Jaw slimming horror stories are many. Laser year we saw over 15 patients who had a lopsided droop to their lower face and an uneven smile after having facial slimming treatment. Worst outcomes were when the practitioner whom they had visited forgot to treat the chin. That meant the person had a minuscule jawline which in the end doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing either.

As a patient who is looking for jaw slimming treatment, you need to understand that things do go wrong. But it is up to your cosmetic doctor to reduce the damage / or limit the damage to your face and skin. In many instances, people can be made to think that you are definitely needing to go under a jaw slimming treatment. It has added benefits as well such as avoiding teeth grinding and helping people with TMJ pain.

But jaw slimming can have bad outcomes. Look below to see what jaw slimming treatments can do to your face.

Botox ruined my smile 3 months in still a mess. Any suggestions? (photos)

This is in case 1. A horror case where this person had jaw slimming done and the botox which was the product that was injected, affected the depressor anguli oris muscle. In this person’s case, this can last for up to 12 months!

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Lopsided  Smile following Botox | Dr. Dean Kane

Classic jaw droop: When you inject in the wrong areas you can definitely get a big droop to the lower face. Never is this a good look.

Our doctors have always said that when injecting in the masseter muscle, you need to avoid injecting in the wrong muscles.

If we inject in the wrong areas we are going to find that we will be injecting in the smile muscles. We cannot afford this.
Chin lines are very nice and when the slimming has occurred, it looks like you have lost weight.

The muscles take about 3 months to shrink in size and will need repeat injections over a period of 48 months. The biggest component of jaw slimming is the increased sharpness of the jaw.

We can also combine the usage of fat dissolver to under the chin region. The fat dissolver is essential in making the overall jaw slimming effect

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