What is a fox eye thread lift?

Although there are a few who are born with such amazingly unique fox-like eyes, there are others who are striving to have this kind of look. Fortunately, the cosmetic world offers various opportunities for making this dream into reality. One of the best procedures that have taken its toll in the cosmetic industry is the fox eye thread lift.

Beaumaris Fox eye thread lift is a cosmetic treatment that targets the signs of skin aging on the structures surrounding the eyes. This procedure is also known as “designer eye” or “fox eye” treatment. Getting a fox eye thread lift can help combat the drooping condition of the upper eyelids, the sagging skin of the eyebrows, and the bagging issues of the lower eyelids.

Amazing Effects of Fox Eye Thread Lift

Aging has been the major factor that aggravates most skin problems. For most, aging greatly affects the structures of their faces. Some of these signs of aging include drooping eyebrows and skin sagging around the eyes. A fox eye thread lift can help combat these signs of aging by improving the upper eyelid hood and lifting the eyebrow tail.

This treatment uses dissolvable thread sutures that do not just create a “lifting” effect on your eyes but also help boost the collagen production in your skin. As the thread sutures are inserted underneath your skin they begin to refurbish the collagen supply and this refurbishing effect continues even after the threads have dissolved.

When you feel like there is something more to the shape and texture of your eyes and eyebrows, then fox eye thread lift can be a good option to acheive the eye structure enhancement that you desire. Some patients opt for this treatment because they wanted to copy the famous cat-like eyes of their favourite celebrity or social media influencer.

Fox eye thread lift is an amazing non-surgical facelifting option that offers a more pronounced eye appearance and youthful-looking skin. This treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens the corners of the eyes and eyebrows without the need for surgery.

Who is a good fit for a fox eye treatment?

One-size-fits-all garments are an innovative way of shopping-made easy, especially for people on the go. However, unlike these garments, cosmetic treatments work differently for every patient.

Every person is unique, hence, the effects of fox eye thread lift differ from one person to another. The effect and longevity of the treatment depend greatly on different factors such as the complexity of the lifting technique, the metabolic mechanism of your skin, the targeted area, and the type of thread used.

While fox eye thread lift is ideal for men and women aged thirty to forty, it can also be performed on younger and older patients. One of the many factors that may have an impact on the treatment is the ability of the underlying skin to produce collagen. Collagen helps revitalize the elasticity of the skin which can help cosmetic treatments work well with your body tissues.

Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure Beaumaris

Application of the Numbing Cream

Just like any other non-surgical cosmetic procedures, fox eye thread lift starts with the application of numbing cream, typically local anesthesia or a topical sedative in the treatment area. This helps provide ease and comfort during the procedure. Thus, you will be advised to be at the clinic thirty minutes before your scheduled procedure.

Insertion of the Thread

When your eye structures are numb and ready, your cosmetic doctor will insert a pre-threaded thin cannula into the subdermal level of the skin. These threads are made of polydioxanone or polypropylene biocompatible materials that can dissolve and integrate with your skin tissues. Some of these threads contain several sutures interspersed with tiny “cones” that instinctively grab more skin tissues.

Creating the “Lifting” Effect

When enough threads are inserted, the cannulas are slowly withdrawn from the skin. It then creates a “lifting” motion that causes the tissue to gather over the thread. After removing the cannulas, the threads will be slowly pulled towards the temples until the desired effect is acheived. Afterwhich the long ends of the threads are cut off.

What happens after the fox eye thread lift procedure?

Fox eye thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that offers little to no downtimes. While there may be mild to moderate swelling and bruising after the treatment, these will mellow down after a few hours. You can even drive home unaccompanied after the treatment or return to work immediately.

After the treatment, the threads slowly work their way through the subcutaneous layer of the skin while stimulating the growth of new collagen and fibrous tissues. The collagen growth boosts the natural healing of the treated areas, hence, achieving longer-lasting results. This also helps tighten the skin of the treated area while promoting a good lifting hold underneath the skin. 

After about six months to one year, the suture threads will undergo a natural process of hydrolysis where the threads break down into glucose, carbon dioxide, and water. As the threads dissolve, the products of hydrolysis will gradually integrate with your skin tissues. The collagen and fibrous tissues that have developed will continue to show a lifting effect while promoting supple youthful-looking skin around the eyes.

Recovering from a Fox Eye Thread Lift Procedure

After a fox eye thread lift procedure, your cosmetic doctor may require you to apply a cold compress gently on the treated areas. This can help soothe any signs of swelling and bruising. Compared to other cosmetic procedures, this eye enhancing treatment has the least recovery time which takes only about three days.

After three days, you may resume your basic skincare regimen but you should avoid heavy facial scrubbing, tugging, massaging, and exfoliating until after ten to fourteen days. You should also seek the advice of your cosmetic doctor for cream and topical medication before applying them to the affected area. This includes the application of makeup as some ingredients may affect your healing process.

Get that Fox Eyes You Desire near Beaumaris

Fox eye thread lift offers a fast, safe, and reliable procedure. While aging is something that you cannot escape, your trusted cosmetic doctors near Beaumaris can help you acheive the eye appearance that you desire. Getting this eye enhancement procedure can help you acheive a fierce, poised, and youthful stare that radiates beauty and confidence.

Are you ready to get those fox eyes that you have been dreaming of?

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