Cheek fillers are gel-like substances injected underneath the skin to restore or add volume to the cheeks while eliminating fine lines and unwanted creases. It also helps enhance facial contours as it produces more prominent cheekbones.

This facial rejuvenation technique has gained popularity because of its relatively simple procedure, cost-effective results, and minimal downtime. However, the question remains…

How long does a cheek filler treatment last?

The longevity of cheek fillers varies on the type of fillers you choose and use. On average, cheek fillers last from six to twelve months. In some cases, cheek fillers become totally unnoticeable after two years

Factors that Affects the Longevity of Cheek Fillers

Just like any other cosmetic treatment, the results of cheek fillers will vary depending on the factors that affect them. Cheek fillers use a soluble gel-like substance that gradually dissolves and integrates with your skin tissue in six months to a maximum of five years.

One of the most important factors to consider when getting a cheek filler treatment is the type of fillers to be used. The most popular types of cheek fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance that helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The use of fillers with a good dose of hyaluronic acid can result in promoting skin elasticity and firmness. The smoothness and suppleness of your skin can also be restored.

Another factor that you may want to consider is the amount of fillers to be injected into your cheeks. Consult your cosmetic doctor to know how much cheek fillers are needed to acheive the structure and plumpness that you desire. Although the more fillers you administer can make it last longer, remember to follow the advice of your trusted cosmetic doctors to ensure that there will be no overfill.

The coping mechanisms of the body vary from one person to another. While one person may take a shorter time for his or her skin tissues to metabolize with the cheek fillers, others take a longer time. Even though the same type of cheek fillers are used by two different patients, the patient with a lower metabolism rate can enjoy his or her cheek fillers longer than the patient with a higher metabolism rate.

The severity of skin dryness and loss of vitality can also be contributing factors to the longevity of your cheek fillers. Dryness and loss of vitality mean that collagen has slowly diminished from your skin. In which case more fillers may be needed for moderate to severe collagen loss. You may also take more clinic visits to ensure that you receive enough cheek fillers that can last a considerable length of time. 


Maximizing the Results of Your Cheek Fillers 

Most cheek fillers slowly dissolve and integrate with the skin tissue after the first few months from the procedure. However, the results remain noticeable because these fillers are characterized by an absorption mechanism. That is, it can absorb water, hence it is best to keep yourself hydrated at all times. However, the decrease in filler volume will be perceived midpoint of the expected longevity of the cheek fillers

Pre-care for Cheek Filler Treatment

After getting a schedule from your cosmetic doctor, make sure to give your cheeks some love. A few weeks before your scheduled cheek filler procedure, protect your skin from sun damage by wearing a fashionable sun hat and using moisturizer packed with sunscreen protection and the right SPF. You should also prevent yourself from engaging in activities that can increase the risks of skin irritation and sensitivity.

Remember to protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions and let your skin enjoy the benefits of getting a cheek filler treatment. You may also seek the advice of your cosmetic doctors for pre-care guidelines that can help you acheive your desired results.

Consistent Skincare Regimen

In this fast-paced world we thrive in, pollutants are everywhere, and the best way to combat its adverse effects is to develop a consistent skincare regimen. For topical creams you can use over your cheek fillers, it is best to ask your doctor’s recommendation. Some over-the-counter creams may contain toxins that can be harmful to your cheek fillers.

Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Hydrating your body means hydrating your skin. Making the right food choices helps in promoting healthy skin. Thus, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol-based drinks as this fosters dehydration.

Lifestyle Options

As an individual, you have the right to choose the kind of lifestyle that suits you. However, undergoing cosmetic treatments like cheek fillers may need you to make some adjustments and changes to your lifestyle. While aging and your skin’s metabolic structure are uncontrollable factors, lifestyles and habits can be altered and improved to promote better chances of maximizing the results of your cheek fillers.

Stressing out on trivial things and resorting to unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking can reduce your chances of enjoying a good two years of cheek fillers. If you are loathing over stress, it is best to find some holistic channels that can reduce if not eliminate the effects of stress. A stress-free day can make your cheek fillers last for longer days.

Touch-up Filler Treatment

One of the best ways to keep your filler abreast is by regularly visiting your cosmetic doctor for touch-up filler treatment. You do not need to wait until your fillers dry up, get a cheek refill to maintain the contour and vigor of your cheeks. Touch-up filler treatments can extremely benefit you as these can sustain effective results longer.

Seek Professional Treatments

Cheek filler procedures are a relatively simple treatment but you should not rely on individuals who claim that they can provide cheek fillers. Make sure that you get cosmetic procedures like cheek fillers from a reputable clinic run by licensed and professional cosmetic surgeons and doctors.

Cheek fillers administered by highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons provide safer and more vital results. They are sure to offer treatments that use dermatologically tested and FDA-approved fillers. These cosmetic procedures are performed in a clean and secured environment that has passed safety regulations. 

Unlike inexperienced and inadequately trained individuals, licensed and professional cosmetic surgeons underwent substantial experience and extensive training in administering these treatments. Always make sure that you seek the expertise of professional cosmetic treatment providers since your face is on the line.

Our Takeaway

Cheek fillers offer instantly noticeable results even with just one treatment. However, choosing the right provider can help you enjoy its benefits longer. The results are more remarkable than you can imagine. Cheek fillers assimilate into the skin that immediately restores lost collagen as it smoothens your skin. It takes care of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles as it lifts and plumps your cheeks. And it brightens shadowy areas while promoting flawless and soft skin.

The use of hyaluronic acid helps the skin maintain its vigour as it settles in your skin. This collagen-stimulating substance helps keep the skin’s elasticity and firmness. HA is naturally derived from plants that provide safe and allergen-free substances. One of the best things about hyaluronic acid is its compatibility with other cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels and other facial treatments.

Skincare experts and professionals are continuously finding safe solutions and effective treatments tailored to address your individual and unique needs. Cheek fillers are cosmetic enhancement ventures that should be employed with careful and expert hands. Thus, get your cheek fillers treatment from doctors you can trust.

Feel great with longer-lasting cheek fillers!


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