Today liposuction Melbourne is one of the most popular procedures out there, if not the most popular. The reason is that it allows people to target stubborn deposits of fat around their bodies no matter where it is. It doesn’t hurt that as far as invasive treatments go, it is one of the better ones, requiring only small incisions. However, while effective, even these tiny incisions might not be enough for some people. Even minor surgery is still surgery, which is too much for some. People want their treatments to be as noninvasive as possible. That is why some people ask, is all liposuction surgical? They want to be sure of their options first before making a decision. Well, if you are wondering the same thing, then we are here to answer it.

How Does Liposuction Work?

Most people have a decent idea of how liposuction works as a surgical procedure. It’s not always a pretty sight and is no doubt painful in some cases, but the impact it has on your life is significant. It is one of the most efficient ways for people use to get rid of excess fat. Some patients are left with stretch marks from previous experiences, while others have a bulge in their stomach that never goes away. Liposuction can help with all of them in some way.

Liposuction is a technique that removes fat from one or more body areas. Liposuction helps to improve the appearance of a patient’s body by removing excess fat from the areas of the body that you cannot usually remove with a diet or exercise. In most clinics, doctors offer liposuction treatment. Our surgeon performs the procedure under local anesthesia, making it more comfortable for you. Once you are out, your doctor will make some incisions around your fat deposits where they can insert a cannula, a small device with a light and vacuum that can suck up fat. Once they remove the fat deposit, doctors will seal your stomach up with sutures.

Does All Liposuction Require Incisions?

Unfortunately, yes. All forms of liposuction surgery Melbourne at the moment require some form of the incision. That does not mean that there are no procedures that have noninvasive methods. There are. In fact, with the creation of Kybella injections and CoolSculpting, nonsurgical methods are increasingly popular to reduce fat. However, the thing is, these are not fat liposuction. You define liposuction as a procedure that sucks up the fat from your body to clear it. At the moment, all methods that allow you to do that require cuts to make it happen. So if you have your heart set on reducing the amount of fat in your body without surgery, there are other methods.

However, while there is currently no nonsurgical liposuction in Melbourne, there are no nonsurgical elements. As with any procedure, there are variations and sub treatments to it to answer different needs. With the fat reduction, some doctors are now applying nonsurgical tools to help them make the treatment more efficient. While they cannot replace the incisions you need, it allows them to remove more fat and lead to more dramatic results quickly.

Types of Noninvasive Assisted Fat Reduction

The new procedures aim to minimize the risks assumed by traditional liposuction. With these, you can enjoy many new methods of this procedure. While not eliminating surgery, they can, of course, reduce the risks and make it easier for your body to handle, and make it more efficient. In some ways, this can address some of the issues you are dealing with from the procedure.

Laser-Asissted Treatement

Lasers are becoming one of the newest and most effective ways to perform treatments and for a good reason. The reason for that is its ability to penetrate your body without actually requiring incisions or openings. However, the issue with fat reduction is that it cannot permanently remove fat cells in large amounts safely. Laser surgeries often require multiple sessions and are a hassle to take. Pair it with another treatment, though, and you have a real solution to your problems, and you can cover both ends.

Laser Liposuction or SmartLip is a new method that combines lasers with traditional fat-removal techniques. In this method, doctors do start by making incisions. Next, they take to open up with a fiber-optic laser on you, passing through the cannula and opening. The heat from this laser quickly penetrates your skin, and the heat from this beam causes fat cells to begin dissolving and breaking apart. Aside from that, the laser can also encourage collagen production. This growth happens when it burns off in your skin, leaving your body trying to respond to the issues. The result is that the new layer of skin ends up growing tighter and firmer.

Ultrasound Energy Treatment

This procedure works by combining the process of liposuction with the extra addition of the radiation you get from an ultrasound treatment. Like lasers, the ultrasound works exposing your fat cells to a particular substance, in this case, radiation which causes them to break apart and eventually dissolve. However, like with other noninvasive treatments, this does not always work quickly or efficiently. It can take several sessions over several months to accomplish this independently. This duration makes the process long and complicated, especially if you do not have the time to keep going to the hospital.

This procedure starts the same way with your doctors reaching to make an incision around your treatment area. However, doctors use radiation first instead of simply having the cannula suck up the fat immediately. The doctor will expose this fatty area with some radiation waves from an ultrasound. The radiation from this causes fat cells to begin breaking down. The result is that these fat cells are much easier for the cannula to remove and allow them to do it in more significant amounts. Thankfully the actual release of radiation waves is easy to control and prevents your body from accidentally releasing it to other areas such as nerves or your skin. This method allows doctors to perform the treatment with minimal risk to other areas of your body.

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