jaws. When you feel that your face is too rounded or squared, you may want to consider slimming your jaws. To acheive this, your cosmetic doctors may recommend jaw slimming treatments that use either anti-wrinkle injections or Botox.

Jawline Slimming Treatments near Malvern

When you want to enhance the contour of your jawline to exude that appealing V-line jaws, the masseter muscles need to be reduced. Jaw slimming Malvern involves simple injection procedures that effectively creates a more feminine and slimmer jawline.

Jawline slimming injections work by relaxing the masseter muscles. When these muscles are relaxed, it promotes a friendlier countenance and a softer appearance.

Jawline Slimming with Botox

Botox is known for providing dynamic solutions to wrinkles and fine lines. However, Botox can also be used to treat bruxism and to provide a slimmer contour to your jawline. Indeed, Botox is not just for cosmetic purposes but for medical use as well.

How does Botox work for jawline slimming?

Botox is injected along the jawline to acheive that V-line and more feminine look. It works by relaxing the masseter muscles by blocking the transmission of acetylcholine. When the masseters are relaxed, they contract less and keeping the muscles more intact. The jawline then becomes slimmer and a more pronounced V-line appearance becomes visible.

Jawline slimming with Botox makes your face appear younger and slender while promoting more prominent cheekbones. For patients who also suffer from bruxism, jawline slimming comes with a bonus relief from pain caused by teeth grinding.

This jawline slimming treatment is carried out by injecting three doses of Botox on each side of the jaws. The treatment entails a gradual change in which the results become more visible after eight weeks. It is highly recommended to repeat your jawline slimming with Botox treatment every three to six months to maintain the slimness of your jawline.

Remember to find professional and highly trained cosmetic doctors when opting for Botox to slim down your jawlines. Our skin clinic near Malvern offers safe, effective and comprehensive jawline slimming treatment with Botox.

Jawline Slimming with Anti-wrinkle Injections

Similar to Botox, anti-wrinkle injections are commonly known to combat deep-seated and fine lines. Jaw slimming with anti-wrinkle injection works by blocking the nerve signals to relax the masseter muscles. When the masseters are relaxed, the jaws will then start to soften while creating a slimmer appearance.

Anti-wrinkle injection procedures for jaw slimming takes less than an hour. After the procedure, you may experience minimal downtimes including swelling and bruising at the injection sites. The anti-wrinkle injections are administered into the angle of the jaw to create slimmer and more prominent jawlines.

Just like any other cosmetic procedures, make sure to find a skin clinic that you can trust.  While the treatment is fast, it is safer to get it from licensed and experienced cosmetic doctors near Malvern. Our cosmetic doctors are highly trained to evaluate your condition and provide the best treatment plan that will work well with your jaw condition.

Are you suitable for a jawline slimming treatment?

Jawline slimming is best recommended to patients with robust square or excessively rounded jaws. This treatment can also be administered for bruxism patients to help ease the discomfort and pain caused by excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Our experienced and highly skilled cosmetic doctors near Malvern will evaluate the condition of your jaws and create a jawline slimming treatment plan to help alleviate any discomfort or anxiety caused by the shape of your jaws. Each treatment plan is unique and personalized to directly target your woes and needs.

Whether the jawline slimming treatment is Botox or anti-wrinkle injections, your doctor will discuss with you why this is the best option to enhance the appearance and contour of your jawlines. We will work with you to ensure that we acheive the jawline shape that you desire.

What should you expect after a jawline slimming treatment?

Within the first week following the procedure, you will feel that the muscles around your jaws are softer and more relaxed. However, Botox works gradually underneath the skin, hence, it may take about six to eight weeks before you will notice visible results. Depending on the type of Botox used for your jawline slimming treatment, your doctor may advise you to return after six months or mid-term of the longevity of your Botox to fully acheive the contour that you desire.

Remember not to rub or massage your jaws within the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the treatment. This helps prevent the spread of Botox in other areas of the face. You should also sleep on your back to avoid putting extreme pressure on the treated areas.

The use of anti-wrinkle injections, on the other hand, provides more rapid results. The results work faster as well since most patients start to see a difference in their jawline in just a few days. The full effects typically set in about ten days and it lasts between three to six months. When you feel like your jaws are beginning to feel heavy again, you may visit your trusted cosmetic doctors near Malvern for another anti-wrinkle injection treatment.

Whether you opt for a Botox or an anti-wrinkle injection procedure, make sure to follow the post-procedure DOs and DON’Ts provided by your cosmetic doctor to ensure optimum results. Although you can return to work immediately after work, you may be advised to avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities as this may increase the swelling and bruising of the treated area.

Are jawline slimming treatments painful?

Jawline slimming treatments are not painful per se. Whether you choose anti-wrinkle injections or Botox, your cosmetic doctor will apply a numbing cream to your jaws before the injection procedure to ease any pain and discomfort. During the treatment, your doctor will use medical-grade fine needles to help minimize the swelling, bruising, and pain.

After the procedure, your doctor will recommend applying a cooling gel pad or an ice pack to reduce signs of swelling. The downtimes are very minimal, hence, you can drive home unaccompanied or return to work immediately.

Choose the Option that Works for You

Whether it is Botox or anti-wrinkle injection, these remedies are “jaw-tastic” solutions that can help slim down your jaws. Seek the help of your cosmetic doctor to know the pros and cons of each treatment, and which treatment will help you acheive your jawline goals.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors near Malvern will work with you from consultation until you acheive the jawline contour that you have been dreaming of. We provide the most extensive, effective and reliable solution to get slimmer jawlines that will help you look younger.

Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and try our Malvern jaw slimming today, and feel more confident with your V-line jaws!



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