Do you want to have the fox-like eyes of Bella Hadid?

Or do you want to have that piercing yet alluring pair of eyes?

Fox eye thread lift is just what you need!

Everyone is well aware that social media has been ruling almost all aspects of human life today. It is considered as the intermediary tool for setting the craze when it comes to cosmetic trends. You will notice how most netizens go gaga over the latest look or fashion of their favourite celebrity or influencer on social media.

In this light, the cosmetic industry is always on the upturn with the latest trend in facial and body aesthetic enhancements. One of the most well-cherished cosmetic enhancement that shook social media is the “fox eye challenge.”

This has captured the attention of many netizens that paved way for the cosmetic industry to give a realization to every woman’s dream of having that fox-like almond-shaped eyes. This treatment is known as the fox eye thread lift procedure which helps acheive the “fox-like” eyes that they desire while improving the quality of surrounding structures of the eyes.

What is a fox eye thread lift?

Black Rock fox eye thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that addresses skin aging issues on the structures surrounding the eyes. This minimally invasive procedure uses soluble threads to lift the skin at the corner of your upper eyelid and stretches it back towards the temples.

Fox eye thread lift is designed to exalt the flaccidity of the corner of the eyes and eyebrows. This procedure creates almond-shaped eyes obliquely positioned to promote a fox-like appearance on your upper face. It simultaneously creates a lifting effect on the brow tail while adding more prominence to the piercing look on your face.

This procedure works by inserting the suture threads underneath your skin and making a pulling back action to acheive the look that patients desire. Fox eye thread lift procedures vary from one patient to another. Remember that patients have distinct and unique eye aging issues, hence, may yield varied cosmetic solutions.

Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedures are Virtually Pain-free

Just like any other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, patients should expect slight to moderate swelling and bruising after the procedure. The amount of swelling and bruising mainly depends on the patient’s skin type and the extent of the treatment. However, these downtimes are tolerable and will slowly mellow down after a few hours.

Keep in mind that not all people have the same pain threshold. While fox eye thread lift is a non-surgical procedure, some patients are still susceptible to pain. This is the reason why before the lifting procedure a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area. This will help patients feel at ease and comfortable during the procedure making the fox eye thread lift procedure virtually pain-free.

Are there side effects after a fox eye thread lift?

After the procedure, you may experience some mild to moderate swelling and bruising which usually mellows down after a few hours. However, there are patients whose body mechanism takes longer to cope or heal. While some may heal within hours, others may take weeks or even months to recover.

For some patients, it may take about twenty-four hours before the swelling and bruising subside. When these bruising and swelling pursue even after three days, it is best to consult your cosmetic doctor. To prevent any untoward after-effects, find a professional and licensed provider neat Black Rock to ensure fast, safe, and effective fox eye thread lift procedures without the risks of complications or side effects

Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure Black Rock

Our skin clinic near Black Rock uses soluble biocompatible threads for all our fox eye thread lift procedure. These threads create a “lifting” and elongated appearance of the eyes while simultaneously pulling your eyebrow tails upward.

This eye-enhancing procedure does not just eliminate skin aging issues but also work to soften fine lines and improve the elasticity of skin tissues around the eyes. A fox eye thread lift treatment also helps boost the texture, appearance, and radiance of your facial structures, especially the upper face and the cheeks.

Fox eye thread lift starts to work when the thread sutures stimulate collagen and elastin production underneath the skin surrounding the eyes and the path of the thread inserts. Once these threads are dissolved, they break down into glucose, carbon dioxide and water while gradually integrating with your skin tissues.

There are some cases when your cosmetic doctor will recommend a combined treatment for fox eye thread lift. Your trusted cosmetic doctor will discuss with you the pros and cons of combining this treatment with other facial and skincare procedures and how the combined treatment can help acheive far better results.

Our Takeaway

Fox eye thread lift offers instantly noticeable results even with just one treatment but choosing the right provider can help you enjoy remarkable and lasting effects. The suture threads used for this procedure works incredibly underneath your skin. While it immediately restores lost collagen, it also smoothens and tightens your skin.

Fox eye thread lift takes care of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles as it lifts and pulls the corner of your eyes and your brow tails. It also brightens shadowy areas underneath your eyes while promoting flawless and soft skin.

The use of medical-grade polydioxanone or polypropylene biocompatible materials maintains its lifting hold as it settles underneath your skin. These collagen-stimulating suture threads help keep the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Our skincare experts and professionals near Black Rock are continuously finding safe solutions and effective treatments tailored to address your individual and unique needs. While fox eye thread lift is a quick procedure, it should not be taken lightly. Thus, it is best to get your fox eye treatment from cosmetic doctors you can trust.

Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today and get those piercing yet alluring pair of eyes with our fox eye thread lift Black Rock!


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