Jaw filler horror stories are happening in our backyard!

Jaw fillers in Melbourne are getting more and more popular, and so are chin fillers. 

Let’s look at some horror stories and make you rethink who you get your treatment done by.

Firstly, I have always said this. What do you value yourself at? If you are an apple and have a turnover of 1 Trillion Plus, you don’t go to the accountant on Dandenong Road in Oakleigh to get your books done. You don’t go to your mum’s friend who has a shop in Hawthorne next to the cobbler. You go to KPMG, PWC, or the top-tier accounting firms!

So the same goes for your face and body. Next time when you go get your cosmetic treatments done, value yourself more. Please don’t risk it. Get it done with a medical practitioner with experience in aesthetics or cosmetic medicine. It’s a cowboy field out there.

Ok, so now let’s get back to horror stories with Jaw fillers.


Horror Story 1:

This is done in the chin and without a cannula. Cosmetic doctors don’t get lazy or know how to use a cannula. They don’t drawback when injecting, and the worst is, they don’t know anatomy; they feel like you are an ATM. Get it right by going to med school and immersing yourself in post-op care, I say. So essentially injecting into the blood vessel, that is what’s happened here.


Dissolve Dissolve Dissolve. Expensive but saves a lifetime. Get antibiotics. Get steroids and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This horror story was then treated appropriately, and the patient understood the complications involved.

jaw fillers gone wrong. Complications!chin / jaw anatomy

Injecting into the submental artery silly!

Horror Story 2:

Jaw fillers rotting

The good old backyard job. This is done without care and follows and lets the wound fester. When you inject into an artery and don’t know how to manage it, you reassure yourself with lovely tea, coffee, good music, and yeh! That’s it. Neglecting the science behind fillers and not knowing what you are doing will lead to complications like this.

Images like this I have seen in my clinical practice. This is pure neglect and injecting straight into or compressing a blood vessel without knowing the actual anatomy.

The best way to avoid these issues is to see someone who has holistic care at the core of your treatment. Medically trained means a doctor who has an excellent aesthetic sense and great knowledge of the science behind these treatments.


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