When people age, their skin loses its vitality and youthful appearance. Signs of skin aging like deep-seated lines and sagging will become more and more obvious. You will notice that your eyebrows are beginning to droop, while your eyelids are beginning to sag and get baggy. These are eye aging indicators that are becoming bothersome to both men and women who are in or past their mid-age.

Fortunately, the cosmetic industry offers various ways of reversing these signs of eye aging. One of the most popular procedures in enhancing the appearance of your eyes is the fox eye thread lift.

What is fox eye thread lift?

Fox eye thread lift is an advanced innovation in eye aging rejuvenation. This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that helps tighten and reposition the skin around the eyes. It targets skin sagging and wrinkling caused by the natural process of aging.

Our Richmond fox eye thread lift treatments are becoming the crowd favourite for getting that fox-like eye appearance. However, the resulting appearance of the fox eye thread lift procedure may vary depending on the skin condition and the type of thread used. This treatment is the best choice for those who are not fond of big incisions and long recovery periods.

This treatment is also called “suture lift” or “stitch lift” because it uses thread sutures in accomplishing the “lifting” effect on the surrounding structures of the eyes. Fox eye thread lift works by compacting the tissues and elevating the skin with subcutaneous implantation of the thread sutures. It suspends the skin by slightly pulling back the skin while the suture lifts and tightens the corner of the eyes and eyebrows.

Aside from lifting the skin, thread sutures also promote faster healing of the affected areas. It stimulates the production of a large stream of collagen that aid in the healing process while leaving the skin supple, smooth, and soft.

Are you a good fit for a fox eye thread lift procedure?

Unlike garments where one size fits all, cosmetic treatments work differently from one person to another. This is why our skin clinic near Richmond develops personalized treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Although fox eye thread lift is ideal for men and women aged thirty to forty, it can also be performed on younger and older patients. One of the many factors that may have an impact on the treatment is the ability of the underlying skin to produce collagen.

What does collagen have to do with fox eye thread lift?

Collagen is a natural suppletory of protein in the body. However, as a person reach mid-age, the natural process of collagen and elastin production gradually slows down. This is the reason why you will also begin to notice that signs of aging such as wrinkling and sagging start to manifest during this time.

Collagen keeps the skin hydrated while promoting skin firmness and elasticity. It is also responsible for keeping connective tissues intact, hence, promoting the fast healing action of wounds and incisions.

After mid-age, collagen will stop its natural reproduction and the skin grows weaker resulting in the breakdown of the underlying tissues of the skin. Thus, fine and deep-seated lines, as well as the loosening of the skin, start to occur.

Fortunately, fox eye thread lift uses polydioxanone-based threads sutures that are biocompatible with the underlying tissues of the skin. As these threads are implanted through the subcutaneous part of the skin, they also stimulated the production of collagen in the skin. After about one to two years, these thread sutures will slowly break down into glucose, carbon dioxide, and water while it integrates with the skin tissues. The good thing about these threads is that even if they have completely dissolved, they will continue to boost the refurbishment of collagen in the skin.

Is a fox eye thread lift procedure painful?

While fox eye thread lift is a non-surgical procedure, patients are still susceptible to pain. Remember that the pain threshold of patients varies from one another. This is the reason why before the lifting procedure a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area.

If you are allergic to sedatives, it is best to inform your cosmetic doctor so he or she can find a numbing cream that works well with your body. The application of a topical sedative or a local anesthetic can help reduce the risks of pain and discomfort during the procedure.

Just like any other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, patients should expect slight to moderate swelling and bruising depending on the patient’s skin type and the extent of the treatment. However, swelling and bruising are tolerable and will slowly subside after a few hours.

Before the Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure

Cosmetic treatments usually start with a consultation. During this time, cosmetic doctors evaluate the skin and condition of the surrounding structures of the eyes. Your trusted cosmetic doctor will make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan that will work well with your skin while achieving your desired eye appearance.

Our skin clinic servicing Richmond and the nearby suburbs provide same-day treatment. However, for at least one week before your clinic visit, you have to make sure that you have not been drinking alcohol-based beverages or taking blood-thinning medicines. You should also discontinue smoking during this time. This can help your skin tissues recuperate from toxins that may increase the risks of bleeding and excessive swelling.

After the Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure

Fox eye thread lift takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to complete the procedure. After the treatment, some patients may feel nauseatic as an after-effect of the sedative. In which case, the patient may sip little amounts of water until the feeling of dizziness passes.

To reduce the signs of swelling and bruising, you may apply a cold compress to the affected area in five to ten-minute intervals for the next five days. You may also ask your doctor to prescribe a pain reliever for those who have a lower pain threshold.

Patients may also be advised to avoid strenuous physical activities and exercises. You should also sleep on your back to prevent extreme pressure on the treatment sites. Also, keep yourself hydrated and maintain a soft diet for the next ten days.

When can you resume your skincare regimen?

You may resume your basic skincare regimen after two to three days from the procedure. However, you should avoid heavy facial scrubbing, tugging, massaging, and exfoliating until after ten to fourteen days.

You should also seek the advice of your cosmetic doctor for cream and topical medication before applying them to the affected area. This includes the application of makeup as some ingredients may affect your healing process.

Choose the Best Fox Eye Thread Lift Provider near Richmond

Fox eye thread lifts are fast, safe, and effective. Our skin clinic servicing Richmond residents provides the best fox eye thread lift procedure that can remarkably improve the texture, suppleness, and shape of your eyes and eyebrows. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that is specific to your eye structure condition.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors is the leading provider of fox eye thread lift and other skincare procedures near Richmond. We are here to help enhance the appearance and structure of your eyes while boosting your confidence.

Get those perfect fox eyes and promote younger and rejuvenated skin… Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today for the best fox eye thread lift in Richmond!


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