Kybella has had its fair share of negative attention like any other cosmetic treatment. However, Kybella is a fantastic treatment option for people struggling with a double chin. If you are thinking about having Kybella, but want to avoid having your own Kybella horror stories, then read on to find the best ways to get Kybella treatment while minimizing the chances of having a miserable experience.

Is Kybella Worth Having?

This question comes down to you, what you want to acheive, and other similar factors. It is a very effective treatment for removing excess submental fat that can result in a double chin. Kybella is a non-surgical treatment that is growing in popularity because of the results that can be acheived without resorting to cutting, stitches, or having a scalpel anywhere near you. The best way to find out if it is worth it for you if you are bothered by the size of your chin is to book a consultation with a practitioner experienced in offering double chin injections to their patients.

Finding the Best Kybella Treatments

A big part of finding the best Kybella treatments is finding the best cosmetic clinic near you. If you are trying to find Kybella in Melbourne, Skin Club is a great option, thanks to their exquisite service and the most excellent quality products they offer to their patients. However, if you are anywhere else and struggling to find a suitable clinic, there are various places you can look to find out more about the different cosmetic clinics in your area.

 Check reviews: Looking at reviews can be a helpful way to gain a look at the overall sentiment people have about a particular clinic. Taking advantage of this hive mind can help you find a place that may be a good fit for you. Just beware of the potential for bias in both extremes.

 Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more have become part of everyone’s daily lives. In a logical move, most well-established cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic doctors have active accounts for their aesthetic clinics. You should take advantage of this by seeing what they post and what responses they get to the things they post. It’s a good sign if they post many Kybella before-after pictures and videos of treatments they provide. It shows they are proud of the work they are doing.

Consultations: Notice the plural; just because you book a consultation with a clinic doesn’t mean it has to be where you decide to have work done in the end. While it’s always good to do your research beforehand to avoid wasting time and effort, if it’s just not a good fit for you, it’s better for yourself and the practitioner sometimes if you find a better fit elsewhere.

Kybella Cost: Avoid having cosmetic treatments based purely on pricing. The best cosmetic therapies come at a cost. When there is a significant price discrepancy compared to other clinics offering the same treatment, the odds are high that there are concerns cut somewhere else, often in the person’s experience level performing the treatments. Getting a fair price is excellent, but getting the best price for Kybella may result in a less than stellar experience.

Consider Your Options

While Kybella is a brilliant treatment option for people suffering from excess chin fat, it isn’t the only option. You have things like the CoolMini that can leave you asking what the benefits of Kybella vs CoolSculpting are. They both have their pros and cons. Another possible option is Lipodissolve, or if it’s a lack of volume elsewhere causing your chin to sag, then often dermal fillers are the perfect option to help you enhance your aesthetic. Look at all the options, discuss them with your cosmetic doctor, and develop the best possible treatment plan to acheive your cosmetic goals. You may even find chin liposuction and a neck lift could be better suited to your needs. Everyone has varying facial dynamics and priorities. So the best way to avoid having your own Kybella horror story is to find the best way to tackle your concerns in a way that fits you.

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