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How Effective is Hair Transplant?

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Hair loss is a severe condition that you need to treat immediately when you find it to prevent it from getting worse. Thankfully, there are dozens of different options for hair growth for men to remedy this issue. Among these options, one of the most popular is hair transplants. This treatment has been around for decades and is one of the oldest and most well-known procedures out there. If done correctly, the results will be excellent and permanent. However, while it is popular, it does not always mean it’s entirely effective. Some people think they are good to go once they get the treatment, and their success is sure. However, cosmetic surgery is that nothing is ever entirely sure, so you have to be careful when you get the results.

How Successful is Hair Transplant

Some people may ask about numbers and statistics to make their decisions. They want to rely on numbers to determine how successful a hair transplant is. You are in luck if you’re like that because there are statistics on the procedure. On average, the success rate of hair transplants is somewhere around 85-95%. These numbers mean almost all of these procedures end successfully, and new hair can grow. However, how much hair can produce is another question.

When you transplant hair, it is sure that at least a few of them will die. That fact is simply unavoidable since some hairs do not survive the transfer process. The actual amount can range between 10-80% of hair follicles that survive the trip. The gap between these procedures is vast and seems unhelpful, but you should know ways to boost the numbers. You can do certain things to improve your chance of more hair surviving the transplant. These different factors can make a huge difference in your procedure.

Factors That Affect The Sucess Rate

Type of Hair

Yes, the type of hair you use matters. It is a common misconception for people to think that all hair is the same, but the health and type of hair you use will play a significant role in the procedure’s success. This factor is why doctors only get hair from your head for this procedure since those on your arms or back do not have the right texture and health to survive on your head. When that happens, the success rate is much lower. Meanwhile, even the hair on your head needs to be in good health to ensure success. That is why doctors examine your hair to see if it is healthy enough to use. Hair in poor health has a shorter lifespan and will more likely die in the transition, ensuring you do not get much use out of it.

On the other hand, it is also important to remember that it will eventually die out and whither no matter what hair you use. This wearing down happens due to age and will happen regardless of how successful the procedure is.

Amount of Hair

Aside from the type of hair, how much hair you get also affects how successful the procedure is. As we. said earlier, a little bit of hair will always die regardless of how successful the process is. The follicles will die during the transition, or after the doctors set them in place, so it is essential to be ready. Some doctors do this by getting a buffer amount, a little extra, so they have a margin for error when harvesting hair.

Doctors measure the amount of hair not by individual follicles but by hair grafts. A hair graft is a fixed piece of skin, and it counts all the hairs in it as a single graft. They get these grafts and add them all up to measure the amount of hair they need. When that happens, be sure to get a little bit of extra so you can have more options with what to do.

Quality of Service

As with any procedure, the quality of the treatment will play a massive role in the success of PRP hair loss treatment Melbourne. You will notice that the price of hair transplants can vary widely, but they are costly. However, those on the upper end are almost twice as much as the regular ones. One reason depends on which doctor you get it from and the quality of their clinic.

While getting a better doctor or choosing a better clinic may seem like throwing more money for the same service, it also leaves an impact. The reason is that a doctor with more experience better understands how to keep hair follicles alive and the best way to harvest them. This better understanding also helps them give them the flexibility to modify the treatment to your needs. For example, if you have a special request, they may fulfill it. Therefore when you go with them, you have a much better chance of getting a successful transplant. The same applies to the clinics, where doctors use the equipment, and the better clinics have modern equipment that can make the transplant more effective.

Type of Procedure

As we said earlier, many forms of hair transplants come under hair loss treatment for men. Although these methods accomplish the same goal of transplanting hair, their way of achieving it can be quite different. The two main treatment types are the FUT and FUE methods. The procedure involves removing individual hair follicles and transferring them one by one for the FUE method. To do this, the doctors use manual tools that set them into bald spots through tiny holes. The process is less invasive but is also much more challenging to do.

Meanwhile, the FUT method makes use of removing entire strips of skin to harvest the follicles. While this may sound painful, the damage is superficial and does not have lasting effects. Since the doctors do everything at once, it is much faster, and however, it also requires a more extended downtime to recover from this procedure.

Generally speaking, people consider the FUT method more successful overall due to the amount of hair. The FUE might be minimal-riskr, but it also makes it difficult to take large amounts of hair at once, and this process limits what the procedure can accomplish and makes it harder to get a buffer amount.


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