Social media has been the tool for advertisers and influencers in setting hundreds of new trends every day. Whether it be the latest fashion, gadget, or craze, social media has it all. You will notice how social media influencers with a great deal of followers create hypes now and then.

In today’s modern world, social media has been considered as the intermediary tool for setting the rage when it comes to aesthetic trends. The cosmetic industry is always on the upturn with the latest innovation in facial and body aesthetic enhancements.

Do you want Kylie Jenner’s pucker lips?

Do you dream of having a bootylicious body like Amber Rose?

Or do you wish you have the fox-like eyes of Bella Hadid?

Say no more!

All this can be acheived with the wonders of cosmetic procedures. The fox eye challenge has captured the attention of social media enthusiasts and has paved way for the advanced cosmetic treatment in improving the surrounding structures of the eyes. This treatment is known as the fox eye thread lift procedure.

What is a fox eye thread lift?

This cosmetic treatment is a quick procedure that targets the signs of skin aging on the structures surrounding the eyes. Fox eye thread lift addresses the drooping condition of the upper eyelids, the sagging skin of the eyebrows, and the bagging issues of the lower eyelids. This procedure is also known as “designer eye” or “fox eye” treatment.

While only a few people are endowed with such unique fox-like eyes, the cosmetic world offers various opportunities for making this dream into reality. Although cosmetic surgeries have proven their permanent results to be amazing, the time and cost-efficiency of non-surgical procedures have taken their toll around the globe.

What is involved in a fox eye thread lift?

Our Armadale fox eye thread lift involves the “lifting” of the corner of the upper eyelids and gently pulling it back towards the temples. It works by placing polydioxanone-based threads in the subcutaneous part of the skin. The threads are then pulled to acheive the desired appearance of the eyes.

What is the goal of fox eye thread lift?

Fox eye thread lift procedures aim to reposition the skin tissues of the eyes and eyebrows to restore their youthful proportions and appearance. This minimally invasive non-surgical treatment offers immediate results while boosting collagen levels in the treated areas. This treatment helps rejuvenate and modify the shape of the eyes while tightening their surrounding skin.

Benefits of Fox Eye Thread Lifts

While the popularity of eye enhancing treatments has been on the rise, patients should be wary about choosing the right treatment that will work well with their body.

Here are some benefits of fox eye thread lift when opting for an eye aesthetic enhancement: 

Non-surgical and Minimally-invasive

While surgical eyelifts offer a more permanent result, they also have higher risks of complications and surgical relapses. Fox eye thread lifts are non-surgical procedures that entail little to no risks of complications and side effects.

Virtually No Scarring

Fox eye thread lifts are minimally invasive and would only require the insertion of the thread sutures underneath the skin and its suspension to create the “lifting” effect. Thus, no scarring will occur during and after the healing process.

Faster Recovery Time

One of the many enticing benefits of fox eye thread lift is the minimal recovery time which may only take up to three days. Comparatively, surgical facelifts may require you to take a couple of weeks off from work to ensure that no complications may arise from the surgery.

Little to no Downtime

After the procedure, you can drive home unaccompanied or return to work immediately. This is why this treatment is considered a “lunch break procedure” because it only takes a few minutes to complete the procedure and the downtime is very minimal. Some patients may not even feel any downtime and can resume their normal activities right away.

Temporary but Long-lasting

We live in a modern world where cosmetic procedures are designed to cope with the process of aging. Whether you opt for a surgical eyelift or a fox eye thread lift, you will notice that after a couple of years signs of aging are starting to manifest once again. Although fox eye thread lift offers a temporary result, it provides relatively lasting results until the subsequent treatment.


Remember that we cannot stop the process of aging. Opting for a surgical eyelift will not exclude you from aging, hence, may require you to get another treatment a couple of years following the surgery. With fox eye thread lift, the cost is comparatively lower than a surgical procedure and getting a subsequent procedure would still save you a lot of money than getting surgery.

Instantly Noticeable Results

The threads provide “lifting” effects that are more subtle and natural-looking. Fox eye thread lifts offer instantly noticeable results right after the procedure which will let you walk out of our skin clinic near Armadale feeling younger and rejuvenated.

Our Takeaway

Whether you are planning on getting those perfect pouty lips, sexier buttocks, or piercing fox eyes, knowing the pros and cons of the cosmetic procedure is a must. If you are opting to have an eyelift surgery or a fox eye thread lift, learning more about their postoperative effects can help you get optimum results while saving time, money, and energy.

Just like any other cosmetic procedures, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of licensed and professional cosmetic surgeons and doctors. SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors have gained the trust of many Armadale residents as well as the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on years of practice and experience couple with outstanding client reviews.

Our cosmetic doctors will work with you and will create a fox eye thread lift treatment plan that works well with your facial structures. We use only the highest quality of thread sutures and top-of-the-line cosmetic devices to ensure safe, fast and effective results.

Let us take your eyes to the next level, visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors and try our fox eye thread lift Armadale today!


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